Chapter 387 – New God (4)

In a land where everything has died.

Someone was standing there alone.

I am still hungry, but I think I can live longer.”

His limbs, which had been so skinny, were now filled with muscles and fat, and his stomach had visible ribs, and he looked more like a human than a dead being.

The God of Gluttony brushed back his hair, which was almost all gone.

His face was still a skull, but the addition of some fat made him look even more horrible.

“Still not enough.
I should have eaten him too.”

The last guy.

He was a lot stronger than he thought so he couldn’t eat him like the others.
He never thought that there would be someone who could resist his power.

It was quite interesting.

“An interesting world.

He was made into something that was higher than other beings.
A being born with omnipotence.
Even so, he couldn’t kill the bugs.

Of course, they weren’t literal bugs, but from his point of view, mortals were bugs.

Because they couldn’t live forever and the power they possessed had a limit.

“I didn’t believe it at first, but he was right.
Not all bugs can be laughed at.”

He recalled HIS words, who was the one who made him.

This was truly an interesting world.

“But bugs are bugs.”

He admitted that the thing was strong for a bug, but that was because he himself had little strength when he stepped into this world.

He couldn’t help it because he was like a mummy and weak.
Even now, he wasn’t perfect, but at least he could use around 40% of his power.

Can that bug withstand 40% of his strength now?

“If I eat him, I can recover in seven days.”

The one with amazing blue hair.

Like a bug, he was hiding pretty well, but he could find him if he wanted to.

“So I should also start now.”

Hungry Spirit laughed as he was having fun, with a blue light shining in his eyes.
He took a step forward, his back still hunched.


At that moment, he felt a wave of tremendous power coming from a distance.
The man straightened his bent back and turned his head to where he felt it.

A column of blue light shone in the sky, and he frowned.

“… not a bug.”

He felt it.

He wasn’t sure what that thing was, but it was on the same level as him.


A shudder ran through his body, and unknown emotions began to stir within his chest.
His lips went up in a smile.

I was sent here for this!”

When he first woke up, he didn’t know why he was in this place.
Actually, he was barely conscious.

He spent too many years in that coffin, hungry.
And his creator made him that way because when he moves, everything disappears.

“This is why I was given freedom.”


His stomach rumbled, and his mouth was drooling.

As long as he knew what to eat, he had no reason to stop.
He started running like a beast that had been starving his whole life.

“If I eat that, I will be complete.”

He would no longer suffer from hunger.

Isis trembled at the power flowing within her.
Something overwhelming, something she had never experienced before.

She felt that her body was being shattered and healed again.

At first, she thought this was only an illusion.

‘My body is being re-made all over again.’

Her body was being transformed so she could handle the power of a God.

This was a new experience for someone like her who had been training for a long time, and her physical strength was increasing in real-time.

The power was boiling inside her body.

And it wasn’t just simply boiling up inside of her.
It was as if the body itself wasn’t hers.

[Do not lose yourself.]

She could hear Shiva’s voice.

[Hold onto yourself.
Accept this power, but be careful as well.
If you absorb it all at once, your body will not be able to withstand it.]

She didn’t know how to be careful when the energy was rushing in like a wave, but Isis focused on it and tried to reduce the holy power that was flowing.

As if exhausted, her body would have no more strength.

And at such times, without fail, her body would begin to rebuild itself.

[A little bit more.]

Was the power of a God this great?

How did the beings wielding such power handle it?

‘Jamie, what are you…’

How could he stand against those who had more power like this?

[Do not think about it! If you get eaten by this power, you will instantly become a monster!]

A monster with the power of a God.

Imagine how terrible it would be.

[Little more.
Just a little more.
Hold your breath.]

She concentrated on Shiva’s voice.

She could tear the man who tried to kill her father into pieces, but only if she could make the power her own.

It was then.….


Her body outside began to shake violently, as if something were collapsing.
Startled by the loud roar, Isis turned to the side.


But Shiva’s words were making her unable to think about anything else.
So she went back to her consciousness.

If it were not for Shiva, Isis would have been a half-God monster, and she would not have been able to finish absorbing the power.

‘What just happened outside?’

Instead of checking herself, she asked Shiva this time.

And Shiva answered,

[You don’t have to worry about it.
Just stay focused and do it again.]

Otherwise, everything would be for nothing.

“W-What is happening?!”

“It is him! He must have seen the light and found this place.”

“Damn it.
Raise your weapons, everyone! Prepare for an ambush!”

The Ran warriors rushed outside with weapons in their hands.

Karlovan, who was serving as the temporary leader, stood in the front and felt a huge presence approaching.

‘It has to be him.’

The being that harmed their King.

The being that called itself one of the 12 new Gods created by the Sun God.

In other words, it was a God, and if that attacked this place, there was nowhere to hide.
This entire place was bound to collapse, and everyone would die.

No, it wouldn’t just end with their deaths.

