Chapter 419 – To Brother (1)

Something was boiling up from inside of her, and she felt full for some reason.

It filled her chest and then spread throughout her entire body, heating it up.

It felt like her skin was peeling off.
The sensation of her bones and muscles relocating intertwined with the warmth penetrating into each cell in her body.

The world was dyed in rainbow colors.
Sarah stood in the sky.

The round planet, Bless, was in front of her eyes.
The large continent had a more complex shape than she thought.

Some were yellow, some were green, and some were grayish and desolate.

It was amazing.

The place she was living in was such a big world.
And that wasn’t the end.

Sarah felt her body suddenly pulled all the way back, and soon the planet began to shrink.

At the scene that her eyes were witnessing now, she just opened her mouth wide.

‘What is all of this…?’

A group of lights that were difficult to put into words were everywhere.
Like a large river, it crossed the black space, and light masses that looked like spirals could be seen in all directions.

Sarah knew what this was.

The Milky Way.

It was one of the most beautiful sights that could only be seen at night.
Even though she had seen the Milky Way, she didn’t know what it was, so for her, it was just pretty.

But it was different now.

Sarah was being sucked into this amazing Milky Way.

Numerous planets similar to that of Bless passed by, and things like the sun emitting great heat spread everywhere.
A comet, which was crossing the universe, was flying at great speed toward her.

Sarah flinched and covered her face with her arms to prevent being hit.

But the comet just passed right through her.


Only then did Sarah realize that she didn’t actually exist here.
For some reason, she was out of her body and wandered into outer space without even realizing it.

A star full of red cracks contracted to a very small size and soon caused a huge explosion.
Something pitch black unfolded and began to devour everything.

Sarah was also pulled into it.

She felt this sensation like her body was being pulled and her thoughts were being halted at the same time.

‘I am.’

Her mind was being crushed.

In the overwhelming darkness that sucked in even the light, Sara began to forget everything.
From her childhood memories to what she was doing until now, she couldn’t recall anything.

This was the world of oblivion.

Sarah, who had been sucked into somewhere like that, came to her senses in a certain space.
It was a pitch-black space with nothing in it.

Sarah opened her eyes and instinctively looked back.
Then a large candlestick was made, and the wick caught fire and began to shake.

Three shadows appeared around the candle.

And one of them was someone whom Sarah knew well.

‘Miss Gaia.’

Standing in the middle was Gaia, who hadn’t changed much from before, just in different clothing.
On either side of her, their faces were half hidden in shadow, making it difficult for her to recognize who they were.

Among them, the man on the right spoke,

“We need to start cleaning.”

The man on the left spoke next,

“After the initial explosion, the world is now unstable.
All kinds of chaos and order are getting ready to trigger a new explosion.”

“You have to tie both together.”

“It is your responsibility.”

The two men turned to Gaia.
And she was staring at the candle.

At first glance, it was a normal-looking candle, but in the light, there were numerous scenes happening.

“Two of you will be sacrificed.”

“It is something I do not wish.”

“Anytime for the right thing.”

Gaia nodded with a sad face.

“Then let’s do it.”

The space began to change.

Everything that destabilized the universe came together in one place.
It seemed as if the entire universe was being sucked into a single point.
The darkness of the beginning, the primordial darkness, the absolute law, the cycle of things, the light of ruin, the order, the destroyer that traveled the universe…

Everything that threatened the universe was here.
Gaia had gathered them together.

It was something she could never have done if she was alone, but through the two’s sacrifice, she succeeded in putting them together.

In the form of pitch-black pillars, all sorts of barriers were put up so that it would never be broken and no one could approach it.

And a star was made under it.

“May it be immortal.”

It was a small voice full of hope.
The world started to move rapidly again.

Sarah began to see many things.

Numerous Gods, lives, and World Trees were created by Gaia’s hands and rooted into the ground, and civilizations were established and disappeared repeatedly.

The history of the universe was pushing through her head.

The invasion of the 12 Gods, Diablo Volfir and the Resistance against them, and the image of him becoming a dark magician and challenging the Gods until the end.

Since then, there have been numerous World Resets, and many lives have been lost.

‘What can I even do?’

The more she looked at this, the more Sarah had that thought.

There was nothing she could do.
Even if she became Gaia’s Apostle in this huge world, would it be possible for her to change something?

She clenched her fists.

Sarah was standing on a desolate land before she knew it.
With a sandstorm around her, it was hard to open her eyes, and she realized that she was staring straight ahead.

There was a man there.

It was a calm, blonde man, and he slowly approached Sarah and said,

“I cannot see your face.”

His eyes curled into a smile, and he pointed his finger at Sarah.

“I will find you.”

The man’s eyes were covered with golden flames.

“You see.
The main seat is for the Sun God.”

She was suddenly short of breath.

Blood flowed from his face under the pressure of his body being weighed down, and the body of the man burned in an instant.

