er, she couldn’t say anything.

“I apologize.”

As soon as she got up, she lowered her head without even checking the area.

No answer came back.

She was prepared to be scolded, but did they actually abandon her?

Sarah raised her head with a confused expression.
The dark forest was so dense that it was impossible to see an inch ahead.

She gulped and looked around.

“Excuse… me?”

Everything was silent.

There were no signs of any presence.

Sarah felt she was left alone in this dark world where even the step of an animal couldn’t be heard.

“Is no one here?”

Sarah walked around.
The forest was filled with a thick darkness, but this wasn’t going to disturb her aura.

She looked around.

The densely packed trees and the grass under her feet told her how hard the previous journey was and how difficult it would be from now on.

In this place, she couldn’t even hear the sound of grasshoppers.

And this made her feel like everything was too much.

‘Did they really throw me away?’

She didn’t come because she wanted to.
She was asked to do this, and yet they abandoned her?

Of course, sleeping like that was wrong, but they could have woken her up.

Was there some rule in the Ran race about not waking a sleeping person?

“What do I do?”

It made no sense to head back like this.
She had to go to the Rotomo Strait alone.

Her mission was to retrieve the traces of Shiva, who was said to have been found in the Rotomo Strait.

It was right for her to do this mission alone.
Doing it with someone was just annoying.

So she promised herself and turned.



A face floated in the darkness and moved right in front of her.

Sarah thought, looking at the face that was familiar but darker.

I am afraid of ghosts.’

And she collapsed.

“… Uh”

Isis, who was the one behind all of this, saw Sarah collapse with a confused face.
And then shouted,


She didn’t think the child would pass out.

When she was little, her mother read her a children’s book.

It was about the black monster that lived in the closet and kidnapped children at midnight.

Later, the story ended with the conclusion that the child could sleep peacefully by removing the monster with a candle, but when she was a child, she was afraid of closets.

Not only did she have a candle up all night, but she would sleep with her parents.
In addition, the ghost stories Sarah heard when she was young made her cry.

Of course, it was just a story she grew up listening to, and she normally preferred stories of happy princesses and princes over ghosts, so at some point, she forgot that she was scared of ghosts.

After holding the sword, she lived a day without thinking about it.

Sarah opened her eyes.

She was lying in a place with a clear night sky in her view, but her memory was cut off right in the forest, which meant someone had moved her.

‘… it was a dream.’

She had a dream about her childhood.
It was a pity that it wasn’t a dream of good times.

As she stared at the sky, she chuckled a little.

‘I cannot believe this.
I fainted because I was afraid of ghosts and to think I kill people….’

It must be proof of the trauma from her childhood.
Even so, this felt confounding.

Sarah felt a bit bad and got up.


She turned to the sound of wood burning and saw a group of people around a campfire.

“You awake?”

Isis smiled, and Sarah blankly said,

“I thought you left me.”

“Why would we abandon you

“Then where did everyone…”

When Sarah looked at the people around her, she realized they were holding back their laughter.

And she realized that the people of Ran were playful.

She sighed as she said,

“You were hiding to tease me.”

“We were planning to rest today, so…”

The green-haired man sitting opposite Isis said.
He looked as young as Isis, but he was actually the youngest in this party.

His name was Mero.

“We ran at a faster pace than usual to test how far you could catch up to us.”


No wonder their speed seemed so shocking.

“We did slow down a lot from the halfway point.”


She was about to die by then.

Sarah looked at the person she was speaking to.

The Ran was a middle-aged man with white hair and a white jewel.

It was Karlovan, who was in charge of this party, and the lieutenant.

“Still, it is an amazing thing that you managed to come after us without a rest.”

I honestly thought you would step back right at the start of the mountains.”

“As expected of the Welton bloodline.”

Everyone spoke to lift her spirit.
And thanks to that, Sarah didn’t realize it right away.

Hasyath, had taken his gloves off.

“From tomorrow, we will start again at our actual pace.
It will be better than today, but it will be tough with your current stamina, so be prepared.”

“Ah, yes.”

“It looks like the meal is almost ready.”

Hearing that, she could smell the amazing food.

Seeing the light at the back of their camp, it seemed like the food was being prepared.

“Eating is important.
Eat a lot.”

Hasyath got up first, followed by the others.
Isis approached Sarah and held her hand.

“Let’s go eat.”


Sarah took her hand and got up.

Isis said to Sarah, who was next to her,

“Starting tomorrow, let’s take a look at your sword.
It will be a harsh schedule, so be prepared.”

“I will do that.”

“Let’s go.
Before the others eat it all.”


The two of them moved.

Four days later, the search party arrived at the Rotomo Strait.

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