Chapter 418 – Gaia (3)

Sarah’s fate had two sides.

The life that existed of her living a normal one but filled with pain and regret, and her current life of stepping onto thorns and moving forward despite suffering.

She lived the latter through the choice Gaia had offered, but now she could head back to her former life.

That was why her fate was always a series of crossroads.

And now they had merged into one.

[It is irreversible.]

She kicked aside the last chance that Gaia gave her.

As a result, it was impossible for Sarah to return to her normal life.
No matter how unhappy she was, at least it would have been a peaceful one.

While taking care of her mother by her side, she might have met a decent partner and enjoyed happiness for a little bit.

But not anymore.

[It is too late to regret it.]

“I have no regrets.”

However, Sarah responded,

Even if I have some regret, it is far better than doing nothing.”

[… I get it.
I accept it.]

In response to her words, Gaia didn’t say anything.

Fate couldn’t be changed, and it would only break the girl’s mind if she said anything.
So, Gaia smiled.


“It isn’t wonderful.
How can it be wonderful if I am someone who has done nothing for my family? I will be fixing all of them now, so tell me.
Why was I brought here?”

She had learned why she had to come this far and what kind of path she was destined to take.

It was now time to listen to the main story.

Gaia’s purpose wasn’t to save the World Tree.
Saving it was just one of her goals, and her real goal was something else.

[I intend to take you as my Apostle.]


At Gaia’s sudden words, Sarah was shocked.
She couldn’t understand what she had just heard.

So she asked again,

“What did you just….”

[I said I would make you my Apostle.]

An Apostle.

The incarnation of God, their agent, their closest one, etc….
There were so many names, but simply put, it was an existence qualified enough to spread the voice of God to their followers.

And Sarah knew one of the Apostles, Ricky.

He is now known in the world as the Apostle of the Pyro Church and the strongest paladin.
If she became the Apostle of Gaia, would she be on the same level as him?

[Your concept is different from the 12 Apostles.]

Reading her thoughts, Gaia spoke to correct her.

[The Apostles they created exist to rule their lands.
Being my Apostle is different.]


[Because once you become my Apostle, no one should find out about it.]


Sarah couldn’t understand it.

If she became an Apostle, it would be better to reveal it than hide it.
However, Sarah had no choice but to agree with her.

[You will be killed by the Sun God Ra.]

Killed by the Sun God?

This was a little shocking for her.

“Why? I keep asking questions, but I am not getting any answers yet.”

It is fine.
In the first place, there are only a few people in the world who know about this.
It’s for a simple reason.
The reason Ra made the current world this way is to kill me, and if you go and claim yourself to be my Apostle, he will capture you alive.
After being captured alive, I won’t be able to do much.
Do you get what I am saying?]

She would be tortured and killed.

Just thinking about that made Sarah’s body tremble.

“Why is Ra going after you?”

[I have no idea what he is thinking.
However, it seems that there’s something he can do only after he kills me.
I wish I could stop him alone, but I lack the ability to do that right now.
So I am hiding here in Venus’s space.]

It was regrettable that the creator of Bless and the being called Mother Goddess was in such a situation.
Even the Sun God must have originated from her, yet he was trying to kill her?

“Is there another way?”

If things work out the way I want them to, it would be nice.
But it isn’t so easy.]

Gaia said that with a depressed face.

[The reason I want to make you my Apostle is to solve that.]

“I can do something?”

[It will be impossible without you.
That is why I chose you.]


[Your brother.
Jamie Welton.]

Sarah’s eyes widened at the mention of her brother.

It cannot be….”

[What you are thinking is correct.
Your brother is the one.]

Sarah didn’t know much about her brother.
She had asked Venus before coming here, and she didn’t give her a proper answer either.

She had been curious for a long time.
Just what was her brother up to? Why did he become so oddly strong and become the Demon King?

She was frustrated that she didn’t know anything, so she asked,

“Just what is my brother?”

[Do you want the truth?]


She didn’t care about anything else, but she wanted to hear it this time.

[You better listen well, then.
Your brother’s story is quite shocking.]

“I will still listen.
Because he is my family.”

[Sometimes, it is better not to know anything about your family members.
But I don’t think you will listen to me if I try to convince you either.]

After exchanging a few words, Gaia realized Sarah was sure of it.

With a short sigh, Gaia told Sarah what he had been like since Jamie Welton—no, Diablo Volfir.

[Your brother is…]

The story was long.

It was only natural since she spoke about everything about that person, from his past life to his current life.

Gaia looked at Sarah.

How would his sister react after hearing all of this?

Unlike her older brother, this child got to live a normal life until three years ago, so she was curious about what she would think of her brother’s shocking life.

