Jamie spoke.

“I want to go with my family.”



Sears was shocked at the unexpected request.

She thought he would ask something about magic books or magic items.

Since Jamie wasn’t a kid who played with toys like others.

But to ask this thing.

“Why Apton?”

“After hearing about Apton from brother Lars.
I wanted to look at it.”

Look at it?”

“I heard that there is a huge garden with thisssss huge water drop!”

Jamie jumped out from the chair and spread his arms wide.

“I want to go there!”

His eyes dazzling more than ever.

When Jamie, who always seemed like a grown up, made such gestures, Sears was flustered.

Jamie walked up to her and grabbed her arm.

“I want to go there! Can’t you take me? Huh?”


“I want to go there.
Mother, please!”

Jamie throwing a tantrum.

This had never happened before, so Sears was shocked.

The last time Jamie cried was a few years ago.

It was when he was five years old.

It was the time when Jamie begged her to let him into the library.

‘I was shocked that time too.’

Sears, who remembered the past, smiled.
No matter how mature he was, he was still like a child.

She put Sarah on the chair next to her and took her son into her arms.

“Do you really want to go to Apton?”


“But I think grandpa will be sad.
Because his grandson wants to see the Water Drop Garden more than him.”

“Ha, I want to see grandpa too!”

Sears hugged Jamie.

“Aigoo, my cute baby!”


“Whose son can be this cute!”

Sears loosened her arms as Jamie’s face was exhausted.
But her demands weren’t over.

She playfully told Jamie.

“If you want to go to Apton, kiss here.”


As Sears pointed to her lips, Jamie frowned.

Just not that, please…

‘I didn’t expect this!’

But Sears was adamant.

“Uh? If you don’t like it, don’t…”


“Do you hate this so much?”

Yes, he hated it.

But he couldn’t say that out.

‘Damn it!’

“Come on~”

At Sears urging, Jamie frowned.

He knew.

The fact that his mother would treat him like this until her request was granted.

And if he didn’t kiss, the situation would turn into a Mobius strip.

Let’s go.’

Jamie decided.

But it wasn’t easy.

Right! There was nothing that couldn’t be done in the word!

‘I am the great warlock Diablo Volfir!’


Jamie closed his eyes and kissed Sears.

‘Right, for what I need to do.

Sears, who received the kiss, opened her mouth with satisfaction.

“My son’s kisses are the best!”

And Jamie escaped from her arms.

Jamie, who got down on the ground, was 7 years old.

‘Kisses at this age.’

Come to think of it, he kissed Sears a while ago.

It was in front of Ricky back then.

As he lifted his head, his eyes met with his younger sister, Sarah.


The sound of bubbles that she was making in her bottle by blowing air could be heard.

Feeling embarrassed, Jamie turned away.

When Sears suddenly spoke.

“But, son.”


“Come to think of it, we were going there next week.”

“… huh?”

Mother has forgotten.”

“Ah ha… glad to know.”

What was the kiss for then?

Today, Jamie resented the world.

Jamie was walking out of the garden and headed back.

It was a short time, but his body was exhausted.

He thought of heading back to his room so that his messed up mind could recover.


Someone called for him.

It was Lars.

He approached Jamie.

“Where were you?”

“… tea time with mother and sister.”

“Then why do you look like that?”

there was a reason.”

It was something he couldn’t explain.

Jamie’s head dropped.

Lars, who didn’t know why, patted his shoulders to comfort him.

“I don’t know what it was, but it will pass.”

“It will.
But what about you?”

I had something to talk with the count.
It is done now.”

“Is it done?”

“Brother will leave Haiss and go to Apton next week.”

Lars smiled bitterly.

“It is sudden but my work here is done, so I need to head back.”

“I see.”

“Ricky and Anna will come with me.”

Being an apostle and saint of Pyro meant that it was bound to happen.

When Jamie remained expressionless, Lars mistook it for disappointment.

Lars grabbed Jamie’s shoulders and looked at him with the most mature face he could make.

Jamie couldn’t understand why.

“It is okay.
We’ll see you soon.
don’t be disappointed.”

“Huh? Disappointed?”

“I don’t know when we’ll meet, but Ricky and Anna will never forget you.
Wouldn’t it be a new feeling if everyone grew up and met again?”

“what are…”

“It was short but I know that your friendship with Ricky is deep.
Ricky also talked about you a bit.
This is a new friendship and a good one.”


“Just don’t be sad or disappointed.
Cause this isn’t the end.
And you will see more of me too.”

What the hell was the man talking about?

Jamie frowned and lifted Lars’ hands off his shoulder.

“I am not particularly sad.”


“And we don’t have to see each other.”

what do you mean?”

“You’ll understand when you see me later.
I’ll be heading in now.”

Jamie entered the mansion.

Lars stood by the door with a blank expression.

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