her mind.

Darkness moved under the shadows.
It surged high in an instant, spread wide like a wave, and fell from above toward Sarah.

The pain was fleeting.

Sarah looked at the waves of darkness that fell above her head.
It had the power to numb the opponent rather than kill them.

She infused Gaia’s power into her sword.
As the power of life overflowed through it, her aura moved, and green leaves fluttered in the air.

“This power blooms in the face of death.”

She swung it in a straight line, and a vertical slash cut the waves of darkness in half.

Without stopping there, Sarah slammed it hard.

A green afterimage followed her like a tail.
Diablo wrinkled his nose and waved his hand.

The darkness turned into a huge stream and split into several branches, attacking Sarah from all sides.

Then he summoned Longinus, the spear of death, into the air and shot it.

“I am the enemy of death.”

Sarah mumbled as she swung her sword.

“The Apostle of Life, the Watcher of the Birth of All Things.”

The more she did that, the more the power of life surrounding her body began to grow.

“King of Death.”

Sarah did a sword dance.

As soon as the flying darkness touched her sword, everything scattered.

“Look at the preciousness of life.”

The scattering leaves swallowed the darkness.

“In death, life blooms.”

A while ago, a laurel crown appeared on Sarah’s head.
Her brown hair was now green, and she was dressed in white with the wind blowing.

And when the darkness dissipated, Sarah stopped her sword dance and told her brother,

“Brother’s powers won’t work on me.”

Diablo looked at Sarah without saying anything.
She looked like a lantern shining in the darkness.

She seemed to be wandering alone, full of hope and unaware of despair.
And it seemed that she didn’t know what it meant to carry the burden of the world on her shoulders.

It was like she didn’t know about death.

Diablo narrowed his eyes again.

“Life, huh.”

His body was covered in darkness.

“Are you confident in that power?”

In the darkness that covered his entire body, two purple eyes shone terrifyingly.


He liked this.

If she was Gaia’s Apostle, she would be watching over her fight from somewhere.

It would be better to grab this opportunity to let her know.

You are mistaken about so many things.”


“Life and death.
In the end, it exists as a cycle chosen by the strong.”

After all, living or dying was someone’s choice.
That was the logic of the strong.

[I am the ruler here.]

A voice that was buried in the darkness resounded.

[Do not discuss life and death with that power!]

Sarah raised her sword to confront the rapidly expanding darkness.
However, instead of being properly blocked in front of a different dimension of darkness, it began to get pushed back in an instant.
This also resulted in her being pushed back due to the opposing powers.

‘Kuak… Is this his true power?’

She knew her brother wasn’t doing his best against her, but she didn’t expect the gap to be this wide.
She couldn’t do anything.
It was as if it was just child’s play.

The power of life was being pushed back in the face of death.
If this continued, she would be devoured.

It was then….

“We will make a gap.”

“Go and make one good hit.”

When they appeared, Isis and Ricky stood side by side next to Sarah, pouring out their respective strengths into the incoming darkness.

The darkness subsided, and the speed at which it was approaching slowed down, but that was all.

Diablo’s power was already strong enough to go over these two people.
With their power, they could only keep the darkness from advancing further.

However, that was enough.

“Thank you, both of you.”

The gap between the two created a great chance for Sarah.
Sarah wrapped her entire body with the power of life and raised her hand above the darkness.


She felt the pain of her skin getting burned by the black sparks, but she didn’t let go.

In a situation where the darkness was growing, it couldn’t even be imagined, but it was possible to invade this darkness if there was a brief moment of shock.

“What are you planning to do?”

Isis asked her disciple in a worried tone.
Then her disciple answered,

“There is no way I can stand up to my brother head-on.
So I need to use another method.”

“Another method?”

It is….”

Sarah plunged her arm into the darkness, and she felt a pain that could have made her lose her thoughts, yet she clenched her hands and gritted her teeth.

“I am going to go inside my brother, who is in the darkness.”

She clearly saw it.

How he was struggling inside.
This brother wasn’t what she had hoped for.

So she would go inside and awaken his true feelings.

‘Though I don’t know if that is possible.’

If she failed, she would die.
If that was the final end of her fate, she would accept it.

But until then, even if she had to die, she wouldn’t give up.

“So please, just hold this until I succeed.”

She felt the pain as if her entire arm would be ripped off, but through the ordeal, Sarah’s mental strength was able to withstand anything.

This pain was just a signal to her brain.

Isis and Ricky looked at Sarah going inside, and they said,

“My disciple can do anything.
Go, Sarah.
When you come back, Master will be waiting for you.”

“Please take care of him.
Save your brother and my friend too.”

Sarah smiled at them.


Her body disappeared into the darkness, and Isis told Ricky,

“We need to stop the darkness from hurting Sarah so she can survive as long as possible inside that.”

“I will put my life on the line for it.”

So the two began to exert their full powers.

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