Disappointed, angry, or sad?

Maybe she felt all of them.
Sarah bowed her head.

Her shoulders were trembling a little.

[I’ve told you everything you were curious about your brother.]

Gaia said, but Sarah didn’t respond.
She understood the child.

Whatever Jamie did, there was blood.

And then she raised her head.
She must have cried a little since her eyes were red.

[Do you regret hearing it?]

To which she shook her head.

“I do not have any regrets.”

She wiped away her tears with the sleeve of her clothes.
And she said, with a sad face,

“I feel sorry for him.”

The life of the man called Diablo Volfir was terrible.
His life was nothing but misfortune, to the point that she would rather walk through hell.

He was betrayed by the disciples he trusted and sacrificed countless lives to become stronger, but was eventually defeated and trapped into nothing.

After eons of time passed, he was reincarnated as Jamie Welton, but he was unable to protect his family.
His father’s death became the trigger for his anger, which forcibly awakened him as the Demon King.

And now.

According to Gaia, he was trying to confront the Sun God by abandoning all of his emotions like in the past.
On the contrary, he had become a more emotionless being than in his previous life.

How could she not feel sad?

Her one and only brother is now about to give up being human.
Maybe he had already given up.

Even so, as a family member, she couldn’t help him, and that was what made Sarah feel horrible.

“What do I do? Is there anything I can do for him?”

[Of course.
But it will be difficult.
The current Diablo Volfir… has reached that stage,]

Abandoning all of his emotions.

Sarah understood what that meant.

‘Even my family must be in good condition.’

He was the one who cared for their family more than anyone else.
And such a brother was now pushing his family out of his life.

It deeply saddened her, but Sarah remembered what her brother had said during the trial.

Everything he was doing was for the sake of their family—neglecting them and letting go of his emotions too.

Of course, her brother in the trial and her brother in the real world might be different.

That was because her brother in the trial was created by Sarah’s ideal image.
But she believed that even her real brother would say the same thing.

So even her older brother, who had thrown away his emotions, would still recognize her.

Gaia continued,

[In that state, he will be able to get close to Ra.
However, going beyond it is impossible.
Rather, he is empty, so he cannot defeat Ra.]

Gaia was confident.
As of now, Jamie couldn’t defeat Ra.
In order to defeat Ra, he needed to have his emotions.

[The only person who can do that is you.
Even if it is unlikely, I have no other choice but to place my bets on you.]

A voice mixed with longing.

Sarah nodded.

It was what I was originally planning to do, and now that I know the reason, I don’t care anymore.
I will accept your will.”

[Thank you.]

“But there is one thing I need to confirm.”

[What is it?]

While listening to the story about her brother, she needed to hear about something else from Gaia.

Perhaps it was the most important question in this situation.

“What are you going to do with my brother when everything is over?”


Gaia chose Jamie as the sword to kill Ra, the Sun God.

If her plan worked, then what would happen after that?

Would everything end with everyone smiling? It didn’t seem to be the case for Sarah.

“If I think about it more carefully, and my brother defeats Ra, it means that he will become a powerful being who cannot be controlled even by you.
I do not think that you will be leaving such an existence untouched after everything is over.”

[What do you want to say?]

“Promise me this.
After everything ends well, you will not lay a hand on my family.”

[I promise.
As long as it doesn’t harm the peace.]

There was a condition attached.
Sarah frowned.

Gaia intended to do something to Jamie, depending on the situation, once her plans were successful.

Gaia also had to say something.

[I do not care if things head back to normal, but even with the arrangement that I tried to make, if your brother ends up as the second Ra….]

There was no need to speak further, her message was conveyed, and Sarah was aware of it.

Even so, it was good to lay it all out.

“I understand.
I hope that doesn’t happen, but if it does….”

Any more than this is a meaningless conversation.
In the end, it isn’t too late to think about all of this after defeating Ra.
And I believe in you.
If it is you, you will be able to stop your brother even if he heads down the wrong path.]

Having said that, Sarah had nothing more to say, so she loosened her stiff expression.

“Keep your word.”

[I will.]

She understood the position of Gaia, so Sarah didn’t say anything more.

It was something she had to consider.

To be honest, it didn’t make her feel good that her brother was being suspected and that his actions were being watched.

“Then make me your Apostle.”

[Is your heart ready?]


[It will be a little painful.]

Gaia extended her hand to Sarah.
A warm green light wrapped around her body.

Feeling the warmth and coziness of being held in her mother’s arms, Sarah closed her eyes and completely surrendered herself to the light.

A tremendous amount of light shone from the place they were in.

The Apostle of the God of Beginning was born.

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