e Sun God exists, so what more qualifications do we have to rule the land anyway?”

“Then for what reason were you made?”

“I don’t know.
It is more fun because I don’t know.”

Don’t know?

He created potential Gods but didn’t even tell them why they were created?

Isis couldn’t understand it.

“You don’t seem to understand.”

“Are you speaking such things to buy time?”

“Kuek. If there is any help, it should have come by now.
I have been abandoned.
So, it is unknown.
If I am being thrown out like this, why the hell was I made?”

Seeing Hungry Spirit being confused, Isis had this thought.

“Pitiful bastard.”

At those words, he went insane.

“How dare you call me that! This is the body of a God! God! I am not a bug like you but a noble God since birth!”

“What is so great about being a God? You are dying like a bug here.
Without anyone helping you too.
At the very least, those you referred to as bugs would not consider sparing your lives.
That is why you are more pitiful.”


“Do not act out.
After all, you were waiting for the help of your allies.
And you are no different from the bug you talked about.
You just like to insult and trample on the weak, wanting to feel superior.”

“I-I… I am not!”

“You are a pitiful bug.”

The God couldn’t say anything.

He was getting weaker and weaker.

He wanted to speak back, but he couldn’t do it anymore.

… he wanted to.

“If there is hell, I want you to repent there.
I will bury my anger there.”


The greatsword smashed down on his head.
As it was, the holy power burned down anything related to the God and took him down.

The seawater began to part and then rushed back at them.
Isis climbed onto a rocky mountain before she would get wet from the splashes.



“Isis is back!!”

Isis looked at the remaining warriors.
Sarah and Mayatrey were running toward her, and she removed her armor.

Returning to her original form, she smiled at those who survived before she collapsed.


At that, the warriors immediately went to check on her condition.

“She is just asleep.”

Only after Mayatrey, who arrived late, informed them of her condition, did they all sigh in relief.

Sarah slumped to the ground upon hearing the condition of her teacher.

[It only means she hasn’t properly adapted to the powers yet.
So no need to worry.]

Shiva spoke again.

‘Then Teacher is fine?’

[Right, her brain chose to rest to recover what has been used again, rather…]

‘Anything else to say?’

[Come down here and see.

Sarah tilted her head at Shiva’s words.

On a black throne, a man was sitting there with black flames burning.

Diablo slowly opened his eyes.
His subtle purple eyes stood out in the darkness.

Sitting still, he raised his eyebrows.

“They got it.”

A huge presence could be felt from afar.
It was obviously from a God.

And a very great one too.

Before the 12 Gods ruled the world, it was said that this one was on par with Ra.

Of course, it couldn’t be compared to the current power of Ra, but it would be a great help.

“The one who gained the power is Isis?”

He faintly felt Isis’s aura.
He thought it would be Hasyath who would take the power, but it ended up being the daughter.

‘Looks like they made a new God too.’

Before a new God’s presence was felt, he felt hostile holy power.

It was a considerable risk, so he was worried and wanted to send someone.
And it would have been better if he had gone himself.

‘If that is the case, he would have gone too.’

The Sun God.

That guy would show up to check his movements.

Diablo frowned.

‘How many of these new Gods did you create?’

The guy had entered the realm of ‘Creators.’

There would be plenty of foundations, so it wouldn’t be difficult to make Gods.
There had to be a limit to the number, but according to what he confirmed this time, the Sun God must have already created many Gods to counter him.

Making Gods.

What a monster he was.

‘But it is still good.’

He knew that Ra had the most insane power.
Anyway, this was the guy who held holy power.

And his power continuously became stronger.

“It is time to move now.”

Diablo’s eyes shone in purple.

“I am watching you.
I am going to rip out your throat.
As promised then.”

And on the other side….

The dazzling light contrasted the pitch-black darkness, and there was a throne where the flames of the Sun ceaselessly soared.

In the realm that was invisible to Diablo’s eyes, the man in light smiled.

Too hasty now.
Impatient, Daiblo.”

The Sun God said while smiling.

“Still not enough.
Are you trying to compete with just the power of Shiva? Fool, I understand your wrath, but you should gather more strength.
A little more, and it will be worth trying.”

The Sun was burning brightly.

The heat around him seemed to melt the space.

“I have a lot of patience, so try to take your time and do more damage.”

With those words, the white world went into darkness.

Diablo, who watched it without a word, smiled.

“You aren’t the only one peeping.”

It had been one way then, but not anymore.

He also finally reached it.

“Keep your guard up.”

The moment you realize my teeth have reached the nape of your neck, it will be the time of your death.

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