felt it.
It must have been a trap, but she still ran toward it.

The aura on her sword was blue.

Three years.

During that time, Sarah Welton learned the sword.
She learned more things, and she was earnest too.

So it has been three years since she risked her life.

For what?


She thought of her only parent.

After the death of their father, her older brother, Jamie, never returned.

The only thing left for her was her mother, Sears.

Who should she protect?

The only thing left was herself.

Although she had the body of a woman, she had Welton blood flowing through her, and thanks to that, despite being young, she was stronger than others.

‘It isn’t enough.’

Her peers.

No, even knights wouldn’t step forward to deal with her.
But still, it wasn’t enough.

It couldn’t be just that.

Like her father, and like her brother.


Sarah’s gaze turned to the black tower in the distance.

Her emotions had gone dry three years ago, but when she saw that, she felt aware of it, and she clenched her fists.

“I need to get stronger fast.”

To do so, she had to complete the mission given by her teacher.

Sarah’s eyes shone, and her tiny body sped up.

“She’s coming!”

When one of the men gave the signal, Taika shook his head and signaled with his hand.

The terrain they were on now had a slight uphill, which gave them a little advantage.

They could ambush her the moment she comes onto this path.
It was a simple but sure plan.

But the worst could always happen.

With the ability to single-handedly slaughter dozens of people, there was a chance she could notice this.

So they prepared a chain net.

‘Besides that, we have one last resort.’

Taika grinned.

Even though they weren’t able to build a fort, they could still catch her.
But some of them had to be sacrificed in the process.

‘If I survive, the unit can be remade.’

He didn’t feel sorry for his subordinates.

Of course.

Was anyone here feeling apologetic for anything? Sure, maybe he would feel a little bad.

He taught them for years and stayed with them, but with a new unit, he could start over again.

It was still better than him dying.

“Everyone be ready.”

A subordinate who had been preparing the bait from a distance was running towards them.

He appeared to be looking behind him as if some beast was following him.

That guy would probably die.
No matter how much he thought about it, this guy couldn’t be saved.

‘How can anyone outrun her?’

Taika saw that the monster had already caught up.

Her brown hair and eyes, stained with madness, shone in this white world.

The sword.

It was thin but had a clear aura around it, a power of those who reached expert level.

And Taika was the only one capable of casting aura here.

Then why was she being called a monster?

‘She is much stronger than me!’

He didn’t have the confidence to take down the girl who slaughtered one hundred men by herself.

‘But it will be me who wins!’

Her form turned faster.


The sound of the wind being cut down sharply in the heavy snow caught their ears.

Sarah, who had caught up with the soldier, immediately cut him down.
It was just a fleeting moment.

No one else, other than Taika, was able to follow that speed with their eyes.


He shouted loudly, and at the same time, chain nets were thrown in the air.

A chain net that has been treated with magic could not be cut down.

‘She will still cut it.’

That monster was skilled, but that chain net wasn’t meant to capture her.
It was a good plan.

If they could tie her down for even a second, it was good enough.


The net fell onto Sarah’s head, and she swung her sword.


Sparks flew, and her eyes widened at the net, which was hard to cut even with aura.

This was their hidden card.

Soldiers appeared from all sides, and now that they had surrounded her, she could no longer escape.

“Die, you fucking kid!”

“My friends died because of you!”

Hateful words were directed at Sarah.

No matter how strong she was, she couldn’t possibly handle all of them.


Sarah let out a breath.

Sensing that the soldiers were coming to her, she lowered her sword like someone who had given up, and the soldiers grinned.

“I don’t blame you.”

Sarah said,

“Because I am not too different from you.”

Something changed.

She would be twelve years old this year.

Although young, she could use Futility Divide.

Her teacher said,

‘Your talent with the sword is as good as your brother’s, maybe even more?’

Her brother, Jamie Welton, had also taken three years to perfect this.
A vision passed down only to the family’s descendants.

[Sea of Hundred.]


She moved her foot very gently, and the soldiers who were there realized something was wrong.

The aura cried out.

[Futility Sky.]

There were invisible slashes in all directions, and the net, which couldn’t be cut with aura, was torn down.

She mastered Futility Divide perfectly, and she could use it however she wanted.
She had a talent with the sword that surpassed Jamie’s.

“Everyone, die!”

Sarah coldly said, and her sword dance began.

Taika, watching this, tried to run without looking back.

But it was too late.


The sword cut his throat.

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