44: Pink haired Girl (1)



A flask shattered, spilling the liquid inside it.

The person who unintendedly broke the flash was a cute girl with pink hair in two ponytails.
She started to cry as she started picking up the glass shards.

The girl put on her round glasses and sighed.

“I am going to get yelled at again.”

As expected.

“Ah! Venna! You stpid bitch! Did you break it again?”

“Really, how do you keep breaking one everyday? Is there even any money left for research?”


Venna apologized over and over again, without even raising her head at the continuous swearing.

It has been 10 years since she was in such situations.

‘It wasn’t like I wanted to become a dark magician.’


Venna, the cute little pink-haired girl, was a dark magician.

And the place she has been attending for 10 years, was one of the dark magicians schools, the Gav School.

Venna, who lost her parents at a young age, was noticed by Gav, the owner of the Gav school, and was brought to the place.

It wasn’t like she wanted to, but she had nowhere else to go, and Gav was nice to her.

‘It has been 10 years already.’

At first, people treated her nicely as she was an apprentice, but as years passed, her mistakes increased without any noticeable progress, and her colleagues began to swear at her.

The two dark magicians cursing at her were juniors who joined 2-3 years after her.

However, just as in the magic world, the talented were treated well.

“You Trash! Don’t stay there and go run the errands.”

At that time, a man with a cold gaze threw a paper at Venna as if he was throwing trash.

Venna grabbed the paper.

“Go now.”


As if she was a sinner, Venna got up.

As she disappeared, the dark magicians started to chuckle.

“Stupid shit! I don’t know when she’ll leave.”

“Just looking at her makes me upset.
Why is the school's head looking after her?”

Let’s continue with the experiment.”

Venna, standing in the hallway, clenched her fists.

‘I haven’t even gone far yet,’

She was weeping in sorrow.

At twilight.

The Welton carriage finally arrived at Nessman.

“Finally! A city!”

“Yeah… Now I can get some rest.”

Ricky stretched his hands and answered Sears.

It has been a week since they left Haiss.
Perhaps because they spent a lot of time in the carriage, Sears treated Ricky and his sister like her own kids.

Thanks to that, Ricky and Anna were comfortable.

“I want to take a bath.”

“Me too.”

Sarah nodded at Anna’s words.

The two girls were still inside the carriage as they talked.

“Jamie, are you okay?”

“I am fine.”

Jamie nodded at his mother’s question.

It was boring, and after absorbing that orb, he wasn’t feeling tired.

‘It is getting stronger day by day.’

He expected it, but was happy when it was working well.

After a brief checkpoint at the gates, the carriage entered the city without difficulty and headed to the Lord’s place.

“When we arrive, we will be treated to a delicious meal.”

Nessman’s Lord, Nelson Peol, and Count Welton had a good relationship.

When they left, Count Welton had already informed the Lord, so they would be able to have a nice time.

“It was really good in Blanky too.”

Ricky said

About three days ago, they passed through the city of Blanky, and then, the Lord, Viscount Shane, served them a luxurious meal.

“This will be even better.”


“Wow! I am excited!”

Ricky and Anna grabbed each other's hands and waved.

It was strange for them, as they were orphans, but for nobles, it wasn’t as exciting.

Sears smiled while looking at the happy children.
Sarah looked at Ricky and Anna and then chuckled.

‘Such young ones.’

Jamie shook his head and looked outside.

As this was a gateway city which connects the capital and the northern lands, it was packed with people.

Blanky was a bit boring because it was a country town, but this city made it seem like a night walk would make one feel relaxed.

At that moment, a figure caught Jamie’s eyes.

‘That woman.’

A pink-haired girl.

A different energy was felt from her.

However, in an instant, the carriage passed by.

Jamie looked out of the window to find the pink-haired girl, but he couldn’t locate her in the crowd.

“Jamie, what is it?”

Sears asked, when Jamie just shook his head.

“…Ah, I just mistook something.”

“You are young too.”


When Sarah imitated Sears' words, everyone in the carriage laughed.

Jamie smiled awkwardly as well and looked out of the window.

‘Was I really mistaken?’

It passed so quickly that he couldn’t check the details.

‘It looked normal.’

A subtle discomfort.

He didn’t know why, but he somehow thought that he would see her again.

It was only after the sun had set that they were able to arrive at Count Peol’s mansion.

“You must have been through a lot.
Please come in.”

Count Peol was a cute middle-aged man with plump cheeks and a bloated body.

A mouth-watering dinner was spread out in the dining room.

“We were informed by Count Welton, so I requested the head chef, who was in charge of our family meals, to put in extra effort.
Please enjoy your meal.”


“Brother! It smells so good!”

Ricky and Anna were too distracted by the appearance and smell.

“The best meal of my life.”

Lars was unable to speak as he looked at the food.

Only Sears, Jamie and Sarah were normal.

Sears thanked the count.

“Thank you so much for caring.”

