Chimera Paladins was because their God Zenith wanted them.

So why did Zenith need Chimera Paladin?

It didn’t make sense, but as the talk went with Pyro, something made sense.

‘The 12 Gods are divided.’

The relationship with Zenith and Pyro was broken.

But Jamie thought that, that wasn’t all.

He was certain of Pyro’s reaction.

Maybe they even got to the point where they aimed weapons at each other.

So Zenith wants more power.
If not, he couldn’t understand.

‘Then, the current composition will be the key.’

Not all 12 Gods have divided.

They were just divided into several pieces.

Pyro, who couldn’t form a group, was isolated.

Gods that maintained a close relationship with Zenith, went along with him.

Among them, there was a God who treated Zenith like a limb.

A being who stood at the top of the 12 Gods.

“Sun God Ra.”

Jamie didn’t know if he was the strongest of 12, but he had power.

“Phew… Too little information.”

Pyro asked him to come to Apton.


Apton, an estate ruled by the Bell family.

Hasn’t been there yet.

“It has been long… should I go see him?”

Jamie’s face darkened.

Sears’ face, who was happy, was in front of his.

Lars entered the Zenith church and walked all the way to the orphanage.

He went up to the second floor, there was a room with its light on.

It is brother Lars.”

“Come in.”

Upon entering, Ricky and his sister Anna, who had already come, greeted Lars.

“Here? Greet him, Anna.
He is the one who saved your brother.”

“Ah, Hello.
Thank you.”

Anna got up from the bed, put her hand on her stomach and bowed.

She was stunned by the sudden return of her brother who left.

Lars looked at Anna and nodded.

His guess was also correct.

‘His sister was also born with the qualities of a saint.’

Before coming here

When Lars found Ricky, he couldn’t help but be puzzled as he felt Pyro’s holy power.

To Lars, Ricky said.

‘I, turned into an apostle.’

Apostle of Goddess Pyro.

When he heard that, he doubted his ears.

Not that he was unaware of apostles, but apostles were saviors who appear when the church is in crisis.

But when Ricky, who didn’t have holy power till then, said so, he panicked.

However, he had no doubts that the Goddess had spoken directly.
Because Lars felt her presence.

‘I thought that Ricky’s sister would have had something to do with the qualities of an apostle.’

He didn’t know it for sure.

But it was now in her eyes.

‘That is why she is blind.’

When the qualities would awaken, she will be able to see.

Lars approached them and then knelt on one knee.

“I am not in a hurry, so I will greet you properly.
I am Lars Armetic, the Holy Executioner of Pyro Church.”

“B-brother! What are you doing!”

Ricky jumped up at Lars’ sudden action.

But Lars didn’t move.

“Sir Ricky is Goddess’s apostle.
You will rise to a position similar to the Pope and you will now be the symbol of the Pyro church.”


“Miss Anna hasn’t awakened yet, but one day she will turn into a saint.
That way, the invisible eyes will open.”


“Wait, wait.
Wait a minute brother.
I can’t understand what you are saying, get up first.
Get up!”

“Let’s go to Apton, I will do my best to serve you two.”

Ricky was confused.

He couldn’t understand why Lars, who was fine till a moment ago, was acting like this.

And what all he said?

Awaken, be a saint, and be able to see.

“Come on, get up!”

When Ricky shouted, Lars stood up.

“… can my sister really see in the future?”

Ricky raised his head and asked Lars.

He didn’t know why Lars was acting as such, but he heard something.

Ricky held Anna’s hand.


“Really, really my sister…”

The reason Miss Anna is blind was because of the strong holy power in her eyes.
If she awakens as a saint, it will be resolved naturally.”


Anna tilted her head.

She didn’t understand what a saint meant.

“it is a term used to refer to someone chosen by God.”


“Huh? That is right.”



Ricky squeezed Anna’s hand tighter.

He couldn’t hide the smile on his face.

His sister could see.
He thought that she wouldn’t be able to get out of the life in darkness.

So he vowed to protect her with his life.


He hugged his sister and cried.

Anna bursted into tears too.


My sister… kuak… this is good… really! Really good…”


Lars smiled looking at the siblings who were crying while hugging each other.

But the smile didn’t last long.

The birth of an apostle meant that the Pyro church was in a crisis.

And Ricky, who was now an apostle, cannot have a normal life.
Anna, who will be a saint too.

Would they be able to have a happy future?

‘I will make it happen.’

Lars clenched his fists.

He would be the shield for the two siblings.

That night, the crying of the children continued until late morning.

It was the tears of the little kids who held back for too long

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