It stretched its arms towards her face, dripping in mud.
Sarah tried to get up, but her body wouldn’t budge.

“Mom! Help me! Help me, please!”

Her mother, who was in the distance, was just waving her hand.

What was this place?

Why was she suffering like this?

For what reason were these monsters after her?





At that moment, a ray of light fell and brought down the monsters at once.
A faint mint color peeped out from a man’s hair, who appeared with the white light shining.

The light was too bright to see his face, but he touched Sarah’s face with his warm hand and said,

“Go ahead.”

It was a very familiar voice that calmed her mind.
Before long, the man vanished like a lie.

Sarah stretched out her hand to catch the light, but everything escaped through her fingers, and that made her come to her senses.

This black world.

The space that was pushing her body down.

She was here.

‘I must have lost consciousness.’

Her mother, who was standing and waving her hand, and the monsters that were trying to drag her away were all just dreams.

‘Then that person too.’

The man who got rid of the monsters and made her wake up.

Sarah laughed hard and used her arms, legs, and back to get up.
The force of gravity crushed her body, but things felt better than before.

It was because of the power she was given—not the physical one, but the willpower.


Even in her dreams, her family was helping her.

Sarah smiled.

Even now, she still can’t do a single thing on her own.
Fully conscious, she looked straight ahead.

She couldn’t see anything ahead, but she could feel it on her skin—the darkness that was troubling her.

And her brother, who was there.

Sarah took a deep breath and walked forward again.
The closer she got to the center of the darkness, the stronger her willpower became, and Sarah’s body was more horribly damaged.

But she didn’t stop moving.
Even when she thought she would fall, she remembered the touch of her father.

‘Even if I die…!’

When her body dies, it dies, but her mind will never be destroyed again.
She would definitely take her brother out.

She walked and walked into this never-ending path, and she finally got there.

You are there.”

Even if she could not see him, she knew he was right in front of her.

Sarah’s body didn’t recover as quickly as before.
Rather, the power of life seemed exhausted.
It was because her body had reached its limits.
It was hidden in the darkness, and Sarah’s body was in an odd state.

Even so, Sarah opened her mouth as if she were feeling fine.

“I came all the way here.

She moved her trembling arms and stretched them in front of her.

“I will head in.”

The power that Gaia prepared for her conversation with Diablo was flowing through her fingertips.

Sarah felt her consciousness fade.

It was a different form of struggle than the pain.



A boy with emerald hair was hiding his head behind his knees and sitting down.

Sarah’s consciousness succeeded in entering the depths of Diablo’s consciousness.

Sarah knew who the little boy was.

If she didn’t know him, that would be even worse.

“Brother, Jamie.”

Not Diablo.

Her one and only true brother, whom Sarah had known for so long.

Jamie Welton.

His age seemed to be around seven or eight.

But why was he here alone?

The deep world that Sarah received from Gaia was a place where everything existed under a person’s consciousness.

But here, it was just dark.
In the middle of nothing, only Jamie was there alone.

Sarah approached Jamie first.


She reached out and gave Jamie a slight tug on the shoulder.



A small mumble could be heard.

She put her head down and listened to what he was saying.

He died because of me.
He died because of me.
He died because of me.
He died because of me.
He died because of me.
He died because of me.
He died because of me.”

Sarah was so startled that she stepped back.
Jamie raised his head and looked up.


And Sarah almost collapsed in shock.
Jamie’s empty eyes—they were so empty that they looked black.

His pale skin looked like that of a dead man, and the child was so skinny, with his bones protruding.

He was so different from the brother she knew as a child.

Sarah bit her lip at this, and Jamie said,

He died because of me.
He died because of me.
He died because of me.
He died because of me.
He died because of me.
He died because of me.
He died because of me.
He died because of me.
He died because of me.”

Burying his head back, he continued to mumble again.

Who was he apologizing to?

Sarah looked at her brother, who seemed so lost, and knew who it was.

“You think Dad died because of you? Is that why you are suffering so much? Uh…?”

As if he couldn’t hear her, Jamie continued to repeat the same thing over and over again.
And Sarah felt like her heart was about to burst.

Her brother, who had abandoned all his emotions and turned into the Demon King, wasn’t actually like that.

There was no joy, no anger, no hatred, and no sadness left inside him.
But there was just one emotion left, deep down.

“You were feeling guilty? Was it so painful that you had to give up on yourself?”

“I am sorry.
He died because of me.
He died because of me.
He died…..”

It was guilt.

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