“Not at all! Since we have good relations with Count Welton, isn’t this normal? Rather, I am embarrassed.
You are the daughter of the Bell family, so I wondered if this would be okay.”

“This is more than enough.”

When Sears answered, Count Peol sighed.

“Please have a seat.”

At the count’s signal, everyone started eating.

Count Peol and Sears talked about the families, while Ricky took care of Anna and had his meal.

Lars savored his food like he was going to cry, and Jamie…


Sarah, who was sitting next to him, clumsily shoved a sausage with a fork and handed it to Jamie.

Bewildered, Jamie said.

“B-brother knows how to eat, so I will do it by myself.”


Despite the refusal, Sarah offered him food with an innocent face.

Jamie reluctantly ate it.

Sarah grinned and then poked another food with her fork.
Again, clumsy movements.


“I know how to eat.”



“Do you not like me giving you?”

Sarah looked like she would cry.

Water was forming in her eyes.

Taking a deep breath, Jamie opened his mouth.



After the Mayatrey accident, Sarah was acting too affectionate with Jamie.

Jamie was only feeling burdened by it, but after experiencing her tears, he decided to succumb.

It is great to see such a good relationship between kids.”

“I know.
These days, my daughter takes care of her brother.”

Sears looked proud at Count Peol’s praise and looked at Sarah feeding Jamie.

Jamie looked back and tried to convey his suffering.

‘Don’t keep looking and stop her!’

Of course, Sears had no intention of doing that.

But the problem was elsewhere.

“Anna! You should eat.”


Anna sat quietly with a pouty face.

Ricky tilted his head at Anna’s attitude.

“Anna, is there something bothering you?”

“Can I feed you too?”


“Can I feed my brother too?”

Ricky frowned at Anna’s sudden words.

However, she found the fork and then began to stab the meat on the plate.

But it didn’t go well, so she began to cry.

“Euh… I want to feed my brother too.”


Ricky patted her head.

“It is okay.
You can do that once you awaken.”


“Come on.
Let's eat.


Anna started eating again.

“They are such great kids.”

Count Peol was on the verge of tears.

Sears thought that he was an emotional person.

After dinner, everyone headed to their room.

Sarah and Anna would sleep with Sears, and Jamie and Ricky were given a room.

Lars went to the knights quarters.

I will die because of this full stomach.”

“I know.”

Jamie looked at his bloated stomach and burped.

“Sarah kept feeding you.”

“I thought I was really going to die.
I refuse and she cries.”

He wanted her to return to the former Sarah who was indifferent to him.

Jamie took a deep breath and stood up.

“Where are you going?”

“Night walk.”

“All of a sudden?”

“I just want to take a look.”

“I need some sleep.”

Ricky said, lying on the bed.

“Sleep then.”

Jamie opened the window and floated in the air.

Ricky, who leaned on the bed, was marveled at Jamie’s magic.

“I am shocked each time I see it.”

“Others will probably think the same when they see you.
Of course, if they find out that secret.”

Ricky is a boy who possesses the powers of both an apostle and an undead.
How would one react if they found out about it?

“Well, I am going.”

“Be safe.”

Jamie disappeared, and Ricky took a deep breath.

“Let’s wash up and then sleep.”

If he dissolved the fatigue in hot water, he might be able to sleep well.

Jamie wandered around the city by using Black to change his hair color to black.

“There is nothing to see.”

At night, Nessman didn’t seem as lively as he expected it to be.

It was a gateway city to Apton.
And the only entertainment was for the adults.

I’m feeling sleepy, should we head back?”


Black answered Jamie’s question.

It has been a while since it went outside, so it didn’t want to go back early.

Jamie chuckled.

You won’t be out for a while.”

He decided to look around a bit more.

Meanwhile, there were two groups of people watching Jamie.

A small man opened his mouth.

“That bracelet.”

Doesn’t it look amazing.”

The tall man answered while greedily looking at the bracelet on Jamie’s wrist.

“It is an artefact.”

“Artefacts are so cool.”

“Why does a child have that?”

Because it looks cute, isn’t he a noble?”

“He looks like a noble.”

“Why are you imitating my words?”

“When did I?”

“I said that he was a noble first.”

“No, you are acting weird again…”

“I said it first.”

“… fine, I imitated you.”

“Yes, you did.”

The tall one was called Pace, and the small one was Tom.

“Well, If we take that, the school head will like it, right?”

“Maybe even give us a prize.”

“What kind of prize?”

“Maybe give a lab for us.”

“I think the same.”

“Why are you saying the same thing again?”

“… We’ll miss him.

Why did you say the same thing?”

Tom ignored Pace and started to follow Jamie.

Pace looked at Tom with a distasteful look but didn’t ask again.
They could argue after taking the bracelet.

But there was one thing they didn’t know.

‘They are following me.’

Jamie had already noticed them.

The walk was boring, but now it felt different.

Jamie smiled as he walked into an alley.

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