ut a God under him?”

The bishop understood the meaning of those words.

It was a warning.

A warning to not recklessly treat his people as the people of the God Zenith.

Even so, the Count’s words were out of line.

‘I, too, have made a mistake because of my excitement.’

If one knew the 12 Gods’ impact on this land, even the Sword Master of Seldam Kingdom wouldn’t speak.

And the God Zenith was known for ‘war’ and ‘peace.’

Zenith, this God had a handful of influence not only on the Seldam Kingdom but also in the entire continent.

‘What guts.’

The bishop judged the Count as an ungrateful person.

He knew the rumors.

He also did some research.

The genius swordsman of the century.

However, due to his young age, it was said that he lacked in political plays.

And such a person was giving out warnings?

‘He isn’t an easy person to deal with.’

He thought it was a pity.

The bishop knew that he should deal with caution.

“Then, we are glad.”

Lincoln smiled as kindly as he could.

Count Welton’s smile wasn’t a kind one, but the bishop roughly anticipated this reaction.

Not everything was going to go their way.

“I wished we could talk more.
But you must be busy.”

Count, we thank you for the consideration.”

“Today was fun.”

It was.

Lincoln grinned inside but smiled on the outside.

“I had a good time too.”

“Take care.”

“May Zenith be with you.”

With that, the bishop left the office.

Count Welton, who was left alone, withdrew the smile on his lips and looked coldly at the door.

Jamie was hiding in the corner, secretly watching the old man.

He had come to his father’s office to speak about his achievements.

However, he found an unexpected person inside.

‘That one…’

He frowned at the old man’s attire.

A crescent moon was on the dark blue priest’s uniform, and the crescent moon was embracing a yellow sphere.

He knew that symbol.

Not just that.

The ‘Divine power’ he felt from that old man.


Zenith, the God of war and peace, one of the 12 gods!

‘Peace my ass, you son of garbage.’

Among the 12 Gods, he hated Zenith the most.

The priest came out of the office.

Judging from the amount of divine power he had, he seemed to be a high priest.

For a high priest to visit the Count.

It wasn’t too difficult to figure out the answer.

‘The Zenith religion is spreading in Haiss.’

Haiss never had any religion.


Why was Count Welton suddenly introducing religion?

And why did it have to be Zenith, who was nothing but trash?

A huge bump in the peaceful life of Jamie.


Just the thought of Zenith was making Jamie sick.

‘How dare he enter my estate… what a scumbag!’

It was unacceptable.

He’d rather sell his soul to the Demon King than watch such a religion start in his land.

It wasn’t that he was going to stay still.

It was just that he had been living in peace for so long.

‘There are only a few things I can do, and there is only one way too.’

The religion entered because Count Welton agreed to it.

So, if the Count kicked them out, they would go away.

As Zenith wasn’t the Kingdom’s religion, there would be no problems with kicking them out.

A smile appeared on Jamie’s lips.

Zenith was the impatient and angry kind, but even then, his followers had divine power.

‘I need to investigate.’

It has been a while since Jamie had been out.

But before that, he had to meet with his father.

Is your work done?”


Jamie nodded at the Count’s soft voice.

The Count looked at his son with a smile and concern.

“Do you like magic?”

I do.”

At the reply, the Count sighed.

It was good to have talent, but the life of a genius wasn’t a good one.

Even the Count lived a harsh life.

Called the genius, he was always at the center of burdensome gazes.

The image of genius would rise and fall in an instant.

When they do well, the people around will support them, but people start slandering them when the growth slows.

And that was worse than the training one had to go through.

Which was why he wanted Jamie to grow up normally.

“If you want to quit, you can do it anytime.
But if you wish to continue, your father will give you unlimited support.”

“I am not going to quit.”

At Jamie’s resolute words, the Count smiled.

“Yes, that’s my son.”


Seeing the brightly smiling son, the worries inside Count eased a bit.

The blood inside them.

‘But, is this really a 7-year-old’s mana?’

Jamie’s body was full of Mana.

No, even during the talk, Mana was being absorbed.

The whole body?

The count frowned.

Even though he wasn’t a magician, the Count knew how to breathe Mana.

And he knew that magicians wouldn’t store Mana anywhere other than within their hearts.

But Jamie didn’t seem to do that.

Did you learn things from the book that Marquess Linmel gave you?”

Jamie nodded.


He didn’t just learn it.
He even worked through its shortcomings.

The Count would be shocked if he knew the truth.

He wanted to see the reaction, but then he didn’t want to see his father’s disheveled appearance.

The Count rubbed his forehead.

What the hell did you do?’

It was a new breathing method that wasn’t disclosed to the public.

And the Marquess had never revealed it.

However, he gave it to the Count’s son.

Saying he couldn’t teach the kid, he left behind such a gift.

And even more shocking was Jamie, who mastered it in just one day.

‘Is the 9th class really going to come true?’

Count Welton was the greatest Sword Master of all time.

However, even his talent faded in front of his child.

‘If father-in-law hears about this, he will be so happy.’

The Count smiled as he looked at his son.


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And he stroked his hair.

That was enough.


‘Shit… stop!’

Jamie suffered under his father’s love.

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