all body.

“The three things intertwined.
Skeletons and zombies are garbage, as you said, but there are three special conditions that overlapped and I got the power to overwhelm the chimeras.”

The cradle of necromancy was here.

But the doctor didn’t know that, the only thing he knew was that the place could be used to hide the dead bodies.

Gulping, the doctor looked back.

In addition to the undead dealing with the chimera, a dense light surrounded the entire forest.

There was no place to escape.
This place was turning into his grave.

it can’t be.’

He looked at the boy in front of him.

He was exuding a completely different atmosphere from before.

However, the doctor’s magic was still stronger.

And his chimeras could still be used.

“If I can kill you!”

No matter how strong the undead were, if the master is killed, they will disappear.

Now, when the gap has narrowed, it was the best opportunity.

The doctor unfolded several spells at the same time and pulled out his tentacles.

One moment was all he needed.

In just one moment!


“What should we do if you keep using only your eyes to look at me?”

The doctor felt his body turn cold.

He turned his head and looked to the left.

Three skeletons approached him before he knew it, and then he felt bones pierce his body.

‘I can’t feel the…’

Fear prevented him from seeing so many things.

Just like now.

Got killed.”

Jamie looked at the doctor.

It seemed like the body was at its limit.

He felt such extreme pain because of the rotting spell, but now it seemed like he had gone still.


That was when Jamie caught something.

Something lodged in the doctor’s chest.

Just in case, he put mana on his hand and slowly pulled it out.

And as it touched Jamie’s hand, Jamie’s eyes widened.


His lips went up.

No matter how much he turned into a chimera, the vitality was absurd.

Having this in him, no wonder the doctor didn’t die.

“Could this be the life source?”

A beautifully shining green bead.

The ‘life force’ it contained wasn’t great, but Jamie could feel something.

“This is it.”

The doctor died and he couldn’t find out what he wanted to know about body transformation.

“If we have this, the limits can be pushed.”

He thought that he was going to lose a lot here, but he managed to make a profit.

Jamie put the bead into the pocket and ordered.

He looked at the undead that killed the chimera and were waiting for his next order.

“I will call you back.
So go back now.”

All the undead bowed their heads at once and disappeared into darkness.


The aftermath.

Jamie sat on the floor and vomited a handful of blood.

The power of calling the Necromancy was too much for his small body to bear.

If he could use the bead, he could restore the body but unfortunately he couldn’t use it right away.

“Damn it…”

He couldn’t lose consciousness yet.

He struggled to get up and approached Ricky.

He was forced to treat him temporarily, but it was all just time-gaining.
Soon, the painful part will begin, and Ricky will eventually die.

Jamie knelt before him and put black mana onto his hands.

“This is the only way.”

Just like when he transformed Azad and Raiza, there was no choice but to turn him into an Undead.

Just be my servant.’

Can he succeed?

His level had risen since then, but he was exhausted now.
And he couldn’t even get Black’s assistance.

He was alone.

If he fails, Ricky won’t become a real undead.
And letting Ricky die seemed better than making him into a bad undead.

‘I don’t know why I am devoting myself to this one.’

His head was still a mess.

But he had no intention of stopping.

Once he made a decision, there was no going back.

The ancient language of the dead began to flow.

{Leave life and rise.
An immortal body awaits and you shall transcend death.}

Black mana swirled.

Black mana that replaced life.

Blood ran down Jamie’s lips.

But he didn’t stop.

{Sinners, come to me!}

Darkness crept into Ricky’s body.

And then a dazzling brilliance shone from Ricky.

‘This power again!’

Light and darkness intertwined.

Jamie was feeling dizzy.

‘What the hell is happening!’

Light and darkness cannot coexist.

In particular, Jamie’s darkness was different from the black mana that other dark magicians used.

It wasn’t polar opposite.

But it was the darkness that stood in opposition to holy power!

‘I don’t know what is going on.’

It was then that Jamie heard a voice in his head.

The beautiful voice of a woman.

[Who are you to take my things?]

Jamie's eyes turned cold.

It was a voice he didn't know.

But he could guess who it was.


[You know me?]

The voice of a goddess.

Lars was lying on the floor breathing heavily.

The duration of the Holy Executioner had expired.

Thanks to that, the Shadow Knights could show their gratitude.

“Are you fine?”

The shadow knights who defeated the chimeras looked at him with worried glances.

Lars replied with a faint smile.

It was a pain that wasn’t much different from the pain of death, but this was a pain familiar to Lars.

Because that was the fate of the one who used it.

And now he didn’t have the strength to lift a single finger.
And if someone would hit him, he would faint.

“I’m out of strength, so I’ll keep it short.”

“Order us.”

“Ricky… find him.”

With that, Lars closed his eyes.

He had to get to sleep.

… that was the moment when he made the decision.

“Tis… euk!”

Lars jumped up.

At the same time, terrible pangs occurred in his body.
A pain that was hindering him from breathing.

But that wasn’t important.

A strong holy power reaction appeared quite a distance from where he was.
And this kind of reaction was something that Lars, a high priest in Pyro couldn’t have not known.

“G-Goddess Pyro?”

A part of the goddess has descended here.

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