“That child Jamie.
He is really amazing.”

Marquis Bell and Sears were having a conversation in a separate room.

“Even though I am just a 4th class magician, I can see the great power the child possesses.”

The Marquis put down his teacup and continued.

“I have lived for over 70 years, but never have I seen such a talent like.
Elder Siegfried was a great magician, but even he cannot be compared with Jamie.”

“I know, I heard that from a lot of people.”

Sears was aware of Jamie’s talent despite never showing it.

“Soon, the entire world will revolve around Jamie.
You do understand what that means, right?”

Sears laughed bitterly at Marquis Bell’s words.

“I know it.”

“I am curious.
What is the Count preparing for Jamie’s future?”

“As of yet, nothing has been decided.
In fact, Jamie’s opinion is what matters and the most important thing for us.”

“That sounds too careless.
Because Jamie is in a very dangerous situation right now.”

It was difficult for someone who was blessed with such huge talent to be free.

In this wide world, many people would want Jamie for themselves.

For now, Marquis Bell and Count Welton could be powerful enough to block them out, but when the news would spread all around the world, they might not be able to do that anymore.

“That’s why you gave that to him?”


Sears knew about the necklace her father gave to Jamie.

“Your mother would have agreed too.”

The necklace belonged to the late Marchioness Bell.

Only Marquis Bell knew what kind of power it contained, but Sears had a rough idea too.

“It isn’t a perfect shield, but it will help.”

“Yeah, I will be at ease knowing that my mother is protecting my son.”

The Marquis and Sears smiled bitterly.

“Rather than, I am worried about the Count.”

“You must have heard.”

“I couldn’t not hear it.
You lost the Zenith church?”

He leaned back on the chair and sighed.

“He couldn’t let them stay.
They were twisted monsters.”

The Marquis knew how Zenith Church had become.
Yet the church stood in the city, because it was huge.

No matter how great the Bell family was, Zenith had a far greater reputation.

“Talking about Zenith, Pyro is in a pretty dangerous situation right now.”


“The Zenith Church is trying to erase the existence of Pyro.”

The Marquis knew about it as he was one of the most influential people in the kingdom.

The Pyro Church was a denomination related to the Bell family.
If the Pyro church disappeared, the Bell family would also lose one of its weapons.

It was then.

Knock knock.

A knock.

“Must have arrived.”


Marquis Bell smiled as Sears tilted her head.

When the Marquis told the person to come in, the door opened, showing a familiar man.

A man with black hair and a massive sword on his back.

The Marquis opened his mouth with a smile.

“It must have been so long since you two met.
Greet each other.”

“Long time no see, Sears.”

“… Sir Beiryl.
It has been so long.”

Beiryl Onyx.

One of the five Sword masters in the kingdom.

Upon returning to the room, Jamie found Venna sleeping on her stomach and drooling.

Jamie looked down and then raised his palm.



Venna, who was sleeping well till then, grabbed her forehead and jumped up.
She then saw the person who hit her and looked at him with tears in her eyes.

“Why did you hit!”

Seeing Venna scream, Jamie raised his palm once again.



Venna ended up falling backwards.

She was hit on her head and fell to the floor.

“Didn’t I tell not to turn back?”

“Well, do you know how frustrating it is to be in that form?”

“What if you are caught?”


“I asked what if you were caught?”

Before leaving, Jamie told her not to change back into human form.

Even when no one was around, he asked her to stay as a squirrel, because if someone entered suddenly, the situation would be so messed up and hard to explain.

“That carelessness could end both you and I.
No, I will just be scolded, but what about you? Will they just scold you and leave you alone?”


At Jamie’s rational warning, Venna gulped with a terrified face.

As a dark magician, she might be dragged to a church and subjected to all kinds of torture.

“Change quickly.”



Venna turned back into a squirrel without complaining.

Jamie sighed and sat on the bed.

He took out the necklace he received from the Marquis.

“What is that?”

Venna, who climbed onto Jamie’s shoulder, asked.

Without answering, he looked at the necklace.

Venna seemed frustrated, so she yelled right into his ear.

“What is that!”