‘Even the hope for the world will vanish.’

Karlovan saw that Isis was being wrapped around the unknown power.
He couldn’t see her because of the light around her, but he could feel the power around her changing.

If there was a chance to survive here, then it would be Isis’s new power.

Making up his mind, he called Mayatrey.

“Blue Dragon, please do me a favor.”


“Teleport us outside.
We need to stop this place from collapsing.”

“You people….”

When Mayatrey asked in shock, the Ran warriors, led by Karlovan, looked determined, as if they had made up their minds.

“… I don’t think you people will listen to me, though.”

“There is no other way.
Or can you block the power of that God with your power?”

Could she?

It was impossible for even an elder dragon to stop the power of a God, so how could a dragon who just recently came out stop it?

Realizing there was no other way, she spoke in a bitter voice,

“I will do my best to help.”


Karlovan nodded and then ordered the warriors.

“Everyone, be prepared to give up your lives.
We will die here.”

It was a statement that should have crushed hope, but they all had hope in their eyes.
With their King dead, being alive was a humiliation for them.
On the other hand, a chance came their way.

“If it means killing that bastard, I would give up my life!”

“I trust Isis.”

“I will put my life at stake for her!”

“Even if we die, we will take him down.

The morale grew.

The warriors, who looked dead until now, had courage in their eyes in the face of death.

Seeing these insane actions, Sarah couldn’t say anything.

It felt like the entire cave was burning in the heat.

Even though she was just watching, her chest felt warm.

‘I want to be with them too.’

They weren’t the only ones who would die here.
She would also die in time.

“I wish you all good luck.”

Mayatrey looked at the warriors, and mana began to envelop them.
Glancing at them, Sarah threw herself in.


Mayatrey called for Sarah, who suddenly jumped, but the Mass Teleportation spell had already taken her.

“… damn it.
You of all people shouldn’t follow them!”

Mayatrey frowned and used teleportation.


Hungry Spirit smiled at the rocky mountain being protected by huge magic.
No matter how meticulous the spell was, despite three strong attacks, it didn’t break.

However, even that had a limit, and a large crack spread through the protective shield, and he approached it.


The entire rocky mountain shook this time, and the protective shield broke down.

He gathered the mana dispersing from the shield onto his fingertips.

And then he put it into his mouth, and his face changed a little.

It was just a very small amount, but his face looked better.

“Just a little.”

It wasn’t enough, and the real food was down there.

He tightly clenched his fist, and a huge amount of holy power wrapped around his fist.

He was ready to smash down this mountain at once.
In addition to the target, there were quite a lot of other delicious things there too.

If he could eat all of them, then there would be a definite 100% growth in his strength, and maybe he could even go past the wall and become truly omnipotent.

It will be fun to pick and eat all of them.”

Hungry Spirit’s eyes were wide open, as he decided to punch the mountain.


But just before his fist hit the ground, a large magic circle appeared in the sky, and dozens of humans appeared.

This made Hungry Spirit withdraw his fist.
And he looked at those who landed.

Although they all looked different, they had one thing in common—the jewel on their foreheads.

“Something that looks like him.”

These were the worms who were hiding in this rocky mountain.

He couldn’t understand.

If they came out like this, then their deaths would only happen sooner, so why did they come out?

Surely the bugs would have lived another second.

‘But why is everyone holding a weapon in their hand?’

Like the guy from before and these ones too, he couldn’t understand it.
They should know better than anyone that fighting was pointless.

He wondered if they were anxious to die, so they came, but then they all looked confident.

“Are you here to fight?”

He asked to confirm it.

And the answer,

“Everyone, devote your lives to vengeance.”

The one who seemed to be the leader pointed a sword at Hungry Spirit and said so.

This meant a fight to the death.

He thought he heard it wrong, but the expression on their faces and their strong energy said they were serious.

In the meantime, there were some pretty interesting sights.

“Why did you come…!”

Behind them, a woman with blue hair and horns was pulling back a child with brown hair.

“This is not a place for you.”

She was speaking softly, but he was a God, so he didn’t miss it.

The girl said,

“I will fight too.
Being down there doesn’t change anything for me.
If I die, I will die fighting with these people.”

“Your brother…!”

Mayatrey spoke out emotionally and went silent.

“Brother? What about brother…”

Let’s just head back.”

“Why bring my brother into this? Why did you…!”

“You things!”

This situation wasn’t funny.

Annoyed, Hungry Spirit raised his energy, and a tremendous pressure weighed down on all of them.

Sarah stopped talking and looked ahead.
It was like she would faint at any moment.

“Damn it.
At this…”

Mayatrey bit her lip and began to spread out her mana to reduce the pressure.

But they could still feel the pressure.

And their enemy said,

“If you want to die so much, I will make you a part of me.
All of you be a part of me!”

And the power of gluttony began to shake the entire rocky mountain.

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