A Terrible scream.

The Biting of flesh.

The piercing of a sword.

The cracking of bones.

Jamie watched silently.

Salom’s scream was fading which meant he was dying.

Then his occasional breathing stopped.


After eating him, the Undead looked at Jamie, waiting for orders.

Jamie ordered them to stay still and walked over to Venna.

She lost consciousness as she was hit by Salom, but she seemed to be okay.
The darkness which was bounding her was wholly removed.

Jamie shook her shoulders.

“Wake up.”


Venna was tossing and turning.

So Jamie shook her again.

“Let me sleep…”

“This kid! Wake up!”

Jamie created water and poured it right on her face.


Cold water was the best way to wake up people.

Venna jumped up and looked around with a bewildered face.

She then found Jamie looking at her.

“W-what just happened?”


Explaining was annoying.

Jamie turned towards Salom’s body.


Vena covered her mouth as she trembled.

All that was left of Salom was a shattered corpse.
The Undead were still biting on him.


At Jamie’s order, the corpses moved away from Salom.

A moment of silence passed.

And Venna was the first to speak.

“… is it done?”

Jamie didn’t answer.

He just looked at the corpse.


Venna was about to ask once again.


The body of Salom began to heat up.

Venna, who was shocked, moved back a little.

Jamie, who saw that, mumbled.

“Here he comes.”

Red blood boiled and turned into a human form.

Seeing that bizarre thing, Venna felt dizzy.

Eventually, the bubbles dissipated, and someone stepped ahead.

“Here you are.”

An old man’s voice.

The staff in his hand had a cobra figure with ruby-studded eyes.

“All my children are dead.”

The old man said it as if he was upset, but the large smile on his face said something else.

The old man looked at Jamie and greeted.

“Nice to meet you.
I am Gav, the owner of this place.”

Gav looked at the Undead and smiled.

They all looked special.

Besides, that rusty iron gate was a treasure for dark magicians.

“Your necromancer abilities are great.”

He wasn’t sure there was such a thing, but he admired it.

“You look fake?”

There was no way that such a skilled dark magician was just a mere child.
It was only possible if he had some kind of disease stopping his body from growing.

No matter what it was, it didn’t change the fact that the kid defeated Salom with ease.

‘He looks similar to Salom, but…’

Despite having the same air as Salom, Jamie thought his skills seemed different.

Salom’s talent was acknowledged by Gav, but he lacked experience.
And that was why he lost.

‘I want to have it.’

‘I want to have it.’

Gav was a greedy man.

The ability to handle the iron gate.
If the kid opened the gate, then it would be a mess.

All the dark magicians in the school were annihilated, so he wondered what he could do.

He considered them to be just tools, but when he lost them all, he felt that something was robbed from him.

And if he could control them after getting the Gate, it would be a huge bonus.

“Should I make a proposal?”


Jamie asked back.

“Nothing much.
How about we join hands?”

Jamie kept staring at the man without answering.

Gav took that as a sign of affirmation and continued.

“We have a goal we need to achieve.
It’s difficult right now, but if you get stronger, devouring the country won't be a problem.
I was trying to raise Salom as doing it alone was difficult, but you killed him.”

“So I am to be held responsible?”

“No way! If so, I wouldn’t have called it a proposal.
It’s just that we are going to work on a project that I’ve been preparing for.”


You are asking too much.”

Gav smiled.

A plan big enough to take over the country.

Had it been coming from someone else, it would have been appealing.
But Jamie had no interest in it.

“Don’t want to.”

“Oh, how unfortunate!”

Gav seemed disappointed.

Although he did say that, he didn’t seem that sad.

At that moment, Venna, who was listening from behind, opened her mouth.

“W-why did you order everyone to bring me?”

Gav looked at her.

There was a smile on his face.

“You look great.”

He didn’t answer her question and spoke.

“Was it an awakening? Indeed, I can feel incredible energy from you.”


That is so cool.”

Gav didn’t even look at her.

Venna couldn’t even understand it and burst all she had been holding back.

“Why didn’t you stop when they were all hurting me? Why did you always stand by? You said everything would be fine! But this… why!”


“A-are you trying to kill me?”

“I didn’t want to kill you.”

The first answer Gav gave.

He smiled kindly and took a step closer to Venna, but she stepped back.

Seeing that, Gav stopped again.

And began to speak.

“It was all for the sake of perfection.
They were necessary steps to annihilate your innate personality.
Have you awakened to the form you needed?”


“You lost your confidence with pain and suffering, and always acted timidly with others.
You don’t know how happy I was.”


“I succeeded in annihilating everything you were born with as the Valkyrie! And now you have awakened! Just as I expected! And now you are standing in front of me, the way I always wanted you to.
Venna, I am so proud of you!”

Venna couldn't understand it.

What was a Valkyrie? And what did he mean by annihilating her innate nature?

Did that mean everything was his plan?

To isolate her.
to inflict pain and fear into her.
To make her lose herself.

“Ahh… ahhh”

Venna crouched down, grabbing her head.

“Cheer up!”

Gav looked at Venna and smiled.

Jamie looked at her.

Her body was shaking.
She seemed to have realised that her past was indeed a plan made by this man.

He looked up at Gav.

Jamie had walked down the same path once before.

“This is true.”

Jamie chuckled.

Maybe like Gav, he thought that it was interesting.
To mercilessly break down a person’s feelings.

But Jamie said.

“The trash that could never reach 7th class.”


Gav stepped closer to Venna and then stopped.

He looked at Jamie with wide eyes.

“What did you just…”

“You are still at that level at your age.
If it was me, I would have drowned myself.”

“What was that!?”

Jami smiled as he looked at the old man.

“I said, I would have killed myself, you trash.”

Jamie laughed out loud and looked happy.

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