How Canon learned of Diablo Volfir’s existence and why he was trying to know the truth of the world.

‘He must have found my bracelet.’

One of Diablo’s 3 artefacts was there.

Absolute Immunity [Perfect Cell.]

It was created to fight the powerful 12 Gods and when activated, it gave its user immunity against all kinds of plagues and curses..

It took a lot of mana to properly use it, but for Diablo, that didn’t hold any significance.

‘To find this here.’

Was he lucky?

Jamie frowned at Mayatrey.

She walked to the grave stone with sad eyes.


She considered the Perfect Cell as Canon’s legacy.

If he asked for it, he wasn’t sure how she would react.
And if he were to steal it, he would make the Blue Dragon his opponent.

At his current level, it was impossible to even try to steal it.

Jamie, pretending not to know, approached it.

“This is it?”

Canon is sleeping down there.”

She caressed the tombstone.

The tombstone was maintained, and there was no dust on it.

‘Why are minerals placed here?’

There were pretty minerals glowing around the tombstone, and it seemed like she wanted to decorate the area.

‘I still don’t understand dragons.’

He saw it, but decided to keep quiet.

Jamie looked at Mayatrey and asked her about Perfect Cell.

“What is this bracelet?”

“It is Canon’s legacy.
He has been wearing it since we met for the first time, it is an item with great power.
It saved his life countless times.”

“Is that what Canon left behind?”

“Why are you asking that?”

Mayatrey asked sharply.

Jamie waved his hand.

“I don’t mean anything by it.
You said that he reached the truth of the world, so I wondered if there was anything related to that thing.
I am curious.”

Mayatrey stared at Jamie and then snorted.

“You seem to be a quick-witted kid.”


“There is a diary.”


“Canon’s diary.
He occasionally wrote it.
It was too humid here, so I kept it aside.”

“Perhaps… Can I see it?”

“I can’t give you.”

At Mayatrey’s resolute words, Jamie responded.

“Then can you tell me? The truth of the world.”

“Why do I have to tell you? You are asking for too much because I showed you some favor, do you want to get yourself hurt?”

“Isn’t it natural for you to tell me?”

Mayatrey was uncomfortable at it.
she spoke while looking away.

“Why is it natural? Human! There is a thing called proper time for everything.
And don’t you know that you are crossing your lines now?”



“Canon, as a human being, tried to reach the truth of the world.
He risked everything for the sake of humans.
Despite his failure in the end, his legacy still exists here.
If that is the case, as a human living in the present age, I think I have the right to know.”

“You humans haven’t done anything!”

“Did Canon seek help from others?”


“Just what I thought.”

If Canon had asked humans for help and they refused, would Mayatrey have stood still?

And if Mayatrey was really disappointed with humans, would she treat Jamie this nice?

“I can interpret it from the way you treat me.
I don’t know what Canon was thinking, but he probably wouldn’t have turned to other people for help.”


“It wasn’t that humans didn’t do anything, but they couldn’t do anything.
And when they could, the dragon clan must have put pressure on them.”

So that the truth would be kept hidden.

Mayatrey loosened the strength in her clenched fists.

She looked at Jamie.

“You are a clever human.”

“And you are too emotional for a dragon.”

“Don’t pretend you know anything about dragons.

Jamie shrugged.

Mayatrey turned around while thinking.

“Follow me.”

Following her, a smaller cavity appeared.

A book was floating in the air, and the mana around was protecting it.

“Canon’s diary.”

“Can I take a look at it?”

“It doesn’t matter.
It won’t make any sense.”

It won’t make sense?

Jamie looked at Mayatrey hoping she would continue.

“There is nothing written on it.”

“… Ha?”

“It seems to be sealed.
But no matter what I did, the letters never appeared.”

“Uh… maybe it’s nothing but an empty notebook.”

“Are you kidding me? Who do you think I am?”

There was no way that a dragon would make such a mistake.

Jamie walked towards it.

“Just pick it.”

