29: Executioner (3)

“The basement matters must have been settled by now.”

Jamie said to the doctor who was on the tree.

The doctor was annoyed by Jamie’s change in attitude.

He snorted and rounded his tentacles, swirling them.

I thought something would happen, so I sent two more elite ones.”


“You don’t have to know!”


The swirling tentacles smashed the tree where Jamie was standing.

Jamie flapped Black’s wings and soared into the sky.

“It looks like one has been dealt with, but since two of them are there, they will never survive.”

Although not strong as the Chimera Paladin, there were five Chimeras that he’d made with great care.

All of them were specialized in combat.
One dying was a pity, but as long as two more were alive, the people inside would be powerless.

“You seem overconfident.”

“It’s not about confidence.
This is me telling the reality.
Rather than that.
Don’t keep jumping around and bring your neck here.
I’ll cut it for you!!”

The doctor flew like a bird.

Jamie moved higher to avoid the doctor who was following him.

‘7 beings.’

The number of species implanted in the doctor’s body.

It was a body that could no longer be called human.

How crazy was that?

And all the seven abilities seemed compatible.
The doctor was quite good with magic, so winning seemed a bit difficult.

‘It wouldn’t be bad to turn it into mine.’

Undead Chimera.

Jamie smiled.

Lars took a deep breath.

In the place where the Sword of Judgement swept, only a black monster split in half remained.

‘I used the power of the Holy Executioner.’

He sighed.

Holy Executioner was a title given only to 7 paladins of the Pyro church.

However, it wasn’t just a title.
When he became a Holy Executioner, he was given special powers by the goddess.

It was a common power, but it could only be used when subjugating an enemy truly assumed to be ‘evil’.

It was a force powerful enough to use in the current situation, but he regretted as the situation wasn’t yet at an end.

‘The time limit of using it is just 30 minutes.’

He had to finish everything in 30 minutes.

After that, his body would face a huge aftermath, unable to properly even grip the sword.

That was why he hesitated to use the power of the Holy Executioner.

“H-how did this happen?”

“Are you alive?”

At that moment, the shadow knight who had been attacked by the monster shouted.


The knights behind Lars were flustered at the absurd situation.

One of the knights was below the rubble of the fallen wall, the other was almost dead.

However, both of them seemed to be alive and well.
And their wounds completely healed.

“The light of judgement has different effects depending on the standard of good and evil which I have set.”

Endless violence against evil.

Infinite mercy for good.

It was extreme, but that was the power of the Goddess Pyro, mercy and punishment.

And it could be used by humans.

‘When Holy Executioner is used, some of their sufferings will come to me.’

A familiar feeling.

This was the fate of those who sort out sin.

“Let’s go down.”


The Shadow Knights didn’t ask further questions.

They were all moving according to Lars’ orders.

As they went down, they found a fairly large laboratory.

“There is a door over there.”

“I can feel the wind move from below.
Probably this door will lead us down to the basement.”

At the knight’s words, Lars nodded.

Hopefully, they can finish everything within the time limit.



Lars pushed a knight away.

A sword of green light cut through.

“Another Chimera?”

There was no end.

Lars gritted his teeth and looked ahead.

“What now?”

Both arms of the creature were shaped like a sword, and the body was grey-white and muscular.
His forehead was wide with a horn.

The lower body was that of a spider, and with the sting of a bee gleaming on the buttocks.

However, there was something that made it more terrifying than-

“Swordsmanship is the same.”

The shadow knights sighed.

Like they said, a sharp green light was flowing from both hands, which looked like swords.

That power they knew better than anyone.

It was a kind of mana that only those who reached the Expert level could handle, Aura.

But that wasn’t the problem.

Thud! Thud!

Another monster appeared next to the grey-white monster.

A monster with the lower body of a giant horse and the upper body of a shaggy grey Ogre.

What was an Ogre? A predator in the forest, preying on trolls with its regenerative power.

It was such a powerful monster that even expert class knights would have to enter the fight with a different mindset.

“The lower body is probably a Demon Horse.”

The lower body that could withstand the upper Ogre body wasn’t a simple horse.

It was a giant horse over 3 meters tall.
The leg strength of Demon Horse that's known to be a monster that could even crush rocks.

The Demon Horse weighed half a ton, so it could hold the weight of Ogre.

“Damn it!”

Lars said bitterly.

The black monster he just dealt with was hard enough.

Now two more of the same toughness were in front of him.

“Everyone, be ready for battle.”

It was a narrow place.

The two giant chimera and the four knights started their battle.

Ricky looked around.

His head was dizzy, and his vision was blurry, so he couldn’t see well.

He sat up.
He could feel that his hands and feet were out of strength and feeling a little numb.

His eyes were heavy, and it felt like if he lied down, he’d fall asleep right away and wouldn’t be able to wake up early.

