ew turn of situation.

“And that act alone made me doubt you.”

“But in my eyes you were a young kid.”

Every time anything happened, it was always because of Jamie’s young-looking body.

The misunderstanding was inevitable.

Jamie didn’t think she was wrong.
It was true that he almost killed Venna, but he was glad he didn’t.

“Well.There is no need to kill you.”


When Jamie dispelled the magic, Venna floated in the air and then fell to the ground.

“Let’s move on now.”

Venna looked at Jamie.
From her point of view, the kid she saved had tried to kill her, too shamelessly as well.

However, she was the timid kind, so he just pouted.

‘And he is strong.’

He was a child, right?

It was as if a great magician was walking in the form of a child.

“I have more questions.”


“How did you suddenly appear from behind?”

Jamie couldn’t understand it.

At her level, the girl couldn’t warp or teleport.

But she managed to deceive him.
She jumped from behind and pulled him away.

There are warp paths all over the city that are only used by dark magicians belonging to the school, but I have linked some of the coordinates without the knowledge of others.”

“Without the knowledge of others?”

“Huh… I just wanted to have my own space.”

Jamie was a bit disappointed at that.
He was expecting something like a special ability for the girl.

It wouldn’t make sense.’

No matter how he looked, Venna was just a 3rd class.

Venna asked.

“… What is your name?”

“You don’t have to know that.”

“M-mean! You asked for my name.”

Jamie looked at her with a frown.

“I am leaving.”

Venna stuttered as she dusted herself.

But Jamie had no intention of letting her go.



Venna, who was walking, suddenly screamed and grabbed her forehead,

“Invisible Wall!”

Invisible Wall.

Jamie walked over and squatted in front of Venna, who was rubbing her forehead.

“I still have a few questions.
Where do you think you are going?”

She was the first dark magician he encountered.

And she said something about a school.
If so, that meant that there was a dark magicians school in Nessman.

“Answer very carefully.

Seeing Jamie smile, Venna’s complexion turned white.

“Damn it.
where the hell did he disappear? This is like a non-existent devil’s song!”

“You want to listen to the song of the Devil?”


Tom looked at Pace with pitiful eyes and shook his head.

“That bracelet.
It was definitely something huge.
If only we could take it, our lives would have been so bright!”

”Bright, I doubt it?”

“You know that my eyes are special when it comes to artefacts.
That was amazing.
I don’t know why a little boy like him had it.”

Pace nodded.

Tom’s eyes were indeed special.
In other words, they were modified.
To find artefacts.

“Anyway, be careful of what you say.
Because I don’t want to have another competitor for it.”

By the way, did you imitate me?”

“Shut up already!”

The two of them walked into a dark alley.

And the space changed like a lie, making a while hallway appear.
A man with shocked eyes was standing in front of the two.

“Where have you been?”

“A small walk.”


“That so?”

The man didn’t seem much interested, he just opened the door and then disappeared.

“Aris that jerk.
He did something again.”

“These days, he is researching some addiction magic.”

“No wonder.”

Tom shook his head.

Only crazy things happened there.

Annoying as hell, but couldn’t help it.

Because it was a lab of Gav School, one of the many schools of dark magicians set up in Nessman.

“You aren’t that right minded either, don’t act annoyed.”

Pace whispered to him.

Tom looked at Pace with an annoyed look and responded.

“Being crazy and annoying are two different things!”

“Is that so?”

The two went into the lab with their nonsensical words.

And an old man appeared in front of them.

“Tom and Pace.”

At the appearance of the old man, the two went stiff.

The old man kindly smiled at them.

“Did you see Venna?”

“Uh… I didn’t see her.”

“Me too.”

The two smiled as brightly as they could and answered him.

The old man nodded his head at their answer.

“I see.
I wanted to know where she went.”

And then he walked away.

Tom and Pace swallowed and then rolled their eyes.
Once the old man was nowhere to be seen, they frowned.

‘I’ve known him for years, yet it makes my skin creep.’

The white hallway was rotten and crumbled.

Every time the air bubbles burst, a terrible stench spread out.

Strong acids corroded the surroundings.

The old man turned his head and then looked at the two.

“See you later.”

“Ah, yes.
Next time, I’ll bring something good.

At Tom’s words, Gav Helfis, the owner and headmaster of the Gav School, smiled and nodded.

They didn’t move until the man disappeared this time, and once he left, they took a deep breath.

“Woah! Just looking at him makes me stop breathing.”

“I-I mean it is so cool.”

“If only we can reach that level someday.”

“Doesn’t that mean that we have to destroy a large city and sacrifice lives?”

“Just the thought is thrilling me.”

“But he is looking for Venna again.
Seriously, why does he show favoritism towards her?”

“Don’t know.”

The two looked at the place where the headmaster disappeared.

“I-I won’t say”

In the air, Venna, with her hands and feet tied, shouted.

Jamie asked where the school was, but she refused to tell as that would be betraying her comrades.

Despite hating them, she couldn’t just sell her comrades she lived with for 10 years!

“There’s a thing called loyalty.”

Jamie asked in an annoyed face.

“If you can’t talk, there is nothing I can do.”

He didn’t want to hurt the girl.

Black Mana formed on his fingertips.

Venna, who was struggling, yelled.

“B-black… magic…?”

However, it was different from the one she knew.

There was evil in the black Mana.

As she pondered, Jamie said.

I am a dark magician too.”


“I am different from you people though.”

Jamie grinned and tried to place his hand on Venna, who yelled out.

“W-wait up!”

Jamie’s hand stopped right above her head.

“Do you have some last words?”

“H-how did you make that black mana…?”

“You don’t need to know.”

Jamie was about to put his hand on her head-

Venna closed her eyes and said.

“Please accept me as your disciple!”


Jamie’s face distorted at Venna’s unexpected request.

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