Jamie touched the diary at Mayatrey's words.

The brown diary cover had old traces on it.

Jamie’s expression wrinkled as he opened the first page.

As Mayatrey said, there was nothing written on it.

Even if mana was used, no letters showed over the blank paper.
He tried several unlocking spells, but nothing happened.

“I myself couldn’t do it, so it will be too difficult for a human to unseal it.”

Mayatrey’s magic skills were natural, but the man had reached 9th class.
Besides, the man must have studied sealing magic for a long time to lock the diary, which was why it was tough.

“Enough! I will take you out.”

A seal that even a dragon couldn’t unlock.

Jamie had one chance.

Looking back, he said.

“Don’t be shocked by anything you see from now on.”


Whatever a human could do, it would be nothing more than a joke.

She would have taken it seriously if the human was a Master.

However, what followed did indeed shock Mayatrey.


An ominous dark-purple energy emanated from Jamie’s body.

The dark energy covered the cavity.


The space vibrated.

Mayatrey couldn’t shut her mouth in shock.

She was startled by the ominous energy emanating from Jamie’s body.

“Dark magician.”

The light of mana covered the diary.

‘is he really a dark magician?’

She couldn’t understand it.

This energy was foreign and she never felt it for more than two thousand years.

Even Canon’s black mana, which was different from other dark magicians, seemed insignificant compared to the black mana Jamie was using.

It was then.


Jamie smiled.

He lifted the diary, as his purple eyes looked at it.


Sparks shone and letters began to show on the blank papers.

Numerous letters began to float in the air.

[Imperial Year 22, 16th of 3rd month]

I met a blue dragon today.
The blue dragon called me a dark magician and an unclean one.
She attacked me like a crazy one.
I thought I was really going to die.
However, I was stronger than her.
Her wound was deep.

[Imperial Year 22, 17th of 3rd month]

I took the unconscious blue dragon.
The dragon’s regenerative power was beyond imagination.
She turned healthy very quickly.
Then asked me why I didn’t kill her.
Just because I didn’t want to kill?

[Imperial Year 22, 18th of 3rd month.]

She introduced herself as Mayatrey.
She said that she attacked me because I am a dark magician, a bad one.
But she learned that I was a good one since I helped her.
She then said she would help me with my work.
I said it was fine, but she didn’t care and insisted.
I feel uncomfortable…

[Imperial Year 22, 30th of 3rd month.]

Traveling with Mayatrey is more enjoyable than I thought.
She has a cheerful personality and a sensibility unfit for a dragon.
Today, she saw a rabbit being eaten by a fox and said it was pitiful.
Is she really a dragon?

[Imperial Year 22, 19nd of 4th month.]

This expedition was also a failure.
It was nice to find the ancient ruins, but it was nothing special.
When will we get to know the truth of the world? When I was depressed, Mayatrey showed me a cheering dance.
How cute was it.
I hope to find it tomorrow.

[Imperial year 22, 8th of 10th month.]

Found the traces of an ancient kingdom.
This is really a significant achievement.
Mayatrey was jumping up in excitement.
We are heading there tomorrow.
I am excited.
The owner of the bracelet.
What were you planning to do?

[Imperial Year 23, 10th of 1st month]

We finally arrived at the ruins of an ancient kingdom.
It was hidden really deep.
It is probably a capital city.
I want to write more in my dairy, but Mayatrey keeps telling me to eat.
That is all for today.

[Imperial Year 23, 12th of 1st month]

The name of the ancient kingdom is presumed to be Amon.
I am not sure as it is ancient.
Looking at the traces, there seems to be a huge war which happened.
What kind of war was it? Fortunately, I found a map.
It weathered for a long time, but magic was meant for such situations.

[Imperial Year 23, 26th of 4th month]

We came to the area marked on the map.
It is a land with powerful magic.
It is shocking that such a place was hidden till now.
After all, this turned out to be an area out of reach for humans.
Mayatrey was delighted as it was the first time she visited such a place.
If she is happy, I am too.