But he didn't.
He didn’t want to sleep.

He had to calm down.


He clenched his teeth and slapped himself.

Tears broke out.
He hit himself so hard that he almost screamed.


His dazed mind seemed to turn a little alert.

And the blurry vision was a little better, so he looked around.

“Where is this place?”

A space made of iron.

Everything from the hard bed he was lying on to the tables, chairs and tools used for unknown purposes.

There were long glass bottles lined up on the wall, and the contents inside were so disgusting that he didn’t want to see them.

Ricky was confused.
He couldn’t understand why he was in such a place.

He didn’t remember what happened the day before.

He fell asleep while reading a book to Anna.
What has he been up to since then?


And found a dead bug stuck to his chest.

His face frowned, and looked disgusted at the bug, but he was a strong kid, so he took it off with his hands.

“Ah, stings!”

However, he could feel a tingling sensation as if the bug's legs were pierced into his skin.

He pulled it out and threw away the buy, and looked around the room while getting up.
He fiddled with the tools he had never seen before and approached the place where the glass bottles were gathered.

The carcasses of various insects were kept in the bottles without decaying.

Not just that, eyeballs and organs presumed to be humans were there.


Where the hell did such horrible things come from?

He walked slowly and looked at each of them.

And then stopped in front of a large glass container.
It was three times larger than the other ones.

What it contained was indescribably cruel.

Ricky bit his lip.
He couldn’t tell if what he saw was the real thing or not.


Stuffed in a glass bottle.

Shino, a boy Ricky knew very well.

He was floating the glass container with his body in the fetal position.

Ricky's hands and feet trembled.

He put his hand on the glass.

It was so cold.
Why was Shino put in such a cold place?

‘He was chosen by God Zenith and went to the main church.’

Wasn’t there where he would be given the classes to become a good priest?


His head was pounding.

Ricky staggered in his small body and knelt down.

What was he up to yesterday?

The disappeared memories were coming back.

Yesterday, the Bishop called everyone.
He said that another oracle was heard.
And he called someone.


People were walking.

As far as he can remember, that was all.
He stood still as everything moved.

And then he suddenly moved up the podium next to the Bishop.

‘The chosen one.’


The headache got worse.

It felt like his head was going to explode.
Ricky began to writhe in pain as he fell to the floor.

Memories from yesterday’s morning.
And the time in the evening.

‘P-priest? Is this the main church?’

It was a dark forest.

The priest in charge of guiding him didn’t answer.
And just took him.
The place they arrived was a shabby abandoned place.
And it seemed like if they entered, a ghost would definitely pop out.

A place full of dust.

A book was pulled out from the shelf, and a basement door opened.

What he saw there was a doctor with an eerie air.

there was another person.’

He thought he was mistaken, but he saw another person, and it was definitely bishop Lincoln.

The one who made him go there, was actually in the lab.
He didn’t know how the Bishop suddenly appeared, but he soon lost consciousness with a tingle on his neck.

“huh, huh huh!”

For a brief moment, his entire body was drenched in sweat.


Was taken.

He looked around the room again.
The place wasn’t the main church.
This was hell.
Such hell that relentlessly trampled on the hopes.

“I-I need to run away.”

He tried to leave the lab in a hurry, but then Shino caught his eyes.

His body didn’t have the strength to bring him out.

I will come and pick you up soon.”

A friend who died miserably.

Why did he even feel jealous of him?


His anger at Lincoln soared.

The faith in God shattered.
Endless hatred began to boil in the boy’s body.

He wouldn’t forget it.

But for now, he had to get out of the place.

Ricky opened the door with difficulty and went out.
Then, he heard a loud noise from upstairs.

Bang! Slash!

It sounded like a bang and like something was being scraped off.

Someone was fighting.

‘Are they here to save me?’

It could simply be a fight between the people in the abandoned house, but the boy wanted to hope.

With a nervous face, Ricky walked to find the stairs which were leading up.

Thud! Thud!

The stairs shook violently.

One step each time, one careful step, and he climbed up.
Each time an impact occurred, he stopped to make sure that the stairs weren’t collapsing.

So when he got to the top, he opened the door very carefully.


The first thing he saw was bright red sparks.

Frenzied sparks telling how fierce the fight was.

A dazzling light with an eerie green light.
Two lights crossing one another.

The green light scattered everywhere.
But the gigantic hooves that appeared from above, turned the dazzling light to dust.



Ricky almost fell back.

It was the time when he was debating whether to go up or not.

“A slash is coming from the right!”

A familiar voice reached Ricky’s ears.

The moment he heard it, he opened the door.


The knight cloaked in light turned his head to the boy.

With a bright smile, Lars said.

“It’s ‘Brother’ for you.”

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