the old man was faster.

“Still, you are a child.”

Fire magic circles were created in the air without any chanting.

Magic circle was a technique that required a lot of concentration.
It needed combination, arrangement, balance of Mana, and attribute usage.

The beginner ones were easy, but the higher it gets, the more complicated it becomes, alongside a greater chance of failure.

However, each of the magic circles the old man unfolded were of different attributes.

And they were simultaneously unfolded without my preparation.

“Well, is it my turn now?”

The old man smiled playfully and stretched out his hand.

Without even carrying a tool which was a medium for Mana.

‘As annoying as this is, it is fine.’

He knew that the opponent was more skilled.

But this ability of the old man was beyond what he imagined.

However, Jamie didn’t avoid it.

He just looked at the old man’s face in a calm manner.

‘Ha, this little one is really something.’


No, he was a treasure.

The old man found something great in the boy.


“This is the price you pay for attacking me.”

Despite all that, the punishment had to be imposed.

Five magic circles began to radiate light.

Mana swirled around as the hallway shook.


Rough wind was moving around.

It was at that moment when the gust of wind blew.


A single sword blew the magic, which came from five magic circles.

Jamie saw the broad back which covered him.

And the brown coat which flapped in the wind.

Just looking at it put unimaginable pressure on his body.

What power!

“You’ve gone too far.”

The slightly bent back was straightened.

Jamie thought that the man was amazing.

The old magician who saw him, called the man.

“Count Welton.”

The man who managed to come and stand in front of Jamie in an instant.

He is the Lord of the estate, the only Sword Master of the kingdom.

It was Count Welton.

He turned to look at his cute son.

“Are you okay?”

“… yes.
I am fine.”

The Count smiled and nodded at his son’s words.

Then, with a stiff expression, he looked at the old man.

“We need to talk.
Marquess Linmel.”

At that, the old man, called Marquess Linmel, looked at Jamie and burst into laughter.

“Hahahaha! We need to?”


“Count, I really envy you!”

Count Welton frowned at Marquess Linmel’s words.

“He is my son.
And the heir to the Welton!”

“I know.”

Count Welton’s eyes grew cold at the old man’s response.

“Did you say you knew?”

“Calm down your temper.
He is fine.”

“He is my son.”

The Count’s hand turned towards the sword.

There was a saying in this world.

Never lose sight of a Sword Master.

A Sword Master wasn’t a simple being who just reached the apex of sword.

A Sword Master was a superhuman who realized the meaning of ‘sword’ and acquired ‘power’.

The nature of that power determined the level of those who hold the sword, and Count Welton was at the highest level.

“I knew.
I haven’t gotten that old to not realise that.
Did you think that I would do something and then pretend like I knew nothing?”

“You have crossed the line.”

“It was just a test.”


Marquess Linmel smiled.

“Did you know?”


“That your son is a genius.”

“Which is why I requested the Marquess to come here.”

The Count knew that Jamie had a talent for magic.

He brought in teachers several times, but no teacher could handle him.

Which was why he asked Marquess Linmel’s help.

Because he was a Great Magician.

“You must really not know.”


“I’ll pretend that I didn’t hear the request.”

At the Marquess’ refusal, the Count narrowed his eyes.

Has Jamie not caught his eye?

No, it couldn’t be.

Although the Count knew nothing about magic, his son was gifted, which was the absolute truth.

He thought that if Jamie got a good teacher, he would definitely be able to reach the level of a Great Magician.

Noticing the Count’s confusion, the Marquess clicked his tongue.

“Looking at your expression, it seems like you have misunderstood.”

“Explain so that I can understand.”

“Your son, I can’t handle him.”

“… If an 8th class magician can’t handle, then who can?”

“You haven’t seen it.
That child’s eyes.”

The Marquess remembered the time when he unfolded the magic circles.

Jamie knew that the magic was coming for him.

But he didn’t avoid it.

He didn’t even blink his eyes.

He maintained a calm face as if he knew that the magic would never reach him.

It couldn’t be explained as a simple ‘high skilled kid’.

“He read my magic.”


“And was convinced that the magic would never reach him.”

The Count couldn’t believe what he just heard.

No matter how clever he was, Jamie was still 7 years old.

With the books he was reading within the library, he shouldn’t be able to reach the magic of an 8th class Great Magician.

Even if he was someone who could understand it, being in that situation would scare anyone.

“And it isn’t just that.”

The Marquess also informed about the magic that Jamie used.

Instead of the five basic elements, he developed a magic that fused high-level attributes.

It was a magic that could only be done by at least crossing 3rd class.

“To be self-taught through 3 classes.
No, if we consider his limitations, he is a 4th class or maybe even higher.
A genius.”

The Marquess thought for a second and then said.

“He is a monster.
A monster was born.
A child who doesn’t need a teacher.
Just support him physically and mentally.
And he will come up on his own.”

“My son…”

“Maybe we will witness the birth of the 9th class magician, which only existed in legend.”

9th class.

The class which was deemed to be a legendary one.

It was known to be a class that existed but was never achieved in known history.

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“I apologize for attacking your son.”

With that, the Marquess got up from his seat.

“The magic world.
No, a great storm will hit the entire world.

And with a blinding light, he disappeared.

The Count, who was left alone, had a burdened expression.

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