Chapter 425: Siblings (2)


“Are you really his sibling?”

Galakios asked Sarah with a suspicious look.

“This brat.
Why are you looking at someone else’s disciple in such a way? Do you really want to meet your end?”

Then Isis got angry and aimed her greatsword at Galakios.

While slashing the greatsword with his hand, Galakios said,

“This is the first time that the first rule has been broken.
I no longer care about it now.
My interest is gone.”

He turned his eyes away from Sarah, spread his wings, and flew away into the sky.
Seeing that, Isis clicked her tongue.

“What is he doing?”

“Because he is a wanderer in the Devildom.
Let’s just go.”

Beiros said while pointing his chin in the direction of the Black Tower.

Isis nodded and looked at Sarah.

“You became a Sword Master?”

“It kind of just happened.
While I was fighting with that person.”

When Sarah pointed at the man, he cleared his throat.

“Against him? It wouldn’t have been so easy.
Was being driven into a corner the trigger?”

It seemed that the man’s name was Sekis, and he was a well-known spearman in the Black Tower.

Actually, Sekis was an exclusive aide to Beiros, who led the 6th unit and was quite strong among the Masters who belonged to the Black Tower.

“But he lost.
To a child too.
He is such an idiot.”

Beiros glared at Sekis, who was looking pathetic.
Sekis cleared his throat again as if he had nothing to say and turned his head away.
Hearing that, Isis was surprised.

“You won?”


Sarah had an awkward smile as she scratched the back of her head.
Isis smiled dejectedly and stroked Sarah’s head.

“I expected it to be a significant improvement once you become a Master, but I didn’t expect it to be this great.
Really amazing.”

“I was lucky.”

“Sekis isn’t an opponent who can be defeated with luck alone.
It all happened when the things you had learned increased when you became a Master.”


“I think that is enough to qualify you to meet your brother.
You have suffered a lot.”

Isis looked at her disciple with a proud face, and she turned to Beiros.

“Diablo must have known that Sarah came too, right?”

“He must know.
We should head up.”

“Did he give permission?”

“Permission… We will know when we head up.
I don’t know much either.”

As he said, the current Diablo was in an ambiguous state, which made him impossible to predict.

Even Beiros, who was the closest to him, had no idea what Diablo wanted.
Seeing that his younger sister came to visit and that he didn’t show any reactions, he thought that something would happen.

‘For now, she is an uninvited guest.’

Beiros glanced at Sarah.

First of all, Rule One was broken.
But was it really broken?

“Anyway, let’s go.
We need to walk a little more from here.”


So they headed for the Black Tower.
Sarah clenched her fist as she watched the Black Tower get nearer.

The internal structure of the Black Tower was simple.

The ceiling was supported by thick pillars that ran all the way to the top of the tower in the middle, and it was divided into normal floors.

The elevator installed in the middle made it possible to move between floors, and there were fifteen of them installed, so it wasn’t difficult for many people to move.

Among them, Beiros took everyone on the elevator that only high-ranking individuals could use.

“Sir Beiros, Miss Isis, and….”

The manager of the elevator looked at Sarah.
He was the one who managed the Black Tower and had the data of everyone who visited the tower.

So he didn’t recognize the uninvited individual.

“First level importance.”


The eyes of the manager were red.

Beiros went in first.

“The one that the Demon King recognizes.”

“According to the first rule, anyone not invited will be shot.”

“Rule 0.
Anyone with the Demon King’s will can override the rules.
She is his guest.”

“No information has been entered.”

“It will be input soon.”

The guy looked at Sarah with a suspicious glance.
However, Rule 0 was an invincible rule for all.

If Rule 0 were revealed to be false, Beiros would be in trouble too, but that wouldn’t happen.

“I understand.

The red light disappeared from the manager’s eyes, and his expression became calm.
Sarah gulped at this.

The manager was staring into the sky as a machine would.
As the three climbed into the elevator, the door automatically closed, and they began to ascend upward and felt themselves being lifted up.

“My heart shrank a little.
The eyes of the manager….”

“It is creepy the first time.
They seem alive, but they aren’t.”

“What does that mean?”

“What else would it mean? He is an artificial undead created by the Demon King himself.”


Sarah’s eyes widened.
The manager, who looked like a living person, was an undead?

A non-living being?

But what was that? An artificial one?

And that part was explained by Isis.

“They are different from the usual undead.
They are artificially made, yes.
They just have fake bodies infused with thoughts so that they can be used more efficiently.”

