p>A pitch-black bat jumped out.

[Magi Fusion]


Magi swallowed Black, and its red eyes turned into pitch-black flames.
Light and darkness collided as they divided the space.

Sarah was caught in the aftermath of the two forces colliding.


Both were powers beyond her understanding.

This was her brother’s power.

Sarah didn’t close her eyes in that situation.

She had no intention of missing her brother’s fight, even for a second.

“Take him down!”

Sarah shouted, hoping her brother would hear her.

Jamie was standing in a pure white space.

There was a sword in front of him.

It was a white sword that was similar to Balisada but also different.

Diablo was in a pitch-black space, and there lay a sword in front of him.

It was similar to Balisada.
However, it was a black sword that had a different appearance.
The two of them gripped their swords at the same time.

Jamie raised the corners of his mouth at the warm power that soared through his body.
And Diablo smiled at the destructive power that was in his body.

They clenched their swords and looked at the body of the sword.
The white sword was engraved with ancient letters in gold.

Carry out justice with light.

The ancient letters were engraved in black and purple.

Set the justice of the dark.


And Diablo.

Both of them gazed forward.

And no matter who moved first, they swung their swords at the same time.



They both became entangled in the center and merged into one.
It was as if a black hole had sucked everything in.

It created a whirlpool by forming a small dot.

White sword.

Black sword.

With a little dot in between.

“Go away!”




Jamie and Diablo clashed their swords, facing each other.
Light and darkness pushed against each other like tugs of war.

The strengths of the two were almost equal, with no one being superior.
And it was Jamie who broke the unbreakable balance first.

He twisted his sword to the side and tried to strike the black sword sideways.

Diablo didn’t intend to let that happen, and the moment the sword was pushed aside, the darkness pushed through the vulnerable part of the light.


Jamie, who suppressed the piercing darkness at once, completely slashed the black sword and swung his sword.

Again, darkness blocked it.

Diablo wrapped his black sword in darkness, approached Jamie, and attacked him at close range.

If this fight had happened outside, then the aftermath would have shaken the land and the heavens.
Jamie teleported away and continued to attack with slashes of light.

Diablo simply moved into the darkness to avoid them.

“Just five minutes.
During that time, you can never knock me down.”

Diablo said to Jamie, who was trying to create distance.

Jamie raised the white sword and said,

“This power is more than enough.”

“I have the same power.”

Diablo raised his black sword.

Their power was the same because it was created from the same source, and only the attribute was different.

“Rather, you are at a disadvantage because you cannot use magi.”

What Jamie could do, Diablo could do as well.
But what Diablo could do, Jamie couldn’t.

That alone made a huge difference.

“Sarah Welton’s Blessing is certainly amazing for you.
However, it cannot make up for the fundamental differences.”

Diablo ended his words by shaking the blade in the air.

“As expected, mine is more efficient.
Please go away, Jamie Welton.”

“Efficiency and inefficiency.
It is kind of funny to say that with my face.”

“What do you mean?”

“It is funny that you say things like that because I am the one who made you.”

Jamie slung his sword over his shoulder as he said,

“I have already done the same in the past and failed.
The enemy is now more powerful than in the past.
But it is funny that you discuss efficiency and inefficiency after failing once.”


“I have fought against the 12 Gods after abandoning all my emotions and getting defeated, yet I couldn’t kill a single one.
But how was I, who had accepted everything?”

Diablo lowered his black sword and slowly began to gain energy.

“Because at that time, I couldn’t abandon everything.
Anger and hatred were left behind.”

“That makes no sense.
Rather, if you put that down, you will lose your sense of purpose, and it will become meaningless.”

“You are wrong.
After throwing away my anger and hatred, I became stronger.
And if I exclude you entirely, I can become stronger than Ra and defeat him.”

“And what about after that?”

Diablo didn’t answer.

He didn’t understand the intent behind his question, and Jamie asked,

“Let us say you defeated Ra, excluded me, and let go of all the emotions.
And what about after that?”

“After that.”

“You never thought about it? It is as expected.
There is no way you can move forward after abandoning your emotions for just one purpose.”

“I am…”

“Which is why it is funny.
Humans are humans because they think about what happens after.
Defeating Ra doesn’t mean everything is over.”

Jamie pushed the white sword forward again.

“Well, there is no doubt that Ra is the biggest hurdle.”

A pure white aura ran up the blade.

“I have no intention of stopping there.
I am dreaming of a future where the people in my world can live a happy life in peace.”

The light gradually began to push the darkness out.

“I can’t give myself to you who doesn’t know that.
So I will take myself back again.
Just disappear.”

And the white sword fell.

White feathers fluttered, and Diablo saw the blades of light falling over his head.

“After defeating Ra…”

He had never thought about it.

No, he couldn’t think of it.

After removing all his emotions, he couldn’t recall anything other than the goal he had initially set.

He stretched out his hand to the light, and the light engulfed him.

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