r on the shoulder and carried Viya to her bed.

“What happened?”

When Carly approached and asked what had happened, she asked,

“Really… should we call her a filial daughter or not?”

“She is filial.”

“But we need to be careful.
What kind of child just walks out alone? We don’t know what will happen to her out there.”


Did you come home early because of her?”

I felt too anxious to keep her around and chop wood.”

“You did well.”

If it was dangerous for a man to walk alone, a child going out alone was out of the question.
And what if something dangerous happened when they were together? That wasn’t a chance he wanted to take.

“I will make sure to bring the lunchbox tomorrow.
Wash up.”

“Thank you.”

Saika went to take a bath, and Carly headed to the kitchen.

The sound of the child snoring, the sound of the kitchen, and the sound of the water were harmonious in the small house.

Then a group of people appeared in the snow-covered village.

“It is a village.”

One scout folded his telescope and reported to the man who looked like the leader.

The so-called leader straightened his beard and turned his gaze to the tall black tower.

By annihilating the villages of the Demon King’s followers, we can increase the number of reasons to seek justice.”

“How long…”

“I want to warm myself up in a warm blanket now.”

“Any women?”

“Dirty bastard! If it is a follower of the Demon King, their soul will be unclean.
Do you want to be with someone like that?”

“Which is why I will purify them.”

“Purify what?”


When the voices of his subordinates started to get louder, the captain named Taika shouted.

“Think about that after the followers are annihilated.
We are all tired, and I have to replenish my stamina as well.”

“Captain is right.”

Where did that monster come from? When we’re ready, let us console our comrades’ souls.”


Taika shook his head with a bitter face.
His unit had shrunk from over a hundred to about ten people.

It was because of the being who suddenly appeared, and they couldn’t even figure out its identity.

The monster slaughtered dozens of his soldiers in an instant.


Taika belonged to the 17th Demon King subjugation troops, which were united by the Sun God after his skills were recognized.

Even on the battlefield, he raised his merit and got promoted, but one monster that appeared a week ago was destroying him.

‘Can one thing be that strong?’

There were swordmasters who could change the flow of battles on the battlefield alone.

He heard that the great war which happened three years ago was full of such monsters, but they never appeared on the battlefield that he roamed in.

He was normally a small-scale war captain and never actually met an Apostle or a swordmaster.

‘Was it a swordmaster?’

There was no sign of an aura, though, so Taika tried to figure out what it was and what to do with the village.

Now he had to get rid of the blood on him.

“Let’s go.”


“Everyone get up.
The captain wants to leave.”

Taika’s troops headed for the snowy village in the distance.
A village based in the land of the Demon King.

That place must have his cruel followers who were covered in magi.


Madness glistened in the eyes of Taika and his men.

Saika soaked himself in hot water and came out.
It was just a few hours, but the cold was hard to get used to.

He came to the living room feeling relaxed.

“Come sit down if you are washed up.”

Carly had finished preparing the meals, and a nice smell came from the kitchen.

Saika wrapped the towel around his neck and headed to the kitchen.

There was a warm soup, savory bread, and a salad tossed with his wife’s special dressing.

It was a simple meal, but today he felt grateful for it.
Rather, their family was one of those who had enough food.

“I will eat well.”

Saika, who sat down, split the bread in half and dipped it into the soup.
And once the bread was moist, he took a bite.
The soup warmed his cold mouth.

This made him feel happy.

“When will things be fine?”

Carly, who was sitting across from him, mumbled while looking at the snow.
They could barely see the opposite house.

And it started to snow more.


“This won’t harm us, right?”


In the past, he would have said something, but now that the world turned like this, he didn’t want to say a careless thing.

“I hope everything works out.”

To normal people like them, this was an unfamiliar world.
Even after three years, it was still like that.

Just accept it.
His thoughts were filled with resentment.
It was then…


Carly suddenly raised her head and looked out the window, making Saika confused.

“What is it?”

“I heard something outside.”

“I didn’t hear anything.”

“Like a scream…?”


Saika didn’t hear anything besides the blizzard being too much.
He couldn’t hear anything outside.

But his wife was different.
She could hear the slightest sounds that were difficult for humans to hear.

Carly got up and went to the door.

The moment she turned the doorknob, she hesitated.


When Saika tried to question her behavior, Carly held out her hand.

“You must have the ears of the devil.”

And they heard the voice of a strange man.


The door was smashed.

And Carly was thrown back as she fell, and Saika ran for her.

“Viya first!”

Carly shouted.

Saika bit his lip and ran straight to the bed, where Viya was.
In the meantime, he saw a man standing near the door with an axe and a snake-like tongue.

“Take down the followers of the Demon King!”

The axe landed on Carly’s head.

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