noyed with the voice coming from all directions, so she jumped to try and fight it, but the voice said,

[Go to the World Tree.]

The dream ended there.

Sara opened her eyes and lifted her upper body.

She gasped and looked at her hands.
She noticed that her palms were drenched in a cold sweat.

It wasn’t just her palms.

“I am soaked all over.”

Her hair, clothes, and even the blankets.

She was sweating so much that the bed was also wet.
Sara pulled the covers off and got out of bed.

She remembered the dream she just had.

“Go to the World Tree?”

Usually, when she would have a dream, she would never remember what it was after she woke up.

When she would have an interesting dream, she would try to remember it, but somehow she would always forget.

But not this time.

“What is it?”

It felt too vivid to just think of it as some kind of dream.

It was like it really happened.
The voice in the dream sounded so beautiful, yet it also made her afraid.

It may have been that the space in her dream was a pure white space with nothing, so her fear heightened, but honestly, she didn’t want to experience it again.


Sara went to the window in a confused state.

Seeing the sphere of light change, it seemed like it was past dawn.
It was a very short dream, yet an entire night had already passed.

‘I wonder if I should tell the others.’

Normally, she would have just laughed it off, but she had never had a dream as vivid as this.

Also, the words ‘Go to the World Tree’ bothered her.

If she hadn’t heard those words, she would have just passed it off as a bad dream, but those words wouldn’t leave her mind.

“Let’s talk.”

If the answer wasn’t clear when she thought of it alone, it may become clear when she shares it with everyone.

Even if she doesn’t get anything special out of it, she would feel comfortable.

Sara decided to tell the grown-ups a little later at mealtime.

The High Elves were responsible for the meals.

Most of them were grass,1 and the High Elves weren’t a meat-eating race, so there was only a small amount of meat in them.

Of course, it wasn’t enough to satisfy the Ran warriors.

“Isn’t that too little?”

“I feel the same way.”

Mero and Gen looked at the table and sighed.

The Ran warriors consumed an average of more than 3,000 calories per meal.
And they tend to eat around 10,000 calories a day.

And looking at this grass diet, it felt like 500 calories would be a generous number.

“Are they going to starve us to death? It would be better for us to hunt.”

“I wish we could do that.”

The forest around the World Tree was under the management of the High Elves.

So without their permission, one couldn’t hunt around the area.

To be honest, they wondered if they should still ask for permission since they are Ran warriors, but since they were allies, they didn’t do it.

It would be their own loss if they acted recklessly and embarrassed their High King.

“Damn it.”

Mero cursed as he chewed on the grass.

Then he turned to Sarah, who was eating and drinking on the other side, and asked,

“Why do you look like that?”

“What? Ah.”

“Is something wrong? You look very serious.”

“Is that so?”

Sarah tried to cover it up.
Unknowingly, it seemed like her emotions were evident on her face.

Gen said,

“Do not trouble yourself by thinking about it alone, and speak up if you can.
That will make you comfortable.”

“That… it is nothing.”

Sarah told the two of them about the dream she had, and they listened to her more than she had expected.

When she was done talking, Mero looked dumbfounded, while Gen’s face only changed a little, so she didn’t know what they were thinking.

Mero spoke first.

“It doesn’t seem like a normal dream.”


Gen put his fork down and crossed his arms, which made his muscles look huge.
It looked so awkward, but no one mentioned it.

He looked at Sarah, making her flinch.
It was a scary expression.

Gen, you are scaring the child.”

“Ah! Sorry.
I was lost in thought.”

When Mero pointed it out, Gen tried to look like his usual self.
It was so funny that even Sarah ended up smiling.

To look scary without even realizing it.

Sarah shook her head, and Gen cleared his throat.

It doesn’t seem like an ordinary dream.
Let’s talk to the High King.”

“You think so too?”

“I am quite suspicious about the mention of the World Tree.”

Mero also said so.

Although the content of the dream wasn’t clear, it could be considered a dream where the World Tree was the main point.

They cleaned up the table and went to where Hasyath stayed.

“High King.”

Gen took the lead and called for Hasyath.

“Come in.”

They were given permission, and the three went inside.
Hasyath, who was drinking tea, was a bit taken aback to see them.

“What is it?”

“Sarah has something to say.”

“To me?”

Hasyath turned to her.

“What is it?”

“I thought I should tell you about the dream I had today.”


Hearing that she was talking about a dream out of nowhere, Hasyath furrowed his eyebrows.

He knew she was a child, but did she have to come here to speak of a dream she had? Just like any normal kid would do?

With two Ran warriors?

But since they had already come here, he decided to listen.

Once Sarah told him about her dream, Hasyath got up from his seat.

“As I thought.”

The conversation with Hiyan made sense now.

TL/N: It’s not literal grass.
It just means they like green things. ↩️

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