3: 7th circle Dark Magician (3)

Jamie went back to his room with a tired face.

His mom was continuously worried as she heard what had happened, and that mentally exhausted him.

She said she would punish the old man.

“But it has been a while since I have seen actual magic.”

Was it Marquess Linmel?

At that level, he wouldn’t be bad in the past world too.

But even more shocking was his father, Count Welton.

‘I knew he was strong, but I didn’t know he’d be of this level.’

Sword Masters were called superhumans.

Count Welton was definitely the strongest among those Sword Masters.

Just because he was young didn’t mean he was weak.

In the past, Jamie had killed several Sword Masters with his own hands and had Sword Masters as his allies too.

Count Welton was a Sword Master who would stand tall when compared to those of the past.

The present era was still weak compared to the myth era.

Although magic had advanced from that time, there was still a difference that couldn’t be narrowed.

In such an era, the Count had the power to claim the kingdom if he wanted.

‘I am curious about his power.’

Although they were family, Jamie was unaware of his father’s powers.

Since he ascended to the status of Sword Master, he had shown his power only once.

To prove his status, he unfolded his skills before the king.

In any case, his physical ability was enough, but if the overall powers were considered, then there were very few humans who could face the Count.

‘If he is my father, he should be able to do that much.’

Jamie nodded his head proudly.

“What is making you that happy?”


A familiar voice came from behind.

Startled, Jamie fell on his ass.

“You-you look different from before.”

“H-how did you get into my room?”

“I teleported.”


For an 8th class magician, teleporting was too easy.

Jamie didn’t know the old man’s level, but he could guess it.

“My father didn’t kill you.”

“Kuahaha! What a funny kid!”

The Marquess laughed out loud.

“I see that you show a childish side to your parents, but you don’t seem to be hiding your true self in front of me?”

“Are family and strangers the same?”

Seeing Jamie talk, the Marquess lamented with an expression of regret.

“If only my abilities were a little better.”


“What else can I say? Take this.”

The Marquess handed Jamie a book.

As soon as he received it, he realized that it was a magic book.

“That should be enough.”

“Why are you giving this to me?”

“Your Mana breathing method is too old-fashioned.”

The word ‘Old fashioned’ was a strong hit to the head.

“This is a breathing technique I invented myself.
You won’t find it anywhere.”

He did read a Mana Breathing Method, which was in the library.

And it was hardly different from what Jamie was using.

Will this one be really different?

‘He called my method old-fashioned.’

He wanted to snap back.

“I have high expectations.”

The Marquess didn’t laugh but said that with a serious face.

Jamie looked at him without saying anything.

“Let’s see how much you will change the next time we meet?”

The Marquess’ body was engulfed in light and then disappeared.

Jamie gazed at where he stood and then went to bed.

And devoted himself to the book that Marquess handed him.

Mana Breathing was the same as breathing in through the mouth, absorbing the Mana and then accumulating it within the body.

It is known to be the most efficient way, but the downside was that it couldn’t be taken in with just one breath.

However, if it could be done, it would be possible to accumulate Mana in the body for the rest of one’s life.

The method adopted by almost all wizards was old enough to date back to the Myths era.

In the magic world, ‘Mana Breathing method’ is the first method that comes to the mind of any magician, and it wasn’t anywhere near being ‘Unique’.

At least among humans, no one had a breathing method superior to the Mana breathing.

“This is fun.”

Jamie looked at the book in his hand.

It was interesting.

When asked how interesting it was, it could be said that the Mana breathing method he knew was indeed outdated, and the one in the book was excellent.

‘However, it is impossible to use this.’

It was clear that its efficiency was high, but the breathing method had clear barriers.

To control very fine Mana.

Magicians naturally increase their Mana control when their level rises, but this breathing method didn’t require that.

‘To feel the minute Mana particles and then break them into a size that even the skin can absorb.’

Also known as Whole-body breathing.

The reason why the past breathing was done through the mouth was because of the Mana size.

And if Mana could be broken down into small pieces and be absorbed through the skin, then more Mana could be absorbed.

However, as said earlier, it required outstanding talent.

Besides the talent, there were other downsides.

The existing mana breathing method had the overwhelming advantage of accumulating Mana with a single small breathing, but that wouldn’t be the case for the new one.

The amount that could be breathed at one time through the body could exceed a day of mouth breathing method, but it was impossible to be that conscious.

‘I am not sure if the two breathing methods can be done at onc…’

The whole-body breathing method couldn’t take in additional Mana because the body will be fatigued after just one breath.

Jamie’s lips turned into a smile.

“That is surely right for others.”

Whole-body breathing.

Indeed, the existing mouth breathing performance was amazing.

