Seeing her daughter looking neat again, she smiled brightly and nodded her head.

Very cute.”

“You two, seriously.”

Count Welton let out a loud laugh as if he couldn’t get enough of seeing his wife like this, and Jamie, who watched his parents, drank water and said,

“Can I go up?”

“Would you like a cup of tea?”

“I haven’t read much today.
I might want to finish the book I am reading.”

“I am afraid someone is going to grow up with books around him.
I don’t get how such a smart kid is born in the Welton family.”

“Everyone in the Welton family is smart, but…”

“Only smart when it comes to fighting.”


At Sears’s undeniably savage remark, Count Welton could just nod because there was nothing wrong with what she said.

“Will you read moderately and then sleep after?”

“Yes, do not worry.”

“You said that before and stayed up until morning.”


Jamie got up first, and the rest of the family had a short tea time before heading back to their rooms.
Sarah held the hand of her maid, and on the way to her room, she saw the huge, milky way spread across the sky.


“Yes, Miss.”

She went into the terrace off the hallway.
It was early summer here, so the nights were a bit chilly.

“It is cold, so you don’t stay out for long.”

Do not worry.”

Hearing the concerned voice of her maid, Sarah said yes and looked up at the sky again.
The cluster of stars spread out as if they were going to fall down.
Sarah put her chin on the railing and stared blankly at them.

It had been a week since she had come here.
She knew this was a trial, but she was loving this place too much.
Even if this was all fake, it sometimes made her want to forget reality.

It was the same now.

‘I think I can just stay here for the rest of my life.’

She didn’t know the difference between reality and this place.
If she decided to live here, wouldn’t this be the reality?

She had a father who had already died, an older brother before becoming the Demon King, and a healthy mother.

Unlike the reality covered with pain, suffering, sadness, and despair, this place was covered with dreams and hope.

Then what was the trial?

The harsh reality?

A dream-like present?

‘If I forget everything and live here….’

That would be enough.
Gradually, she began to tilt toward that thought.

Sarah turned around.

At least, not yet.
In this crazy world, which made her happy, she wanted to stay longer.

‘A little bit more… I will enjoy it a little longer.’

It would not be too late to choose after her body and mind were satisfied.
Sarah thought so and left the terrace.

Right after that, the sky, which was shining with stars, died, and darkness spread.

Like a dream, it was truly just a dream. 1

Sarah had been wearing riding clothes since early morning.

She had riding practice once a week.
Noble kids learn horseback riding from an early age, and Sarah was no exception to that.


Sarah kicked the horse near its waist and led it forward.
Her training instructor opened his mouth in shock at her talent.

“W-When did you learn to ride this well?”


Sears, who followed her as a guardian, was also surprised at how Sarah was handling the horse as if it were her own.

Even during her last class, she was still a kid who was afraid to climb onto a horse.
Come to think of it, the child suddenly changed as if she had become very mature.

She began to speak well, and her appetite improved a lot more than before.
At first, she thought it was because the kid was growing up but seeing her ride the horse…

‘Maybe my daughter is a genius too?’

Her son was a genius, so there wasn’t any rule saying that her daughter couldn’t be a genius as well.

Sears shouted cheerily at her daughter, who began to ride the horse with shining eyes.

“My daughter is so cool!!”

As if in response to that, Sarah began to drive the horse more passionately.


When the reins were struck, the horse neighed and accelerated at once.

Sarah was a little excited at the feeling of speed she hadn’t felt in a long time.
She always ran on her feet, so riding a horse to go this fast was something she rarely experienced.


The course was also relatively gentle and long, so she didn’t hesitate to speed up.

It was fun.

It was so nice to live in this world where she could live comfortably without worrying.

In Sarah’s mind, the fact that this world was a space of trials was almost forgotten.
To her, this was the reality, and she was enjoying it.


Her wish was for this world to go on forever.


It was when Sarah was driving her horse so hard that there was suddenly thunder in the sunny weather.

Thinking that it might rain now, Sarah slowed down.

“What is this?”

But there were no clouds.

There was no sign of rain, so she wondered if she had heard it wrong.
She tried to go back to her mother, but it was then….


The floor she was on began to have a huge crack.


Surprised, the horse cried out and raised its front legs high.
Sarah lost control of the reins in the sudden situation.

As she fell off the horse, she could see it.
The two eyes were visible in the rift.

Long, slit eyes dyed in red were watching her.

[Choose now.]

Choose what?

In a world where time stopped, Sarah looked into the eyes as she was falling from the horse.

A voice came from the rift again,

[Is it here or the reality?]

[You have to choose soon.]

Sarah’s heart sank.

TL/N: She was hoping the dream to be a reality, but now she knows it's just a dream. 

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