“Come! Come!”

Sarah’s face was red, like it would explode at any moment.
She was standing on her hands as she was doing push-ups.

To her, who had been training for three years, this wasn’t a huge deal.

She could do a hundred or even a thousand if she wanted to.

If she was alone.

“More! Down! More!”

Isis was currently standing on the soles of Sarah’s feet.

And she wasn’t just standing there, she used aura to strengthen her body so her weight tripled.

In addition, she carried a greatsword with her.


“You can do it! Come up! More!”

Was Isis the devil?

Sarah felt the veins on her head would burst.

Beryl’s training was harsh, but he had a limit for how far he pushed her.
Wasn’t she just a girl who had just turned thirteen?

No matter how much she decided to hold the sword, she never had to workout like this.

Actually, even the knights who reached the level of experts would not be able to do this.

“Only ten more.”

Isis was ruthless.

To the point where the other Rans felt bad for Sarah.

“That… Isis… isn’t that too harsh for a human child…”

“Shut up and do what you need to do.”


There were several cases in which some warriors came to help Sarah but got told off even worse.


Throughout the training, Isis repeatedly pushed Sarah.

Maybe that was why, even though it had only been a few days, she gained a bit of muscle, and her stamina was much better than before.


Actually, all of this was possible due to the special pills of the Rans.


Sarah could not lift a finger, so Isis gave her the pills.
Her body recovered as if all of the exhaustion she felt was a lie.

This felt bad.
Sarah sighed and looked at her body.

“Three more than before.”

Isis nodded, arms folded, looking happy.
Then she mumbled as if she was a bit troubled,

“Should we add more weight?”

“It is enough now!”

When Sarah responded right away, Isis shook her head, saying no.

“Next time, we will increase it a bit more so you can improve your concentration.
After all, you need the strength to swing your sword with precision.”

“I-Is that so?”

“This drill will continue until you reach Master class.”

“… Yes.”

Sarah had given up, and learning from such a strong person was a good thing.

To grumble would mean she was pathetic.

‘Come to think of it, I learned the sword myself.’

So far, she has only been trained in physical strength, and Isis hasn’t taught her how to use the sword yet.

It felt like she was letting go of her senses.

“Tired? To hold the sword.”

As Sarah sat down on the ground, Isis sat down next to her and asked.

Until now, someone had given her strength, and Sarah couldn’t say a thing.

So Isis continued,

“I know that feeling.
I was like that until recently.”

“… Miss Isis too? You didn’t have to go through this kind of training, right?”

Sarah didn’t know Isis’s level of power, but in her eyes, she was beyond recognition.
And since she was actually a Grand Master, it was impossible for Sarah to judge her at her current level.

Isis smiled awkwardly and said,

“There was a time when I lost strength too.
A few years ago.”

She had to use Gram to its limit in order to defeat the Dragon God, one of the 12 Gods, and as a result, the sword made her body a mess.

She had used up all the energy and blood in her body, and she couldn’t even control her aura.

The biggest problem was that her lifespan was shortening to the point where she couldn’t even do minor tasks, and it was said she wouldn’t live past a month.

Then her father offered her a way to live.

“One hellish day.”

The vision that was passed down in the royal family of the Rans.
It was a way to get her power back, but it has never been used by anyone.

Because only those on the verge of death were qualified to do it.

For about two years.

Isis had been through constant hell.
No, it was more than just restoring her body to its prime state.

It felt difficult to regain what was lost.
She felt like she was back to being a child again.

“But I didn’t give up.”

Had she done so, everything she did in her life would have been for nothing.
And to be honest, she wanted to give up many times, but there was something she wanted to get.

She created Frontier, and she dedicated her entire life to it.
She had the determination to live, but could she easily give up just because she found the training difficult?

“I have a lot of things I want to achieve.
In order to do so, I need strength, and it doesn’t matter if the process is too hard, just like you.”


“The moment you give up, it is all over.
So do not give up, even when it is hard.
Trust me.
Then I will guide you to where you want to go.
Even if the path is hell.”

Isis saw herself in Sarah’s form.

At first glance, the two were alike.
They must have had some goals they wanted to achieve.

And they were both determined to do anything to achieve them.
Sarah nodded and said,

“I will hold on.
I will be stubborn.”

“Of course, you should.
You will be my disciple from now on.
Call me Teacher, I will tell Beryl.”

“I-I can call you Teacher?”

“You will be the one carrying my vision for the future.
And this is a request.”


Isis smiled and got up while Sarah’s mouth went wide.



A flare was fired.

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