The two entered through the opened door.

And as soon as they entered, they stopped.

Venna pursed her lips and called out to Jamie.


“I am watching.”

Jamie grunted and looked at the object in the centre of the large space.

Although it was rusted, there was a figure wearing a large body armor with red threads swaying over the helmet’s faceguard, which was down.

Holding a giant shield in the left hand and a great sword over 5 meters tall in the right hand, it stood tall like a statue.

“Is it a decoration?”

No presence could be felt from the giant armor, which was over 3 meters tall.

It wasn’t alive.

Most likely a decoration.

However, considering that the ruins weren’t ordinary, it could possibly be a trap too.

“Here I go.”


Jamie left Venna and walked towards the armor.

Being as vigilant as possible, he was prepared to respond to any unexpected situation which might crop up.

Standing in front of the armor, Jamie raised his head.

Because he was shorter than the figure, it made it hard for him to see the helmet, so he tapped the armor.

Kang! Kang!

The inside seemed to be empty.

Was it really just a decoration?

Jamie pushed mana inside.
And the mana filled the entire hollow space inside the armor.

He thought there might be an explosive or something, but he couldn’t feel anything.

It was then that he felt reassured.

He turned to Venna and said.

“Just a decoratio…”


At that moment, Jamie reflexively bowed at the vicious energy he felt from behind.


The greatsword scratched the ground.

Jamie’s eyes widened at the scattered stones from the floor.

He felt nothing, so how could it move!

“Damn you bastard!”


When Jamie’s mana touched the old, cracked floor, it quickly turned into sand.


As the ground below collapsed slightly, the giant armor couldn’t find its balance and fell to its knees.

Venna jumped out in that gap and kicked the head of the armored giant.

The body leaned back a little and then fell.

Jamie flew straight up and brought out fireballs in his hands.

Rotation, compression, expansion, splitting, and jetting it out, were all prepared in the fireballs.

[Spin Bomber.]

Two high-speed rotating fireballs fell on the armor.

And it gave off a dazzling light and caused a massive explosion.
The aftermath was the two of them being pushed back.

“Damn it!”

Unable to withstand the explosion, Venna flew upwards.

Jamie managed to hold her hand before that and quickly moved away from the explosion range.
In the meantime, two more fireballs were fired at the armor.

“Burn it down!”

The same kind of explosion happened again.

Venna trembled as she held onto Jamie’s waist.

“Such a huge explosion must have some effect.”

“It would have melted by now.”

“Phew-I was worried sick.”

Since it was hit four times, the heat should have been thousands of degrees, so iron was sure to melt.

Jamie landed on the floor and pushed Venna to the side.


A great sword fell from above.



The ground rose upwards.

The armor appeared overhead.

Jamie looked at it with unbelievable eyes.

Not a single trace of the armor melting could be seen.


However, he surely didn’t feel any flow of mana.

The armored giant slammed the huge shield down.

A huge vibration shook the entire space.

Jamie jumped to a distance and found Venna.
Fortunately, she was fine.

Her whole body was dirty, but it didn’t seem like she was hurt.

“Master, what should we do?!”

At Venna’s question, Jamie looked at the armored giant.

The giant who stood up now had a yellow glare coming from its faceguard.

‘If only I could use black magic!’

Black mana still couldn’t be used.

His power was all based on black mana, and he was unable to use it.

“This is annoying as hell.”

Jamie’s left hand was stained yellow.

It was turning orange and had blisters on it.

His arm was hurt.
As yellow liquid fell to the floor, it made an ominous sound, and black smoke escaped.

A great heat engulfed the entire space.

Jamie looked at his skin which was almost burning.

“I am very annoyed.”

His mana was depleting at a tremendous rate.

The usage was so great that even the Whole-body breathing method wasn’t working.

Thud! Thud!

The armored giant started approaching Jamie.

Venna screamed at the top of her lungs to run away, but Jamie didn't listen.

The closer the giant got, the angrier he grew.

He wasn’t sure what was making him so angry, but he knew that he would only calm down once the head of the giant came off.

“If you can, try and avoid this.”


The yellow liquid which was dripping down came back to Jamie’s arm.

And then it swirled and began to form a sharp blade over his hand.

A sword made of extreme flame to melt away everything in the world.

“[Magma Blade.]”

The bright yellow sword shone in the room.


The giant roared and swung the great sword over Jamie’s head.

Even though it was just a swing, the gust of wind it created was no joke.

And Jamie jumped.

He, who never even touched a sword, swung the sword on his arm clumsily.

However, the scene which followed was a collision that made swordsmanship look meaningless.


And at the moment of impact, a flame exploded.

Venna took a deep breath and turned away.

A high-temperature flame engulfed everything in the room.
She cast cold magic to nullify the heat, but it didn’t work.

Fortunately, since it was just a blowing flame from the explosion, she was able to withstand the heat.

Venna slowly looked back.

The first scene she saw was the great sword which was over 5 meters cut straight down on the ground.

And then the emerald hair fluttering in the wind.

His small body started falling onto the helmet, with the yellow sword still covering his hand.


