Black completely enveloped its Master’s body as soon as it felt the strange sensation.

The darkness was swollen like a balloon.

Light began to leak through the Dark Dimension.

Jamie thought about it.
Everything that had happened till now.
He looked at it very clearly.
It was just that the variables related to the opponent were amazing.

‘Additional damage is?’

Would an explosion happen after the light?

Fortunately, there didn’t seem to be any secondary damage.

Perhaps, it seemed like the holy power was all it needed to escape.

If that was all.

“I can’t let it get out.”

His right hand was still holding onto the thread.

Still, looking at the Paladin, it seemed like it dispelled Dark Hand’s paralyzing effect to a large extent.

But Marionette threads were cut off.

‘My ‘black magic’.’

Holy power was bad for Dark Magicians.
The holy power had an upper hand over everything, thus black magic could normally never defeat the Holy power.

And it gets even worse, considering Jamie’s current level.

‘Then nothing can be done.’

The light from the opponent was coming onto everything.

He was happy that the thread was cut off.

Take down the light.’


Black spread its wings from Jamie’s back.

The darkness began to spread out like a poured black ink.

Jamie’s left hand was empty.
The Paladin withdrew.

He clenched his fist.
When the light obstructing the vision had disappeared, he could clearly see what was in front.

The back view of the Paladin flickering in light.

“Dark Dimension!”

The darkness that was torn away by the light, filled the place once again.

[Dark Spear of Curse]

A spear of ominous shape had formed.

Jamie threw the spear with all the power he could gather.


As the spear flew, the air seemed to get divided.

The Paladin gazed.

He assumed that Jamie would start preparing for another attack, but he didn’t expect that Jamie would recover from the light and attack so quickly.

‘It is… fine.’

It was still within a range he could handle.

He took a breath.
His chest began to swell.
His neck was bent back to a bizarre level.


His chest constricted, and a large amount of fire erupted from his mouth.

At the same time, the soles of its boots were torn, revealing ugly-looking feet.
It wasn’t just the feet.
The armor was split.

It was the first time that a living creature appeared with such legs.

The Paladin’s speed increased tremendously.


He expected it, but seeing it with his own eyes felt different.

Jamie smiled and spread back.

[Chain Area]

Numerous chains protruded from the ground towards the Paladin.


He couldn’t help but feel puzzled as he wasn’t expecting this kind of magic.

He got caught in an instant.

The Paladin struggled to escape, but


The Dark Spear of Curse pierced the back of the Paladin.

With curious eyes, Jamie approached him.

And clasped his hands together.

Black mana was gliding up and down.

[Death Boom!]

The darkness exploded.

The Paladin tried to harden the skin, but the darkness relentlessly smashed his armor and passed through the hardened skin.

The Paladin thought of many ways to survive the occuring hell.

But all the methods didn’t seem to work.

No, there was no method left.

If his final method was used, then surviving was possible, but the Paladin would lose himself.


There was no hesitation left in the Paladin.

Losing himself was an easy price to pay.

He was nothing but a doll anyways ‘doll’.

Something small protruded from the back of the Paladin’s neck.

At that time, a tiny body was captured by Jamie’s keen eyes.

‘The main body!’

Even with his sharp sense, it was difficult to easily capture the faint presence.

And quickly lost where it was.

The Paladin’s body dropped and fell to the ground.

The body from which the main body had been removed was nothing more than a shell.

[Coordinate tracking.]

When Jamie’s small hand touched the floor, numerous green lines overlapped horizontally and vertically, covering the space they created.

Blue mana ripped around like waves.


Nothing could be caught in it.

From the moment the main body was out, catching it became difficult.
At his current level, there was no way Jamie could capture the fading presence.


Raiza, who was watching from afar, approached.

One arm and one side were severely damaged.
And since the attack was done with Holy power, the condition seemed severe.

His already pale face was even paler as if there was no pain, he said.

“Thank you.”

“I missed it.”


Raiza’s eyes widened.

Compared to Azad, he had little change in his emotion, yet his surprised expression was quite worth seeing.

He looked at his Master and asked.

“C-can’t we quickly track it down or something?”

“We could if it was normal.”

“What does that mean?”

“It is a pity that we missed it, but it doesn’t really matter now.”

Raiza couldn’t understand anything that Jamie was saying.

Missing an enemy didn’t matter? Things could get seriously messed up.

He couldn’t understand, so he dared himself and asked his Master.

“I know that this is rude, but can Master tell me what it means?”

“W-well it is nothing.”

Jamie answered.

“The mark of black mana is not something that can be easily erased.”

The moment the lungs were pierced with Dark Hand, a thick layer of black mana would have filled the entire body.

No matter how small the body was, traces of black mana would still be buried.

“But if the enemy finds that a Dark Magician has intervened…”

“We don’t need to worry about it.”

Raiza didn’t understand either.

If it was ordinary priests, then it might not be sure, but if one was a high-ranking priest, one would be able to read traces of black mana, no matter how faint it is.

“I know what you are thinking.
But those people will never know about us.”


“Because my black magic is different from current black magic.”

The current black magic is infinitely vulnerable to holy power.

Jamie couldn’t understand that either.

Since when did black magic turn so vulnerable to holy power?

“My power is black magic created from the beginning for the purpose of ‘Killing God’.”

Which is why sometimes it is called.

“New Death Magic.
That is the black magic I use.”

So, no matter who was wielding the holy power, they would never be able to trace it back to Jamie.


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