else to talk to.

“How can I not?”

“There is nothing you can’t do.”

The answer came from elsewhere.

When Sarah looked away, Isis was standing there with her shoulder leaning against the tree.


“Your crying face has turned into something else? Even your big eyes look like they will burst out.”


Sarah hurriedly wiped her face with the snow.

“Kuak. Will that make the swelling go away?”

Isis approached Sarah, teasing her.
Sarah stood up and coughed.

Her legs were still weak, but that didn’t bother her as she stood up.

“But what do you mean that there is nothing I cannot do? Can I meet my brother too?”

“You said you wanted to meet him.
Did I hear it wrong?”

You heard it right.”

Mayatrey responded with a funny look on her face at Isis’s words.

Isis smiled and told Sarah,

“You are someone who deserves to meet him.
In the process of recovering the power of investment, your contribution was the highest.”


The time you earned it was surely short, but if it wasn’t for that, he would have defeated me.”

If Sarah hadn’t stabbed Hungry Spirit’s bead, he would have killed everyone who was there.
Isis, who hadn’t yet fully absorbed the power, would have entered the battleground in a state of confusion, and there was a higher chance for an imperfect power to destroy her.

If that was the case, she would have been killed, and even the power that the God gave her would have been absorbed by Hungry Spirit, and he would have turned into a scary God.

“So there should be a reward.”

“Then, can I go to the Demon King’s castle?”

Sarah looked at the castle, which was towering high.

The tall Black Tower could be seen anywhere in the northern lands.
It was a place she had never stepped into.

She had never seen its surroundings, let alone been there.

“Why? Is your heart pounding?”

“Of course! I get to meet my brother!”

Sarah’s eyes shone.

Now that she knew the truth, there was no need to be in pain.
Even though living together would still be different, just knowing the truth made her feel at ease.

However, Isis’s words broke those thoughts.

“The Jamie you know doesn’t exist.”


Isis said.

You said you met him two years ago?”



She sighed as she looked at Sarah.
She didn’t want to disappoint the child, but if she met Jamie now, it would break her heart.

“Jamie is a lot darker now than then.
Maybe the feelings he felt back then don’t even exist.”


“He is taking a step to surpass the Sun God.”

In order to do that, he had to give up on his emotions.


“He is getting rid of his emotions.
To be completely flawless.”

Diablo sat on his throne.
In a place where no one but him existed, his eyes were trembling with a frown.

Darkness was raging.

The darkness that filled his body was now in a state where he couldn’t bear it.
It was moving out of his body, not caring about his will.

“A little more.”

He still didn’t have full control over it.
It was so difficult to handle.

‘I need to take a little at a time.’

He didn’t know how far he could be relieved, but if he could completely be relieved, even this power that was difficult to handle would be in his hands.

And then the full battle with Ra would start.

At that moment, something moved away from Jamie’s body and filled the area with black smoke.
His expression, which was contorted with pain, changed into a still face.

The darkness began to seep in, and the presence in the room that was emanating from the throne vanished.


Diablo sighed.

“I took one down again.”

Along with the feeling that one part of his heart felt void, he gave up on his emotions.


He couldn’t get rid of all of it, but the hatred within him was definitely less.
The feelings that had harassed him for the past years had now vanished so easily.

Anger was the emotion he couldn’t let go of in his past life.

But his thoughts changed.

‘Anger doesn’t help.’

It was the same with the other emotions, but if he moved with just anger alone, he could not obtain perfection.

So he found another way.

‘The only thing I cherish is the will to live.’

The emotion of beating the 12 Gods to death with anger felt horrible.

To kill Ra, he had to have a pure will, like a machine.

Be closer to it.

Didn’t he get to the point where he could look in on Ra?

It wasn’t long now.

“To kill Ra.”

When the time comes, Ra wouldn’t even realize his death.

If that happens, he would achieve his purpose.

“What is needed in life.
Think about what life is.”

Like a purely forged sword.
Think no more.

Be angry.
Anger is the right direction to pursue anything.]

He didn’t feel any emotions from the voice he heard.
There was a time when he was persuaded by the voice.
Right, he could understand it because anger was his essence.

Not long ago, he couldn’t control his feelings of anger.

Didn’t he get so angry with Ricky that he called him by his name?


Anger is the only weapon that kills Ra.]

“I will let go of anger.”


“Shut up, Satan.
You are no longer needed either.”

He was helpful once, but now he is just distracting him.
It was better not to talk if possible.

[W-What are you trying to do?]

Satan howled in anger.

[Wait! S-Stop…! Kuaaak!]

Along with the unpleasant scream, the voice vanished.
There was no other sound.

He didn’t even smile.
Diablo was losing his purpose.

“Killing intent.”

The existence that wanted to embrace everything was throwing everything away again.

He was becoming a monster.

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