oy with skills that didn’t belong to a 7-year-old.

He knew that his talent was terrifying, but he wouldn’t be able to stop a demon with his current skills.

But, why did he think of that kid?

‘It is an absurd thought.
Unless Count Welton comes here, nothing will happen.’

He was unusual, but he was still a child.

And with the current skills of the kid, after the demon was resurrected, Jamie would only be a stumbling block.

The heart was ready.
As soon as the monster returns to the forest, the hatching will be complete.

Sable tried to clear his anxiety and jumped out of the building.

However, Sable couldn’t completely ignore the anxiety he felt.

Jamie went to the place where he felt the power with Venna.


“Take this.”

Jamie threw her a ring.

Taking the ring, she looked at Jamie.

And then blushed as she stuttered.

“This, this, this… what is this!?”

“What are you so flustered about?”

We are too young.
And especially master you…”

“What kind of misunderstanding are you having?”

Jamie frowned and told her how he got the ring.

“It was taken from the ruins.
It seemed like a weapon which suited you.”

“A Weapon?”

Venna titled her head at those words.

The ring looked like an ordinary gold ring.

So she took a bite to see if it was real gold.

“Ah! This is fake?”

“… shut up and put it on.”

Venna put the ring on her middle finger.

As she was still young, it fit her middle finger, but it was pretty loose; however, the ring took the size of her finger.


“Put mana in it.”


As Venna infused mana into the ring, the ring changed.

Venna’s eyes widened as she was suddenly gripping a long rod with both her hands which had taken form from the ring.
And the rod’s blunt end took a cylindrical shape.


As the mana covering it disappeared, a slender figure was revealed.

“… hammer?”

It was a pink color, and it was a cute-looking one.
It was similar in length to the form of a large hammer used in construction.

“It is very light.”

Venna shook the hammer back and forth.

Even so, the whole thing seemed to be a lump of iron, and she lifted it easily, but it was so easy that she wondered if there was lightening magic on it.

“This is so good!”

Venna smiled as if she liked it.

The hammer artifact was stored in the warehouse of the ruins.

Jamie didn’t know why that was the only artifact there, but he thought that it was a suitable weapon for Venna, so he took it.

‘It is a weird hammer.’

Something must be hidden in it.

And it was up to Venna to find it.

“Thank you, master!”

As Venna tried to hug him, but Jamie pushed her back.

“Enough, let’s go.”

To go there.

All the wounds that came from Theberon were also healed.

But from now he couldn’t rely on the orb of life anymore.

He spent too much of its power today, so even a small wound probably wouldn’t heal.

As time passes, the orb will recharge, but for today, it was at its limit.

‘The good news is that I can use the power of the ruins.’

It is a pity that he couldn't use the most useful ability of Blocking aboveground, but there were other functions.

“Let’s go,”


Jamie and Venna headed to where they felt the energy.

And as he went closer, Jamie’s expression darkened.

Vena gulped and followed him behind.

Jamie suddenly stopped walking.


“It is ahead.”

Although covered in bushes, the Demon’s egg was right ahead.

Jamie took a step back with a nervous expression and then moved to see it.

And saw.

A huge, disgusting colored egg with veins wriggling on it.

A terrible horrifying energy emanating from it.


Venna couldn’t stand it.

Although she was from a race which belonged to the forest, she too was a dark magician, and so she was unable to withstand this disgusting energy from the egg.

However, Jamie was looking at something other than the egg.

A translucent purple veil which covered around the entire egg.

Numerous ancient words were written on it, floating in the air.

He couldn’t exactly feel it properly from afar, but now he couldn’t deny it.

As Theberon said, it really was his power.

“Why is my black mana…?”

He approached the veil.

The ancient words which flowed over the veil like a wave were floating.

And he read it.

“The dead stretching out their hands over the sea of water.
The One floating the the dark sea illuminated by the moonlit sky.” (1)

There were words moving, and one thing caught Jamie’s eyes.

The key characters of the ancient language written were clear.

Jamie slowly raised his hand and touched the veil.

Black mana fluttered on his fingertips.
The moment he touched the veil.

[A turbulent black sea.
Pouring starlight.
The dead stretching out their hands over the sea of water.
The dark sky lit by moonlight.
An Old man raising his arms and falling into the dark.
The same being that will become a monster and will eventually devour the entire darkness.
A monster that covets everything.] (2)

Both the black mana from Jamie and the egg resonated.

Memories were flooding into his mind.

He saw a book.
And the exact phrase he had just read was written on the first page of the book.


His head was hurting.

Venna grabbed Jamie and staggered.


His mind was overcome with nausea, and his eyes were completely red.

And he couldn’t hear Venna’s voice.

Numerous scenes flashed around his eyes.

A falling bookshelf.
Him tearing things apart.

His fist crumbling up a paper.

Screams, but there seemed to be no sound.
But he somehow seemed to know.

‘The Promise of the distant future.
A very distant future.’

Tearing off the books and throwing them into the sea at night.

The memory creased there, and Jamie finally recalled the forgotten memory.


A very powerful ‘Grimoire’ made by Diablo Volfir a long time ago.

Editor's Notes –

(1) Tried to go with the most matching edit here.
The author’s writing was pretty sketchy almost as if he wanted to be vague.

(2) Same as the above.
I tried to edit it so that it could be as clear as possible without leaving anything essential out.

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