The sword pierced the iron and started boiling.

The heatwave which started began to melt away all the armor.

And flames spread out in all directions.

It wrapped around the entire armor and spread like an engulfing explosion.

Venna thought that this scene was extremely pretty.

Shortly thereafter, Jamie landed softly.


Mana that was depleted was quickly being replenished.

Jamie looked at his left arm.

The charred shin was convulsing.

This was the side effect of Magma Blade.

Magma Blade, which boasted the highest power in 6th class fire magic, could hurt the caster too.

Only after reaching a certain level could one handle it without harming themselves.

“Still, in 6th class, this is almost a perfect execution.”

If Jamie was in 5th class and used this, there was no saying what could have happened.

“Master! Are you alright?”

Vann ran towards him with a worried face.

She covered her mouth when she looked at the left arm burned like coal.



“Why even use such kind of magic!”

“I am getting annoyed, so stop.”

“Even so, how could you do that? H-how is your arm?”

“It is fine.”

Although he ended up using it in anger, he didn’t use it without thought.

‘It will be fine.’

Until recently, his arm was numb, but within seconds he could feel the hand.

The charred skin too fell off like dead cells.

“How did you do this?”

“Trade secrets.”

Jamie waved his hand.

It was uncomfortable, but it was fine.
A few more minutes, and his arm would be back to normal.

‘The effect of that orb is amazing.’

He remembered the battle with that doctor.

At that time, even though he beat the doctor to a pulp, the doctor kept regenerating.

'But if this keeps happening, again and again, I'll end up reaching the limit.’

But for now, he could relax.

Jamie raised his arm, and had its charred skin fall off.


“… master, are you a monster?”

“Shut up and let’s move.”

When the giant was defeated, the stone pillar in front of the door on the opposite side of the room started emitting light.

“This ordeal will go on.”



The door opened.

Jamie and Venna went inside.



“I am really pissed!”

This time, a trap waited for them!


A night of heavy rain.

Because of the murder which happened, an order was issued to be on alert.

Thanks to that, guards were standing in the rain.


They found Revos trudging afar.

Revos was the assistant for Sable in this mission, and guards were puzzled as he wasn’t seen for a few hours now.

“Where are you going?”

“There was something I had to do.”


The soldier tilted his head in a hoarse voice.

He looked at Revos with puzzled eyes.

It looked quite stupid.

The constantly motivated Revos never had such a face.

‘Is he overworked?’

That could be it…

The soldiers who thought that, soon thought it was strange that Revos was limping, but the soldiers were below his rank, so they couldn’t ask him.

He shrugged and turned to the other side.

His job was to guard the entrance.

This man Revos was the most passionate one, so there was no need for a soldier to worry about him.

‘He must be in bad shape.’

The soldier thought.


Atop the tall building, the monster laughed.

“Very well made.”

Revos’s heart was pierced and killed.

By the hands of this monster.

So, he was dead, but it was weird that such a dead body was walking and speaking.

This sight made the monster laugh.

“It really surprises me every time I see the power of God.

“Shut up”


A streak of lightning fell.

The rainy night shone in an instant, illuminating the face of someone standing behind the monster.

Why are you so angry?”

The monster smiled and asked Sable, who had his hood down.

Sable, who was always smiling in front of Jamie, had a cold face now.

“Didn’t I tell you to not touch the soldiers?”

“Don’t be so stiff…partner?”


If we want our cute little one to wake up, we will have to feed it better and stronger hearts.”

The monster smiled and asked Sable.

“Isn't that, right? Knight of Zenith?”

Sable closed his eyes.

The scent of flowers lingered on the tip of the monster’s nose.


The sword went for the neck.

It couldn’t be seen or felt.

A movement of casually drawing the sword and swinging it.

The monster didn’t stop laughing even as he was hurt.

Sable spoke to the monster.



The corners of Sable’s lips rose.

“Let me be honest; you are just a tool.
Don't even think of acting cheeky.”

And he took the sword out.

The monster sighed and sat down.

Such a life.

And no strength could be felt now.

After putting the sword back in, Sable turned away and said.

“If I throw food, you say thank you and eat it like a dog.”

His usual smiley face appeared as he turned his head.

“That is what you should do.


“No second chance.
Next time, as a representative of God Zenith, I will be very kind and cut down that cute egg of yours.”

Sable warned and disappeared.

Alone, the monster chuckled.

“I thought he was going to kill me for sure.”

He could feel the coldness of the sword as he touched the throat.

And the scent of flowers.

“Fucking bastard.
It isn’t too long now.”

Not long until the egg hatches.

All thanks to the help of the Zenith church.

‘The day my lovely child wakes up.’

He won’t have to turn to anyone.

The monster eerily smiled again.

That same time.

“I thought I was going to die for real this time.”

Venna sat on the floor, panting.

Jamie too was sweating and leaning against the wall.

Finally, they reached the last door.

“Sleeping Place”

He didn’t know what was sleeping.

“Are you ready?”


Jamie carefully opened it.

And what he saw.



What greeted them was the huge ass of a beast.

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