hen why do you think that would happen?”

“What kind of question is that?”

“Answer me.
If there ever comes a situation where Mom and Dad are isolated, and Brother stops caring about us, I want to hear why you would want to leave us.”

“That won’t happen.
Why would I even leave…”

“Answer me!”

Sarah’s cry made Jamie flinch.
He couldn’t figure out what was up with this kid, but he thought he should answer her, and Sarah waited for him to answer.

It took him around ten minutes.

As he decided on what to say, Jamie spoke with an uncomfortable look on his face,

“Maybe I would have done it on purpose.
I don’t know under what circumstances I would do it, but if I did… there has to be a strong enemy on the other side.
Strong enough that I wouldn’t be able to protect our family.
Then I would have to leave all of you.”


“Well, to keep the enemy away from our family? It’s a situation that I can’t really understand, but if that happens, I think it is because of that reason.
Other than that, nothing else comes to mind.”

“Then let me ask you one more question.”

“Sarah… why are you even asking all these?”

“Just one more.
I will not trouble you anymore.”


Sarah caught her breath and asked.

“Do you think there will ever be a time when Brother will throw his emotions away?”

“… how do you know that…”

Jamie sighed.

He looked at her and said,

“Well, it could be an extension of what I said earlier.
I would never let go of my feelings, but if I do, then….”

He answered honestly.

“Isn’t that also because I want to protect?”


“Our family.”

Sarah closed her eyes and took a deep breath.
And as if her troubles were resolved, she told Jamie,

“Thank you for being so honest and helping me out.”

“I-Is that so? I guess everything is not yet resolved.
The fake world and the real one.”

“It is resolved, all of that too.
I am now sure of what to do.”

“Is that so? I don’t know what Sarah is up to, but know that Brother is always on your side.
Even if the worst happens, I am on your side.”

Sarah smiled and nodded.

“Of course, Brother is my brother.
It is late now, so I will head to sleep.
Brother, don’t stay up for too long either.”

“Don’t worry.
I will not overdo it.”


Sarah didn’t even look back as she went out of the library.

Jamie tilted his head as he looked at his sister, who suddenly appeared and asked him random questions.
Then suddenly, he noticed a faint halo light around her face.


He tried calling for his younger sister to see if she was crying, but she ran so fast out of the library that she didn’t hear him.

He thought about whether he should follow her, but he didn’t want to handle her crying, so he went back to finish the book he had just started reading.

Sarah leaned against the library door and wept endlessly.

Originally, she went to find him without thinking much about it, yet she heard so many unexpected things.
So now she had made a decision on how to end this trial.


When her tears stopped, Sarah turned away from the door and walked to the window on the other side.
The round, full moon seemed close, as if it were right in front of her.

She opened the window, and goosebumps rose as she felt the chilly night air.

Was it an illusion that she saw her family’s faces on the full moon?

Sarah gulped back a laugh and rested her arm on the railing.

“Illusion… doesn’t exist.”

She enjoyed this as much as she could and heard the answer that she wanted from her brother.


To be honest, she wanted to enjoy this more and spend more happy time here.
She wanted to learn more about the sword from her father and about manners from her mother.

If possible, she wanted to learn magic from her brother too.
She wanted to create a bond with each member of her family, but her work was done.

There were things she had to confirm, so she couldn’t stay here any longer.

“I will return to reality.”

Really, it was such a happy day.

That was why it was painful for her right now to decide that she had to leave this place.
It was as if one side of her chest was being ripped out.

Still, she couldn’t do much.
This world wasn’t real.

The real one was out there.

Her mother and brother were living in the real world.

Although the fact that she wouldn’t be able to see her father was painful, hadn’t she already overcome it once?

Sarah didn’t wipe away the tears that flowed again.
She climbed onto the high railing and spoke to the full moon, feeling the night breeze blowing,

“The trial is over.
Let me out.”

At that moment, the two red eyes that she had seen during the daytime appeared on the full moon.

[Is it the outside you choose?]


[No regrets.]

I have so many regrets that I cannot even hold onto all of them.”


“Still, it has to happen! I… I need to get out because there are things only I can do.”

[Is that enough reason?]

“Even if it isn’t, I have no regrets.
This is my choice.”

I understand.
Congratulations on passing this trial.]

The red eyes vanished, and a bright light shone on Sarah.

It was then….


“Sarah, where are you?!”

“Daughter, come down here! It is dangerous.”

The voices of her family almost made her turn her head back.

But she bit her lip so much that it bled.
It was a promise to herself that she wouldn’t turn back.

“Sarah, come here.
Come down now.
Let us go sleep with Mom.”

“Brother will read you a fairy tale.

“You were supposed to train the sword with Father tomorrow, right? I will teach it to you very slowly, so come down now.”

Until the very end, it was such a painful trial.

She had a bitter smile on her face as she told them, without turning back,

“I was happy.”

She didn’t know if this was the right choice, but there were times when one had to walk the thorny road.

If you don’t give up, then you can definitely do it.

Sarah thought of what Shiva told her and surrendered herself to the light.

A few drops of tears flew in the air.

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