ere the ones who were living on the street.

For them, the camp was like heaven.

“Did you sleep well?”

“We slept like a log.
Right, Anna?”


Ricky and Anna responded cheerfully.

Sears liked it, but at the same time, it was heartbreaking.
She knew what they must have been through.

“The meal is ready!”

“The breakfast is ready.
Let’s go.”

Sears took all the kids to the dining area.

After eating, they were all back in the carriage.

Zach approached them and spoke to Sears.

“It seems like it will rain.”


The sky was clear.

It didn’t look like it would rain.

But it did, in the eyes of the experts.

The dark clouds are approaching.
They are called rain clouds.
And the wind will blow here, there is a chance that it will get dark.”

“I see.”

“This is the Mayatrey Mountains, the rainy season is strong.
And it will start pouring down.”

“We need to slow down.”

“And find a safer route.”

After giving the report, Zach went to order his subordinates.

“We can’t open the windows today.”

“Can’t be helped.”

“I am fine too.
On the contrary, I think that it would be nice if it rains.”

“I like the sound of it.”

Every single word from the children reassured Sears.

She nodded as he looked up at the children.

Traveling on rainy days is also fine.”


Zach’s words were correct.

Soon the sky turned dark.

Raindrops began to pour down and then wet the ground.

It was dark, and the carriage fell quiet.

Ricky was watching the raindrops fall from the window, and Anna slept on his shoulders.

Jamie, Sears, and Anna had less sleep, so they fell asleep.

“Everyone looks tired.”

Zach, covered with a raincoat, stayed to the side of the carriage.

Jamie rubbed his eyes and looked to the side.

“How long have I slept?”

“For about two hours.”

“I slept long.”

Sears, Sarah, and Anna were still sleeping.

“You can sleep more.”

“You didn’t sleep?”

“I slept a lot last night.”

He looked bored, but Ricky didn’t seem tired.

‘I am bored too.’

Meditation was the only thing he’d do when he was bored, but Jamie couldn’t do it now.

Jamie leaned on the window and clicked his tongue.

“Are you two bored?”

“I am a little bored.”

“I mean, we are inside the carriage.”

Neither denied.

“Shall I tell you an interesting story?”

“Interesting story?”

Ricky seemed interested.

Jamie wasn’t.

Zach burst out laughing at the different reactions of the boys.

“The story behind this mountain’s name.”

“Oh oh.”

The mountains they were passing were called ‘Mayatrey'.

Zach continued.

“It is said that this place was originally a huge mountain.”

Long ago, there was a huge mountain.
One day, two dragons appeared in the peaceful place.

A blue dragon and an evil black dragon.
The blue one was Mayatrey.

Mayatrey had a human that it loved.

The two struggled to defeat the black dragon.

The mountain split into several parts in the process, and a valley with ferociously fast currents was formed.

The problem was that the human that Mayatrey loved died in the battle.

Mayatrey grieved.
Despite winning the battle, the dragon lost its loved one and fell into a great loss of sense.

After that, the dragon gave up its attachments with the world and hid deep in the mountains to honor the only person it loved.

“After that, it started to rain frequently in the area.”


“It was a sad love story that was adapted into songs and spread all over the place.
People began to call the rain falling on Mayatrey ‘Dragon Rain'.”

“Such a heartbreaking story! I didn’t even feel the time passing.”

“I am glad you enjoyed it.”

Ricky said with twinkling eyes, and Zach smiled contentedly.

Only Jamie seemed bored.

‘I don’t know about dragon love stories.’

It started to rain heavily.

Zach pressed the hood of his raincoat and said.

“It looks like Mayatrey is crying.”

It was then.


A dazzling light.

The light that shone brightly dazzled through the window.

And a loud roar.


A deafening thunder.


The horses reflexively raised their front paws.

The carriage shook violently.

At that moment, Sears pulled her young daughter and son into her arms and then took Ricky and Anna close to her to protect them.


The carriage wheel was caught.


The wheel soon got smashed.

The balance broke.

The door with the Welton symbol broke open.

The wind was blowing outside.

Jamie raised his Mana and pulled Ricky and Anna into the other side of the carriage.
He then tried to grab Sears’ arm and pulled her back.

However, Sears could feel her other arm that was holding Sarah lose strength.

She yelled.



Another wheel crashed, and the carriage hit the ground.

The shock caused Jamie to miss Sears’ arm.

Mother and daughter were thrown outside.

Without another thought, Jamie flew.

The first thing he saw was the cliff on the other side, where the bottom couldn’t be seen, and then he saw a stream.

Sears and Sarah seemed to be falling into the stream.

[Wire Play]

A thin hard thread made of Mana stretched out from Jamie’s five fingers.

Sears was the first to get wrapped.

“Jamie! First sarah!”

He hesitated a bit at Sears’ cry, but he was sure that he could save Sarah.

Jamie ignored her scream and threw her up.
Thanks to the members of the Pier Knights waiting at the edge, she was immediately taken to safety.


Sarah cried and called for Jamie.

How many times did his younger sister ever call him brother?

‘Only when you are troubled.’

Jamie smiled at that.

“Everything is fine.”

Sarah’s expression softened at Jamie’s calm voice.

Jamie released the mana thread and gently hugged Sarah.

Sarah held onto him.

He took her hand and then threw her up.

One of the knights caught Sarah.

‘Phew- thank god.’

There was a sudden accident, but everyone was saved.

‘Now I need to go up.’

Jamie raised his Mana to cast fly magic.

It was at that moment.

‘The mana!’

All the Mana around him started to burn.

Mana wasn’t coming out of his body.


“Jamie! Come up fast!”

Several voices could be heard.


Even his own summon couldn’t respond.

Jamie was aware of this phenomenon.

‘Mana Burn!’

Higher magic that completely burns Mana and makes the magician incapacitated, ‘Mana Burn’.

[Who are you?]

A voice echoed in his mind.


His mind was shaken.

The voice said.

[are a dragon?]

Jamie’s tiny body fell into the valley.

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