“Ahh, shut up!”

Jamie blew her away.

Venna bounced on the bed with a thump.

“Stop hitting my head! My brain cells will be damaged.”

“Are there any brain cells to be damaged?”

Venna was shocked as Jamie looked at the necklace.

‘I am the most curious about what it is.’

He was sure that it was an artifact, but he wasn’t sure what its ability was.

He looked at it in various ways, but he couldn’t figure out what it was.
The Marquis said that one day it would be of great help.

“It is a pretty necklace.”

Venna looked at the necklace with shining eyes.

Jamie put the necklace on his finger and then lifted it up.
The blue jewel shone brilliantly.

“Someday I will find out.”

It was when Jamie was about to ring the bell to call for a maid to help him wash.


A tremendous amount of energy made his body turn stiff.

Without a second thought, Jamie got up and started to run towards the place where he felt the energy.

Venna shouted ‘Master!’ but was ignored.

‘That is where mother is!’

A great energy near his mother and Marquis Bell.

He had to rush.

Faster than now, even faster to reach them!

Jamie’s body disintegrated as he leapt through space.

Teleportation was activated without a chant.

Jammie appeared from the air and found the door half-opened.

‘He is in!’

Mana was spread all over his body.

He memorized magic spells to unfold.

As soon as his feet touched the floor, he rushed to the door.

The first thing he saw was the gigantic backplate and a massive sword on the back.

Nothing else could be seen.
Everything was covered by the wide back.

‘It is him!’

An unbelievable presence was felt right in front of him.

An opponent that couldn’t be defeated in Jamie’s current level.


No matter what he might do, he wouldn’t be able to overcome this person.

An opponent that cannot be defeated.

At that time, he only thought about Sears, to buy enough time for her to get out.

He started creating the magic spells he memorized in advance.

A lightning bolt in his felt hand.

And a storm in his right hand.

[Fusion Magic.
Eraser Volt.]

A single ray of lightning refined by a storm turned into a dazzling beam and shot straight.

The giant man turned around.

The light bleached the whole room white, and even the giant couldn’t be seen.

‘Did it work?’

The power of Eraser Bolt, which was created by the fusion of two 5th class Magics.
It could even reach 6th class too.

No matter how strong the opponent was, it was impossible to stop the beam.

… was what he thought.

“Not bad.”

The room turned back to normal.

Jamie frowned at the dimming light.
All he could see was the giant palm spread out.

‘With one hand.’

The man gently moved his hand as if stroking his hair.

And the rays began to scatter like lies.

An attack that used a third of Jamie’s mana.

But that wasn’t the end.

[Dusky Mist.]

Black mist spread through the air.

If it was for a short time, then Jamie could block the view.

‘Black, help me!’

If Eraser Bolt didn’t work, he could use a stronger magic.

Black, who appeared from Jamie’s back, aided Jamie.

A ring made of mana appeared on his ten fingers.

A dazzling light burst out.

[Spear of the Light Wheel.]

Dozens of spears of light were fired incessantly.

And it wasn't magic that could be stopped in close distance.
Jamie could feel the mana draining rapidly.

The Whole Body Breathing method was replenishing his mana, but the depletion was faster.

‘This must work!’

It would do enough damage.

“Looks good.”


Everything was broken.

Jamie felt the entire world spinning at an incredible speed.

He wasn’t even sure what was happening.

All the magic he developed disappeared right away.
Even the Spear of the Light Wheel, the most powerful one, got erased.

Indeed, he had to use black magic.

He could buy time by opening the Reverse Heaven Gate and sacrificing his undead soldiers.

However, seeing how the situation was, it seemed impossible.


It was impossible from the beginning.

The man was playing with him.

Even if he fought like a dark magician and used Dark Mana, the result wouldn’t be much different from now.

‘Damn it!’

Who the hell was the jerk who held such a ridiculous power?

The dark mist was lifted, and Jamie could now look at the scene.


He then found a familiar face looking at him with shocked eyes, but upside-down.

“… mother?”

Sears covered her eyes, unable to look at it.

Jamie was dangling upside down, Beiryl holding him by the ankle.

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