ng, but it was the first time he had felt such a difference in power.

Diablo looked at him and said,

“It won’t be long before you get what you want, so take a seat.”

His eyes were so cold that he couldn’t even say anything.

He just trudged back to where he was.
And when the situation was roughly settled, Hiyan sighed.

“Then why did you summon us?”

If there was no war, there was no reason to call them here.
They all had work to do.
Leaving their positions to come here could already have done a lot of damage to their races.

Their strength was needed to keep this northern land, where there was no warmth.

Diablo nodded his head.

“I found a trace.”


At that, everyone’s eyes widened.


There was no way that those gathered here didn’t know what it meant.

“Trace of… someone?”

At that time, a red-haired woman who was listening, Venna, said.
At her words, some looked at Diablo, and he said,

“Exiled God Shiva.”


Hasyath shouted, clenching his fist.

A Nature God who was said to have been defeated by the 12 Gods, and his power was known to not fall far behind Ra’s.

And the existence, who was the beginning of the Ran race.

And his traces were found.

Hasyath couldn’t help but feel excited.

“Where is it? The place where his traces were found?!”

“Calm down.”

“Do I look like I can calm down?”

Hiyan tried to calm him down, but he couldn’t.

After three stressful years of avoiding the eyes of the 12 Gods, the traces were finally discovered.

“Please tell me where you found him?”

“Rotomo Strait.”

Hearing ‘Rotomo Strait’ made him frown.

No one who lived in this world wouldn’t know it.
One of the six Bans in this world, where whirlpools, lightning, and rain never stopped.

The sea monsters were known to be ten meters tall, and the sea water was known to turn skin to stone.

However, none of those present here were afraid of the six Bans.

They were all strong.

The problem was that it wasn’t about the Bans.

“The realm of the Sun God.”

To be precise, it was in the southwest corner of the western continent, Arisha, but all lands except Olvia were protected by the Sun God.

In particular, the Rotomo Strait was an area that almost touched the Brion continent.

“Fighting will be inevitable.”

Behemoth said.

He was still small, but he knew things.

“So, by calling us together, you want to send everyone there?”

“As if.
If that happens, this land will not be able to handle the curse of Ra.”

At Jormungand’s words, Behemoth nodded.

And Diablo said,

“I will leave the selection up to you, Hasyath.
Because you are the most desperate about this.”

“I am grateful.”

Hasyath bowed, feeling grateful but not the others.

“Is that all?”

The traces of an old God were found.
Wasn’t it something to be discussed before dismissing them?

Even now, the lands in the north were suffering.
They had to take back their rightful places to face Ra.

“Not done yet.”

Diablo opened his mouth as if he had something to say and rose up.

As he descended the stairs, a black aura moved around him, and it contrasted with his pale skin.

Diablo stood right before them and said,

“Three years.
During that time, we have been crouching and working on our own.”

The land became deprived of warmth, and most lands and foundations collapsed, making it impossible to see the future.

Many people fled to the north, and some turned hostile too.

They couldn’t hold on anymore.

Based on what was left, there was nothing they could do to fend off the enemies.


“It is different now.”

Three years.

Diablo created this black tower, subdued the remaining remnants of Wrath, and took them under his control.

There were still a lot of things to do, but at this point, the foundation had been established to some extent.


“The time for a counterattack is approaching.
A war that no one wants.
It isn’t long before we can fully avenge the humiliation that happened.”

Diablo’s purple eyes glowed.

“It begins right after the old God’s traces are found.
In the process, there will be a lot of hardships because of the enemies, but everyone has a reason to hold on.”

On that day, three years ago.

Diablo abandoned his current name.

To wield nonsense.

Only to set things right through violence.

“The beginning starts after recovering the power of Shiva, the God of War.
Then we…”

Diablo twitched his lips and smiled for the first time.

“We start the war.”

Sun God.

Bring down that damned bastard from his high and mighty havens.

Go and get your hands on the power.
I will protect you.”

Everyone’s faces were filled with joy.
The chance had finally arrived to get back everything that had been lost.

But only one person wasn’t smiling.

It was Ricky, the man in gold.

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