“Hiding is meaningless.
There is nowhere to run.”


Despite no one touching her neck, she felt suffocated as if someone was choking her.

Her eyes turned upwards, and then…


The man was engulfed in flames and vanished like a lie, and the devastated space was transformed into a world of light.


Sarah slumped to the floor, letting out a raspy breath.

She didn’t know what had just happened.
The man who suddenly appeared, the man who spoke of himself as the Sun God, was clearly aware of her.

When Sarah’s breathing returned to some extent, she looked at Gaia and asked,

“What was that?”


Gaia didn’t answer.

She, too, looked bewildered.

And after a moment she said,

[You have become more troublesome than I thought, Ra.]

She didn’t think he would move into the space made for Sarah alone.

It was like he was waiting for her most vulnerable moment, but what gave her goosebumps was that she had already expected this to happen someday.

It was also proof that Ra had become stronger than before.

Fortunately, it seemed that he hadn’t seen Sarah’s face.

‘It must mean there were limits to his five senses as he forcibly infiltrated my world.’

He probably didn’t see, hear, or smell her.
But the scary thing was that he appeared right in front of her.

There was no way that Ra would forget how he felt.
Sarah might not be in danger now, but if he moved with his tenacious personality, she would be caught one day.

[From now on, it will be a race against time.]

The key was how quickly Sarah could get Jamie back to normal.

She should be turned into a state where she could stand against Ra.

If not, Sarah would be captured by Ra, and if that happened, she would be killed.

‘It doesn’t matter if I die alone, but…’

She didn’t know Ra’s purpose, she only knew one thing.
He would be breaking down the pillars of heaven.

She didn’t know how, but it shouldn’t be too difficult to find a way to get rid of the most annoying one.

[We don’t have much time.
You should move right away.]

“So he must have been the real Sun God.”

He won’t be able to find you right away, but considering his personality, I don’t think it will take him too long.
Go ahead and watch.
If you check the past, even just the fragments, you will know what to do in the future.]

“Well, I guess it was something that actually happened.
Brother’s figure….”

Diablo Volfir, who faced the 12 Gods.
She had confirmed with her own two eyes the appearance of her older brother in his previous life.

Even though his desperation only passed by quickly, it stuck in her mind.

[I would love to tell you more things, but I will be putting them off until later.
It is time for you to head back.]


As Gaia said, now that Ra has noticed Sarah’s existence, it is a battle against time.

“Before that, tell me how to save the World Tree.”

[You already know it.]

“I do?”

You might not know right now, but you will realize it at some point, so do not worry too much.]

It was a cryptic statement, but Gaia told her that she already knew.
And these were the words of the woman who created the World Tree, so it had to be true.

When Gaia reached out, a large portal was created inside the cliff.

It was a door leading to the Shadow World.

[I believe in you.]

“I will do my best.”

She still didn’t know if she could save the world, but she was determined to do something about it.

Sarah grabbed her chest, which was pounding, and pushed herself through the portal.

Left alone, Gaia looked at the closing portal and murmured,

“This world must be preserved.”

Her eyes looked cold.

When she came out, Venus was waiting.

“It looks like it’s over?”

“Ah, yes.”

Sarah bowed her head slightly awkwardly.

As the Spirit King of Darkness, there was something odd about her strong atmosphere.
Venus also noticed Sarah’s emotions, but her personality wasn’t so good for her to be considerate of such things.

“You became Gaia’s Apostle?”

“It turned out like that.”


Venus circled around Sarah, looking interested.
Sarah just glanced at her.

Even though she was an Apostle, she was still Sarah, who was a small lamb in front of Venus.

“What did Gaia see in you to make you her Apostle? Just because you are the blood of Diablo?”

Actually, I am busy right now.”

Now that you have become an Apostle, you must be busy, right?”

“… I was busy before coming here.”

In the first place, she came all the way here to save the World Tree.
Sarah wasn’t in a situation where she had time to relax.

“Then you need to go.”

“C-Can I leave?”

Sarah wanted to get out.

Those silver eyes looked like they were piercing into her heart, so it was very uncomfortable.

Smiling, Venus reached for the darkness, and when she took her hand back, a necklace appeared on her finger.

“Have this.”

“What is this?”

“Well? If you have that with you, something interesting might happen.”

Having said that, she didn’t want it.

That was what Sarah wanted to say, but she held those words back.
Venus’s necklace fell into her hand.

It was a necklace that had a black jewel that looked like a pitch-black stone.

It was a slightly irregularly carved jewel, but even in the dark, there was this strange purple light inside it.

When Sarah continued to look at it, Venus shoved her.

“Now go.”


Sarah’s body got sucked into the darkness.

“Give my regards to your brother~”

As if falling into the abyss, Sarah disappeared into the endless pit, and her screams resounded.

Venus covered her lips as she chuckled at this.

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