Sarah couldn’t understand even after the explanation.
However, it was a huge improvement over the original necromancy that Jamie knew.

It was because it would mean that Jamie could raise any number of undead troops without losing much.
Actually, even without the power of the Black Tower, Jamie was a one-man army.


“All the managers of the Black Tower are artificial undead.
Living ones are rare.”

“I see.”

It was a bit unsettling, but the one who made them was her brother.

Through Gaia, she learned what her brother’s previous life was like and what his current one is like, so she thought it was alright.
However, it was hard for her to understand the concept of using corpses.

He seemed to be dealing with life.

Or maybe it was because she became Gaia’s Apostle? Her feelings were conflicted.


The elevator had arrived.

The door opened, and the first thing she saw was a large space.
It was a dark space with nothing there, but something felt eerie.

There was a door at the end of it.

It was just a plain door, but Sarah instinctively knew.

The energy of death that could be felt from inside.

The feeling that made all the hair on her body stand up and her forehead sweat.

Her body staggered as if her legs were becoming weak from the overwhelming power of death.


Isis grabbed Sarah by the arm and helped her not fall down.

Sarah’s face looked tired, and she struggled to speak.

“I-It is fine.”

At your level, it is difficult to withstand this.”

Beiros crossed his arms.

There weren’t as many people who made it this far as expected, but among them, those with relatively weak levels quickly lost their strength just from the door’s energy.

Diablo Volfir, the Demon King of Wrath.

The incarnation of destruction that made everything surrender from his presence alone.

Furthermore, Sarah was Gaia’s Apostle who governed life.


Isis and Beiros didn’t know that, and because they were opposing forces, Sarah was suffering more.


“Is it fine?”

I can withstand this.”

She had come this far, so she wasn’t going to back down.
Sarah gritted her teeth.

As Isis was proud of such a disciple, she couldn’t help but smile.
Beiros originally said that it was normal, but this was a higher concentration of death energy than usual.

He didn’t know if Diablo did it on purpose or if he just became stronger, but it wasn’t looking good.

However, Sarah was trying to overcome it.

Beiros approached the door, placed his hand on it, and pushed it.
Black smoke spewed through the cracked door.

The aura of death became thicker.

Sarah, who didn’t want to appear weak, energized herself and protected her body with energy.

A man clad in gold could be seen through the fully opened door, and he greeted Sarah with a bright smile.

“It’s been so long, Sarah.”

She couldn’t recognize him right away because of his different voice and appearance, but soon, Sarah said,


I don’t know how many years it has been.”

“Brother is here too!”

Sarah was delighted and ran to him.
However, her two legs that were running stopped.
It was because she saw it as soon as she entered the door.

There was a high throne, and a black-haired man was sitting there.

Ricky sighed and stepped back.

Isis and Beiros also passed Sarah and walked somewhere to stand.
They looked like subordinates lined up on the right and left of a king.

But Sarah couldn’t see that.


His appearance changed so much.


His emerald hair and eyes that he got from their father changed, and he now had black hair and purple eyes.
His white skin was now pale, and his face….

Her brother, who always had a bright expression in front of her, was now so expressionless that she didn’t know what he was thinking.

If it weren’t for this place, she wouldn’t have any thoughts of the past, and she wondered if she even knew the man.

And he said,

“Sarah Welton.”

A voice that sounded like he was calling for someone, and it made Sarah feel horrified.

Either way, Diablo continued talking.

“I don’t remember inviting you.
As much as you came here breaking the rules, if you cannot give a good reason, you will die here.”

That was what he said to his only sibling, whom he hadn’t seen for a long time, and this made her shocked and unable to respond.

Impatient, Isis yelled at Jamie,

“You! It is your younger sister! What the hell are you talking about?!”

Calm down.”

Beiros tried to calm her down, but Isis, now angry, was unwilling to stop.

“Have you forgotten about the past? You have forgotten why you lost them! What are you doing after all this time? Even threatening to kill your family! What nonsense are you even talking about!”

“Calm down, Isis!”

When it seemed like Isis would rush at Diablo, Beiros stopped her with his body.

“Calm down.
You should know very well that it is of no use.”


As he said, Diablo didn’t even react to Isis’s words.

Rather, he didn’t even care that it made her wonder if he even heard her words.

His gaze was still on Sarah.

“Sarah Welton, speak.
Because time is running out.”

“That bastard!”

When Isis pushed Beiros to run to Diablo, Sarah drew the golden stick and transformed it into a sword.


With cold eyes, she told her one and only brother,

“Come down.
Jamie Welton.
For a duel.”

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