Jamie sat on the chair with a shy face.

It is true.
My grandson’s skills are truly outstanding.”

Marquis Bell didn’t stop praising Jamie as if he was genuinely admiring him.
It was unbelievable for a 7-year-old boy to unfold magic spells one after another.

“The future of the family is so dazzling that it is hard for me to see.”

“Thank you.”

Jamie bowed his head.

He avoided Sears’ gaze, as she was staring at him.

How could you do that to someone you don’t know? Did your mother teach you this?”

“It isn’t that…”

“It isn’t what! Did your mother raise you like this? Ha?”


“Mother is upset!”

“Stop it, Sears.
It was me who created this situation.”

Beiryl, who was silent till then, opened his mouth.

Sears frowned and looked at him.

“What do you mean, Sir Beiryl?”

“It is what I said.
I heard of the Welton heir’s talent, so I tried it out.”

The three of them looked at Beiryl, waiting for him to continue.

“It wasn’t much.
I just released my presence a little bit to the kid.”

“Sir Beiryl!”

Sears jumped from her seat and shouted.

It was hard for her to believe that Jamie would suddenly attack someone.
She never taught him that.

And she was confused at this.

No, she had to apologize to her son first.

“I am sorry, Jamie.
Mother misunderstood you.”

I guess I deserved it.
And I was the only… he only did that to me so you couldn’t have known.”

Jamie glared at Beiryl as he said that.

Thinking about it now, it did feel strange.

Such a presence suddenly appeared, but no knights or magicians of the Bell family showed up.

Not a single person showed up.


He was testing Jamie’s skills?

It was surprising that he showed his presence to just one person.

He knew that the giant man was talented, but hearing that, made Jamie’s body shiver.

‘If it was a real fight.’

Jamie would have died in seconds.

“If you do that to my child one more time, I will not stand still.”

Sears warned him with an angry expression.

Seeing her act like that for the first time, even Jamie gulped.

“Sears, calm down.
He told you that he didn’t mean to threaten him.”

“I am calm.
But I still don’t feel good.”

The Marquis tried to step in, but Sears was still giving a cold gaze to Beiryl.

Beiryl looked at her without saying anything.

A moment of silence passed.

Jamie looked at sears and then at Beiryl.

‘But, what could he do?’

He was curious about Beiryl’s relationship with Sears, but before that, he wondered how the man blocked his magic.

And he had an answer.

He could block the magic and had a massive sword with him, only one answer.

Jamie asked.

“Are you a Sword Master?”


Jamie nodded.

Marquis Bell was a bit shocked at his grandson's calm reaction.

“Aren't you surprised?”

“If he wasn’t one, it wouldn’t have made sense.”

The surprise attack could only be stopped by the Masters.

Even swordsmen who reached levels above Expert couldn’t stop magic attacks.

Indeed, my grandson seems to have a good eye!”

Marquis Bell smiled.

He walked over to Beiryl and placed his hand on the man’s shoulders.

“This one is Beiryl Onyx.
A Sword Master with the nickname Swordsman of Windfury.”

Swordsman of Windfury.

The Seldam Kingdom had a few Master level ones.
They could be counted on fingers.

Among them, 5 Sword Masters were famous for their special powers, and their reputation was higher than the others.

The 5 Sword Masters had never duelled with each other, so it was impossible to decide on the ranks.
However, the one who was considered the strongest in the world was Tarik, known to be King’s Sword and the closest to the Grand Master.

Below him was Jamie’s father, Count Welton.
And a Sword Master known to have similar skills, Beiryl Onyx, the Swordsman of Windfury.

‘Isn’t he and his weapon too huge?’

When one thinks of the word Windfury, one would think the opposite of this man.

Jamie bowed and let the thoughts run in his head.

“It is an honor to meet the Swordsman of Windfury.
I am Jamie Welton.”


Beiryl looked at Jamie and then suddenly moved towards him.


Sears tried to stop him, but she couldn’t.

Beiryl began to touch Jamie’s body.

Jamie was startled at the sudden action and tried to say something when his mother beat him through it.

“What are you doing?!”

At that shout, Beiryl turned and shouted.

“You kept him safe for 7 years.”

“Because he is my son!”

Beiryl’s face hardened at the passionate voice.

He turned his head away and scanned Jamie’s body.

“… son.
Don’t worry.
I am just checking.”

Marquis Bell stopped Sears from speaking anymore.

She watched with a dissatisfied face.

Jamie noticed that Beiryl’s expression turned bitter.

‘Do they have a bad relationship?’

It was true that Sears was angry because of Jamie, but there seemed to be a rather personal problem.

The check was over.

Beiryl got up and opened his mouth.
His expression was that of a doctor who was done with his examination.

“Learn the sword.”

The absurd remark made Jamie turn dumbfounded.

Learn the sword?

Jamie thought he heard it wrong.

