n was cleared at once.
Diablo spoke with his eyes glowing purple,

“You foolish one.
Your purpose is to burn the Sun God.
But you have now become unfit to achieve that.
If you don’t want to mess up everything, just accept your death.”

I realized I was wrong.
Your existence is my mistake and the cause of my failure.
Nothing else is needed to defeat Ra.
Just my will.”

“You have become more stupid.
It is fine.
I will do what I need to do.
Removing your emotions.”

Magi began to flow from Diablo’s body.

It was the power of Satan.

Jamie’s expression changed at that point.

“This is bad.”

It was safe to say that the existence of both Jamie and Diablo had the same power.
It was because they both borrowed power from Jamie Welton’s body.

The problem was the magi.

Unfortunately, the Jamie here was made up of consciousness before he was eroded by magi.
That meant that he couldn’t use magi that existed in his main body.

Diablo was the owner of his main body now, which was why he could use magi.

And that made a clear difference between the two of them.

“It is fine.”

Sarah, who was behind him, spoke.

“I can fill in what Brother lacks.”


Jamie turned around with a face that asked, ‘What are you saying?’

And his eyes went wide.

His little sister from before was now gone, and there stood a woman in a pure white dress with beautiful, flowing green hair.

The soft, flowing green light was something Jamie had felt before.


“It is too long to talk about it now.
Let us discuss it after defeating him.”

“Is my little sister strong?”

“I will show you what I have become in these three years.”

Sarah smiled, merging the life force with her aura, and wrapped it around her sword.
It was hard to do it alone, but with her brother to fill in her lacking parts, it was enough.

Jamie also nodded, like that would be better.

‘When did she grow up this much?’

It seemed that not being able to see her growth would be his biggest regret in life.
Jamie smiled as he stretched out his hand in the air.

He grabbed Balisada.

And Diablo also did the same.

“Brother will be the main, and I will be the support.
Got it?”

“Now you are giving orders to your brother.
The only time Sarah had ordered me was when we were playing house.”

“You are talking about such a long past.”

“Let us play house again when we get back.”

“I am past that age!”

“Here I go!”


Jamie and Sarah used their strength and threw themselves at Diablo.
Seeing them, Diablo swung his sword.


The pitch-black slash split the space into two.

He had never imagined this before.

The image of the two of them fighting together.
It was because he wanted his one and only cute little sister to live in peace, not knowing about the world.

A battlefield full of blood and death wasn’t what he wanted Sarah to know.

He didn’t want her to set foot in such a place, and he thought she would live like that.

‘Maybe I was too careless.’

Jamie pushed back his sword, which faced Diablo, and backed up.

And Sarah appeared in her white, fluttering dress, aiming for Diablo, who was unbalanced, and thrusting her sword.

When Diablo tried to use Future Walker, Sarah used it too.

“You cannot use that ability!”

When similar abilities were used, it would become impossible to check the number of cases against each other.
Diablo, with an annoyed look on his face, opened up a shield and blocked Sarah’s sword.

“As expected, I need to bring you down first.”

Diablo extended his hand toward Sarah.

No matter how much Sarah held the opposite nature of his power, it would be impossible for her to block the black mana with magi.

I don’t know how you can use Future Walker, but let us talk about it once this is over.”

At that moment, Jamie dug forward and swung the Balisada at Diablo, and he had no choice but to teleport.

Jamie pulled the space as if he had no intention of letting him escape.



The teleportation failed, and Diablo, who appeared from half a distance away, frowned.

Jamie formed darkness into the shape of a blade, and Diablo created the same darkness to counter it.


Darkness exploded.

Diablo took off his cloak and threw it forward.
As soon as the remnants of darkness touched the cloak, holes began to pierce it.

Since the opponent also used the same ability, it would be fatal if the aftermath of the explosion got too close to him.


Diablo looked down, as if something felt strange.

Tree roots were slowly moving up his legs.
It was strange because there were no trees around, and it was impossible for them to even climb up his legs.

And green light shone through them.

“Mother Goddess, who created numerous lives, can also reap them down.”


The roots began to get thicker.
Conversely, Diablo felt his power draining.

[Transcendence Magic]

“You cannot beat us all alone.”

[Bridle of Gluttony]

“Even though we haven’t seen each other for a long time, we are siblings.”

Diablo’s eyes went wide as the power of darkness attacked him.
In front of his eyes, he saw two long yellow eyes.


The power of gluttony consumed Diablo.
Even Diablo couldn’t handle it when his movements were restricted.

What is the strength of a family?

If it had been Jamie Welton alone, Diablo wouldn’t have been pushed back this much, not to mention Sarah Welton.

The power of Gaia was troublesome, but her strength wasn’t much of a bother.
However, when the two of them combined, they could clearly push him back.

‘By removing all my emotions, I need to become invincible.’

To bring Ra down, he had to become stronger.

“I have saved this because you aren’t strong.
But I won’t anymore.”

Diablo’s purple eyes shone brightly.

“I will show you the power of the Demon King.”

Horns began to grow on either side of his head.

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