ah had no intention of quitting the fight.

“Teacher, please move.”

Sarah tugged at Isis, who was blocking her path.

“This is my fight.”

Aura formed on Sara’s sword, which shone in the dark.
It didn’t matter how different their skills were.

If she died here, she died, but she wasn’t going to retreat.

She put her sword forward and took a stance.


Isis bit her lip upon seeing her disciple like that.
Meanwhile, Diablo was ready to release the black mana in his hand.

Sarah, with her current skills, couldn’t stop it.

However, Sarah had too many reasons not to back down.

Isis scratched her head and said to Diablo,

“Respond with your sword, Diablo.
If not, I will leave the Black Tower.”

“Me too.
I no longer need to be under you.
If you want to take back the black mana from me, do it.
I’d rather be with a friend who doesn’t exist anymore than one who has lost his soul.” 1

Even Ricky supported Isis’s words.

When two of the best warriors of the Black Tower said that, Diablo couldn’t help but hesitate.

Isis continued,

“If you’ve thoroughly analyzed the whole situation, you should know how big the gap will be if the two of us leave, right?”

“Do you understand what those words mean?”

“To be called traitors.”

“I know that we cannot stay alive after that.
Still, a wrong is a wrong.
You decide whether to lose two people who have God-level powers or accept this offer.”

Losing two God-level powers would create a huge gap in the power that Jamie held.
In particular, Isis recently turned into something like a Demi-God, one of the highest ranks among the new Gods.

It could be assured that her power would not be greatly pushed back compared to Diablo being perfect.

Also, Ricky, was entrusted with everything by Pyro, the Goddess of Mercy and Punishment, so he was the next God.

Kill us as well, or pick up the sword.
It’s not like you aren’t confident, right?”

Diablo’s eyes glared at Isis at her subtle provocation.

“Do you think you have a chance with the sword?”

Diablo Volfir was a black magic user and a person who stood at the top of the history of magic.


That was why he didn’t care, but his sword skills had also reached a considerable level.

I accept your offer.”

Jamie collected black mana.

Then, as he stretched out his hand into the air, he gripped Balisada.

“I will teach you that everything is meaningless.”

Then a black aura formed on Balisada.

“Do you think there is a slight chance of her winning with the sword?”

“Well, Sarah did become a Master today.”


Ricky looked dumbfounded.

“She became a Sword Master today.”


“No… So it’s not hopeless at all?”

“I don’t know.
She became a Sword Master as she was fighting Sekis, and they say she had defeated him.”

“She defeated Sekis.”

Sekis was a warrior that even Ricky knew.
As a spear master, he was famous among those in the Master class.

And she defeated such an opponent as soon as she became a Sword Master.
With that information, Ricky got an idea of Sarah’s talent.

“Maybe more than her brother.”

“She is more talented than her brother with the sword.
After holding the sword in earnest, she reached the Master class in three years.”

“Three years… But.”

In the first place, there was no one else other than Diablo who had become a Sword Master at that age.
She became a Sword Master at the same age as her brother.

Not to mention, the period during which she held the sword was several years shorter than that of her brother.

As Isis said, Sarah had the upper hand in terms of talent.


‘Besides, it has been a while since Jamie held the sword.’

From some point on, Jamie didn’t focus on the sword and focused only on developing black magic.
After that, he worked on letting go of his remaining emotions and reached this point.

‘Even so, it will be difficult to win.’

No matter how talented Sarah was, there was a difference in practical experience.
They didn’t know how much experience Sarah had, but Diablo had fought countless enemies.

Above all, Diablo’s ability, ‘Future Walker,’ was a skill that allowed him to respond to any situation.
It wasn’t easy to predict whether Sarah would be able to overcome it or not.


At Isis’s voice, Ricky looked at both siblings.

The figures that were aiming their swords at each other didn’t appear to be siblings.

Was it an illusion that it appeared to end with one of them dying and that they were facing their rival?

And then someone moved first.

[Sea of Hundred]

It was Sarah.

Sarah felt her heart beat fast.

Even if she tried to calm it down, she couldn’t.
It must be because her brother was in front of her.

‘It is such a great pressure.’

She had fought against many enemies, but his presence was so huge that it couldn’t even be compared to other things.
Even the fear of whether she could face him flooded her mind, but she couldn’t break down under the doubt.

She said she would die here and not retreat.

“Here I go.”

Sarah mumbled softly and ran ahead.

[Sea of Hundred]

While unfolding the familiar footwork invented by her grandfather, she poured out her energy.

And Diablo mumbled as he looked at Sarah.



Darkness took over.

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