However, as the limitations were clear, it wasn’t an excellent method.

At least, Marquess Linmel’s method seemed to be the whole-body breathing.

And the information was good.

Jamie thought about replenishing Mana by mastering it, but sadly, he now resided inside the body of a tiny kid!

“Kay, let’s see!”

Behind the innocent face, the gleaming eyes of the Dark Magician began to analyze and revise every sentence in the book.

The whole-body breathing method had its disadvantages.

Therefore, if the shortcomings were compensated for, an irreplaceable method will be born.

If it could be upgraded one step beyond after making up for the shortcomings, then it will definitely be the ‘ultimate’ breathing method.

However, that wasn’t an easy task.

Marquess Linmel judged that the current whole-body breathing method was the most complete one.

And he did say that there was no better way to take in Mana than this.

He didn’t say it out loud, but the book’s contents held that meaning.

And the Marquess wasn’t wrong.

In the eyes of Dark Magician, who was close to omnipotence, he would be able to fix plenty of the method’s problems.

‘If I didn’t read about this method, I would have avoided it, but since it caught my eye, there is no way I can ignore it now.’

First downside.

Mana needed to be broken down into a size the skin can absorb.

Unlike the existing method, there is a limit to process the fixed size of Mana.

Second disadvantage.

After one absorption, the body can no longer receive Mana.

It can absorb the Mana needed for a day, but that is the end of it.

And those two had to be tackled.

‘The way to split it could be changed.’

If taking it was so easy, then people would have changed the method long ago.

Whole-body breathing method could be used, but mouth breathing didn’t require its user to be in a fixed place or the Mana to be in a fixed form.

If taking in Mana by splitting it was possible through the mouth, then it could be compatible with the existing breathing method as the taken Mana will be pure and finer.

Jamie had the power to make that happen.

“I need your help.”

As he raised his hand, black energy gathered.

It was the summon, the black bat.

Its official name was Night Bat, nicknamed Black, and it had the ability to ‘assist’ magic.

Its level was proportional to its master’s ability.


Black flapped the winds with a happy face and flew around its master.

Jamie raised his hand, and Black softly landed on it.


“From now, split down the Mana.”

Mana wasn’t a requirement for Black to survive as the summoned being lived because of the soul contract.

And if Black could split the Mana, the first drawback would be solved.


Black shouted loudly and flapped its wings violently.

The Mana around was vibrating.

Black’s eyes turned blue, and the particles around began to split.

“Indeed, you are my best partner!”


At its master’s praise, Black wiggled the body.

What remained was the second drawback.

In fact, once the first one was solved, the second one wasn’t too difficult.

The reason for the second disadvantage was the limit that the heart could take, as that was where the Mana is stored.

And if the absorption is split into multiple parts instead of the heart, it could work.

In other words, it is the act that breaks the ‘common idea’ of human beings.

“Let’s start.”


At Jamie’s signal, the split Mana began to fluctuate.

Count Welton stood in front of Jamie’s door early in the morning.

Next to him was Anna, the nanny, who seemed worried.



The Count didn’t answer her call and looked into the room through the small opening in the door.

There, his son, Jamie, was seated cross-legged.

He wouldn’t be so concerned if he was just sitting.

Count’s eyes saw it.

‘Mana is… swirling around.’

A Sword Master handled Mana in different ways.

So the Count could also sense the Mana flowing around Jamie.

He knew that the Marquess had met with Jamie before he left.

‘What did he tell him?’

The Count recalled Marquess Linmel’s smiling face.

‘Was my son this gifted?’

Count Welton,

The Welton family had been swordsmen for generations.

And it was during his rule that the Welton family had risen to a popular status, but not once was a magician born in the family.

It wasn’t that he wanted Jamie to hold the sword.

However, it was hard to believe that he had such a talent for magic, and even much more than he imagined.

He wondered if it was because of Jamie’s maternal blood.
The Bell family was known to have magicians, but definitely not this strong.

“Leave him for today.”


“It is fine.”

At the Count’s words, Anna couldn’t help but nod.

“And since we don’t know when he’ll come out, place someone outside.”

“I will do it.”

“Okay, thank you.
I have an important guest in the afternoon, so I have to leave.
Let me know when Jamie is done.”

“Yes, please don’t worry.”

Anna was a servant who served the Count when he was young.

Which meant that she could be trusted.

“Look after him.”

With that, the Count moved and pondered about what the Marquess had said.

‘9th class.’

Did Jamie really possess such talent?

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He wasn’t sure yet.

But if what the Marquess said was true.

The corners of his lips rose.

“Indeed, he is my son.”

Today, the Count’s heart felt light.

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