It was the same for everyone else, but Sears asked him to be clear.

“You know that Jamie learned magic right? Didn’t you deliberately provoke him after hearing the rumors about Jamie?”

Sears stressed on the world ‘provoke’ and looked at him with a cold gaze.

Beiryl looked at her and answered.

“I know that.
I am actually surprised.
But apart from that…”

He glanced at Jamie’s tiny body.

He knew the kid was 7-years-old.
However, muscularly and physically, the kid looked more like 10 years old.

Above all, the kid was strong.
It might be difficult for the naked eye to figure it as the kid had a gentle face and generous clothing, but he was born with the physique of a great swordsman.

Of course, that wasn’t innate.
Jamie’s current body had undergone a change after he was absorbed from the Orb of Life.

“If you learn the sword, you will be able to achieve great success.”

Beiryl turned to Marquis Bell and said.

“He seems to have inherited the blood of his father, Count Welton.”

Jamie had the same hair and eye color as Count Welton.

7 was a good age to start swordsmanship.

Beiryl was convinced that if he practised, Jamie could be the next great Sword Master.

“Jamie is going to have a tough schedule with magic.”

Marquis Bell didn’t seem to agree.

Even if a Sword Master said it, the Marquis wasn’t sure if Jamie could pick up the sword.

“Looking back at the history of the continent, how many people do you think were born with talent in magic like Jamie?”

“I know that.
The child who will one day challenge the 9th class.
But I also know this.
That this child will one day become a Great Magician without much effort.”

Jamie Welton will continue to rise.

A rumor that Marquis Linmel started.

It wasn’t a false rumor.
Magic wasn’t difficult for Jamie, who had been a dark magician in his past life and stood above all.

So he calmly focused on Beiryl’s words.

“But the sword is different.
If the timing is missed, it will be difficult to catch up with others again.”

“… what do you think Jamie?”

Sears, who has been silent, asked what her son thought.

As she said before, she wanted Jamie to do what he wanted to do.

Marquis Bell looked at his grandson too.


It wasn’t that he didn’t think about it.

Born as the eldest son of the Welton family, he had a Sword Master as his father.

If Jamie held the sword, he would be able to stand strong enough, like Beiryl said.

‘But now isn’t the right time.’

His magic would grow even if he didn’t do anything, but Jamie had no intention of staying still.

The enemies he would have to deal with were so powerful that they couldn’t be confronted with his current power.

Therefore, it was necessary for him to recover his original strength as soon as possible.

If he would hold the sword, it would be after that.

“For now, I want to focus on magic.”

“I see.”

Beiryl nodded his head at those words.

He sure had talent, but he wasn’t going to urge the kid if he didn’t want it.

All he did was make a suggestion.

“I understand what you mean.”

Beiryl left the room with a brief bow.

The other three just looked at each other.

Late at night, the Marquis sat back at his office.

“I expected that much, but their meeting after a long time didn’t seem to turn out well.”

The two had known each other since childhood.

Not only that, but he also knew that Sears used to follow Beiryl by calling him Oppa.

It was no exaggeration to say they were siblings.

In fact, Sears had two older brothers, but due to the huge age difference, she was closer to Beiryl.

And those two were now acting like strangers.

‘Is it because she is a mother now?’

Sears was now the mother of two children.

And if it was Sears, she would be loving to her kids too.

The fact that she was able to show an angry side to Beiryl showed her maternal love.

Maybe the 7 year separation weathered their relationship.’

The child who called him Oppa was now calling him Sir Beiryl.

An ‘Old fiancé.’

Marquis Bell recalled the memory of that day.

The day when two men fought for his daughter.

‘I will make Sears happy.’

‘Don’t spew what you can't do.’

A duel so fierce that the sky split.

A bloody battle that seemed never to end until one was dead.

And who stood last.

In the Marquis’ eyes, Count Welton, who was standing proudly, was good.

A secret of the two Sword Masters which was unknown to others.

After that, Beiryl left Apton.
A few years later, he joined some organization.

‘Tch, what the hell was he thinking, joining that dangerous place?’

The Marquis was utterly dissatisfied with Beiryl’s behaviour, but he couldn’t stop him.

Well, that was what happened.

‘Still, I wanted them to be like how they were when they were kids.’

A parent’s desire.

He didn’t think wrong of Sears.

She was being a faithful parent.

She was now the wife of Count Welton, and the mother of two children.

Can I come in?”

A person waiting outside the door.

Marquis Bell’s expression turned hard.

“Come in.”

The door opened, and a man with dazzling silver hair and sharp features stood there.

The Marquis asked.

Any progress?”

The man called Sable, shook his head at the question.

“I found a group of presumably [Daemons], but I missed them.”


The followers of the Demon King, who had been destroyed by Ispli Bell, the former head of the Bell family and the father of the current Marquis.

The demons were crawling out again.

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