lowed a single light on this land if it weren’t for the spheres of light that shone on the place.

“The air is different.”

“It’s like a whole different world.
How did such a huge tree manage to hide this long?”

In the past, the World Tree was exposed to the outside world, but now it is said that the High Elves have hidden it.

No one could see the World Tree without the permission of the High Elves.

As they continued to admire it, they arrived at the village built in front of the World Tree.

And at the entrance of the village, there were several people in white robes.
All of them had deep hoods on their heads, and only their mouths and chins were visible.

When the carriage came to a stop, the Ran warriors were prepared to escort them to make sure nothing bad happened.

When Sarah was about to get out, Mero slowly mumbled,

“You stay there.”

“Is everything fine?”

“It is an order.
It looks like they want to check the situation first.”

As he said, Hasyath moved ahead wearing white clothes, alone.

The representatives from both sides stepped forward, exchanged a few words, and then gestured to the carriage.

“They are telling us to leave the carriage behind.”

Mero interpreted the hand signal and informed the girls.

“Let’s get off.”

He opened the door.

Sarah got down first, followed by Ash and Rebecca.
In this mission, Sarah was assigned as the escort for the sisters.

Normally, they would have wanted to be escorted by high-ranking spirits, but the reason Sarah was assigned to them was because she specialized in survival combat and she could help the sisters if something happened.

For that reason, Hasyath let Sarah stay with them.


The three of them walked to Hasyath.

-These are spirits of amazing levels.

Endairon told Rebecca.

-More than two of them signed with the Spirit Kings.
And the rest are all contractors of high-level spirits.

It meant that all the High Elves and Rebecca also felt the amazing nature affinity that each of them had.

The High Elves were also conscious of Rebecca, and they couldn’t even bother hiding their gaze despite the hoods on their faces.

I will take the lead.”

“Will that be fine?”

“We came as guests.
We don’t have to be this alert.”

That was true, but if the Ran warriors were asked to be escorts, then there had to be a reason.

Sarah felt a little uneasy, but Rebecca spoke with conviction, forcing her to back away.
Rebecca stepped beside Hasyath.

Sarah and Ash stood next to her like guards, and a moment of silence passed.



One of the High Elves laughed.

It was the tallest person standing in front of the relatively small ones, but it was surely a woman’s laughter.

She pulled her hood down, and Sarah, who was up close, almost went stiff at the sight of her.

‘H-How can a person be this beautiful?’

Starting with her pale and clear skin, her features were all in perfect harmony, like she was sculpted by God.

Her purple hair blended in with her subtle look and the mysterious atmosphere she had, and Sarah was sure that she had never met such a beautiful person in her life.

Even when she had seen some elves before, she had always thought they were very beautiful, but the High Elves were on a whole different level.

As for the Ran warriors, they were all men, and each of them but Hasyath could not take their eyes off her.

“Pathetic bastards.”

Hasyath sneered at the men who lacked training.

“Don’t be like that.
It cannot be helped.”

Hiyan, the High Elf, said that as if it were expected.

Hasyath snorted.

“That personality is still the same.”

“How long has it been? Wouldn’t it be more of a problem if my personality had changed overnight?”

“I am not discussing trivial matters with you.
Talk to the child.”

“The conversation is over.”

When Hasyath frowned, Rebecca said,

It is over.”

“In the way of the spirits.”

And the two people looked at each other.

They didn’t just look at each other.
They were talking.

“Uh…? So, is the talk over? Then what do we do now?”

At that time, Sarah asked because she wasn’t sure what to do, and Hiyan looked at her.

She narrowed her eyes and asked Hasyath,

“Is this child…”

She was so focused on Rebecca that she didn’t notice the human child behind her.
But there was another guest—an important guest.

And Hasyath nodded.


“Then why is she here?”

Hiyan looked at Sarah as if she couldn’t understand.
Sarah wondered if she had done something wrong by coming here.

“D-Did I do something wrong coming here…”

Only then did Hiyan realize she couldn’t control her expression and she said to Sara,

Welcome to the World Tree Village.”

Sarah was shocked at how fast her words changed, but she couldn’t just ignore her, so she bowed her head.

Hiyan smiled and told everyone.

“Everyone, go inside.
We have prepared a place for the guests who have come a long way.”

Getting rid of their exhaustion was important.
They had to take a break and listen to what they had to do here.

Hasyath led his men and entered the village.

Sarah felt a bit odd, but Ash told her not to worry, and they went inside.
And looking back, Sarah walked inside.

Hiyan said,

“What is this… why was that child brought here?”

She tried not to show it, but she couldn’t hide her shock, and then she bit her lip.

“Coincidence and destiny.
It’s either one or maybe both.”

The girl who made a contract with the Water Spirit King and the girl with the same blood as the Demon King gathered in one place.

The High Elves considered this fate.

The fate that they foretold had begun to change.

TL/N: The more skilled the caster is, the stronger the spirit can represent itself. ↩️

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