First of all, I will call this place ‘Land of Gangma (Strong Magic)’.

[Imperial Year 23, 17th of 7th month]

We found a ruin.
Unfortunately, only one person could enter it.
We thought about it for a while and then decided not to enter it.
Even in the land of Gangma, this place had stronger magic.
We didn’t know what kind of dangers lurked there, so thorough preparation will be necessary.

[Imperial Year 23, 22nd of 9th month]

The Dragon Lord told Mayatrey to bring me.
She was delighted saying that I would be acknowledged by her family, but frankly speaking, I am nervous.
I don’t even know why.
But this is a good chance.
The dragons are the longest living creatures, so they might know the truth of the world.

[Imperial Year 23, 24th of 12th month]

I was wrong.
The Dragon Lord called me a sin and said I was the target of annihilation.
Currently, I returned to the Land of Gangma with Mayatrey.
She told me to stay in the ruins until it was safe.
It would be dangerous, but it was better than dealing with the dragon clan.
She told me not to worry about her.
How can I not worry? I love her.

[Imperial Year 41, 8th of 3rd month]

I discovered something about the truth of the world.
What a disgrace.
What kind of fight have I been fighting? The time written on the ‘stele’ is 65,966 years ago.
He struggled with the 12 Gods all alone in the past.
It must have been hell.
I will somehow make your pain known to the world.
By the way, I seem to be spending too much time in the ruins.
Is Mayatrey okay? The dragon clan wouldn’t harm her, but I am worried.
I need to rescue her.

[Imperial Year 41, 16th of 3rd month]

I spoke to the dragons.
Why did they forsake the world? Why did they succumb? They pretended not to hear.
I rescued Mayatrey and left with her.
She cried, saying that it was fortunate that I was safe.
I am glad that she’s safe.

[Imperial Year 41, 1st of 5th month]

We settled on some mountain.
The place will help us in avoiding the eyes of dragon clans.
Our next destination will be ‘Garmon’ which is northwest of the place.
It was clearly written there at the bottom of the tombstone.
It was a place with a name that doesn’t exist now, but there must be something in that place.

That was the end of the diary.

After that, he died in the battle with the black dragon Aegos, so he couldn’t write.

“Euk… Canon.
My love… My love…”

Mayatrey sat on the floor as she sobbed.

Now that she read Canon’s diary which had been locked for 700 years, it was natural for her to act as such.

Jamie looked at her and then looked at the diary.

‘Looks like the place written in the Land of Gangma is that one.’

Jamie seemed to know what kind of place Canon was talking about.

Before entering the final battle, he, Diablo Volfir, wrote on a stone monument the bitterness of the past, hopes for the future in order to prepare himself.

That was 65,966 years ago, according to Canon.

‘700 years have passed.’

Jamie burst into laughter.

‘I reincarnated after 66,666 years.’

Jamie laughed at the time gap.

He knew that tens of thousands of years had passed, but knowing the specific time felt special

‘But where is Garmon?’

He couldn’t remember.

Did he write something like that on the tombstone?

No, he didn’t.

‘I ended up thinking that I would definitely win.’

The name Garmon wasn’t written.

Then who wrote it?

‘Northwest from here.’

He wasn’t sure if there was a monument or if it was the mountain ranges of Mayatrey.

‘I am heading northwest anyways.’


Jamie looked at the diary.

‘You suffered yet you stayed strong.’

With just the Perfect Cell, he struggled to uncover the secrets of the distant past.

He wasn’t able to spread the word, but he learned the truth.

66,666 years ago.

The truth that humans were reduced to be nothing but slaves of the 12 Gods.

‘But don’t regret it.’

Jamie’s purple eyes began to glow.

‘This body has come down to walk on earth again.’

Jamie turned around.

’The 12 Gods will be destroyed.’

He wasn’t sure how long it would take, but he wouldn’t fail again.

Humanity will surely enjoy freedom once again.

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