They were surprised that Jamie, who was ahead, suddenly appeared behind them.

Count Welton smiled as he looked at his wife and daughter, who were the ones surprised.

When Jamie let them go, Sears and Sarah patted their chests as they shouted.

“Jamie! Magic is against the law of the dining room!”

“Right! Brother is being too much!”


Jamie laughed heartily, as this was a rare sight to see.

“Who do you take after? Do you think women will like it if you are playful?”

“Who he takes after…”

At Sears’s words, Count Welton was shocked.

And Sears mouthed ‘me?’ as she chuckled.

Jamie and the Count shook their heads at the same time.

“But, how have you been?”

The Count asked Jamie how he was doing.
His son arrived last night and fell asleep right away without being able to talk much.

Jamie answered as he looked at the grape juice the servant was pouring.

“It is just a series of studies.
Occasionally, I look at the magic of the disciples, and I do some closed training too.”

“The last time I saw you was around last year, and you seem stronger now.
Judging by your physical condition, you seem to be doing your swordsmanship training well.”

“I am working hard.”

Jamie smiled at his father’s praise.

The Count looked at his son with a satisfied smile at the same time.
Actually, Jamie didn’t notice that.

Sears said,

“Is there any girl you like?”

“… where would I find a girl? Mom, I am twelve.”

“Sarah is nine!”

“Yes, yes.
Sarah is all grown too.”


Sarah laughed brightly, and Jamie stroked her head.

She was once a kid, but she was growing up as well.
Even though she inherited more of their mother’s blood, Sarah was a Welton, and she was a lot taller than her peers.

Recently, he heard she was training with the sword, and when he heard about it, it seemed like she wanted to be a knight.

Actually, she did seem talented.

It seemed like the Welton bloodline was going strong.

‘Because kids always change what they want to do.’

However, he wasn’t at the age to talk about it either, so Jamie brushed it off.

The meal was fun.

Talking with his family after a long time made him feel at ease.

“Do you want to take a walk with Dad?”

During the afternoon, it rained.

There was a walkway with a glass ceiling in the Welton mansion.
It was an elegant place to be when it rained.

Jamie had nothing to do because it had been a long time since he had a day off, so he and the Count went there to go for a walk.

“Is the Magic World still having a political battle?”

“It is a lot better than before.
The royalists have almost collapsed, and the nobles care more about their estates than their intentions for the Magic World, so there was no conflict.”

Even though Equality held power, there was no conflict because their goal was to have equal rights within the magic world.

In reality, it was different because of Jamie.

A magician who had reached the 8th class at the age of ten and who was now ready to cross over to the 9th class.
Even when Jamie stayed still, everyone kept their eyes on him.

So, nothing happened.

‘Even if they move, it is none of my business.’

Since ancient times, various forces have taken turns holding real power in the Magic World.

Actually, their vested interests didn’t matter, and most people, including Jamie, weren’t interested in things like power.

“Then I am glad.”

“But Father, how have you been? I heard that you were quite busy.”

“The conflict is getting worse, so I have to often meet with His Majesty about it.
And the frequent round trips from Haiss to the capital are building up fatigue.”

“The Zenith Church…”

“It isn’t strange when a war breaks out.
We are just holding on.
Let’s sit it out.”

Count Welton sat down where he had a good view of the flower bed.

Jamie sat down beside him and watched the raindrops fall.


They were calmed by the sounds of raindrops and flowers swaying.

It was relaxing to be there after such a long while.

Then the Count called out,



“If Father is not here, how would you feel?”

“What are you suddenly talking about?”

I will stay with you forever, but people should have ifs.”

“… why wouldn’t I have Father? Don’t ask such questions even as a joke.”

Jamie didn’t answer and pretended not to hear him, but the Count was persistent.

“People are bound to die someday.
As long as your mother and I are humans, we will die one day.
Also, due to the nature of my job, it isn’t strange if I die someday, and above all, if we are from the Welton family, then we are bound to die at any time.”


“Dad heard the same question from your grandfather once.
I had the same reaction back then, but now that I am his age, I think I can understand my father’s heart.”

Why was he asking such a question?

Jamie didn’t understand, but like the Count said, human life was unpredictable.

‘I will solve that thing before it happens.’

Jamie pondered and said,

“If Father is gone, then I will be the head of the family.”


I will protect them at all costs.
Even at the cost of my life.”

In response, the Count nodded.

And he said,

“That feels good.”

Hearing those words, Jamie replied.

“But I will protect my father no matter what.
Please don’t ask such questions in the future.
Father said that families are happiest when everyone is together.”

I get it.
I get it.
I just asked one question, and my son is already scolding me.”

The Count smiled broadly and stroked Jamie’s head.

Jamie looked at his father’s face with a sullen expression and smiled.

It was the memory of his father from the past, whom he was missing.

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