understood him.
But before they knew it, his form vanished.

“Actually, the other Gods aren’t important.
The most dangerous one is Ra, the Sun God.
We will have to widen the front of the southern continent.”

Jamie agreed with Hiyan’s opinion.

The most dangerous one is him.”

Zenith was a tough opponent, but Ra was the true enemy here.
And his overwhelming power put them on high alert.

Fortunately, Pyro and Jormungand were together, so there was no need to fight Ra alone.

However, if there was a chance of winning, there was another question to consider.

“The most certain solution is to reduce his followers.”

Hasyath, the King of Ran, said while sweeping his silky blue hair to the back.

“In the end, the Gods generate their powers from the faith of their believers.
It is no different even for the Sun God.”

We have to isolate him.”

They focused on how to defeat Ra, the Sun God.

As the discussions were happening about how they should act, Count Welton listened intently.

He wasn’t an expert here, so he felt it was best to keep his mouth shut as if he didn’t know anything, and a rustling sound was heard.


A soldier appeared through the crowd, and he thought the man just wanted to look at them.

This was not a violation of the laws of the military, so he said nothing, and he couldn’t feel anything from the soldier either.

There was no hostility or threat.
He just stood there.

His face didn’t look good, and he seemed to be exhausted like the others.
Even when he drew his sword, no one sensed anything.

“In the end, you waste it all like this.”

The Count titled his head at the words of the soldier.
In a place where many were talking at the same time, only the Count could notice the movement of his lips.

“You have no hope left, Diablo.”


The ordinary sword pierced Jamie.


To be precise.


Jamie quickly turned his head when he heard the sound of a sword being stabbed, and there stood the Count, who had been pierced in the chest.

It was a situation in which no one felt anything.

The Count, who was alone, noticed what was about to happen and blocked the sword by throwing himself before his son was killed and had his chest pierced.

His body just moved on its own.


The soldier looked at Count Welton with a puzzled face.

“You, how did you know?”


“NOOOOO! My last chance was wasted like this… Kuak!”

Jamie kicked the soldier who had lost his sanity and hurriedly put Count Welton down, as he said to Ricky, “Heal!”

“I know!”

Ricky sat across from Jamie, raised his holy power, and infused it into the Count.

Jamie drew out the sword while slowly using relief spells on the wound.

“It will be fine.
Father, nothing will happen since Ricky is here.”

The sword that was stuck in his chest was a mess, but the Apostle of the Goddess was here, and the fact that his father didn’t die was good enough for him.




“… holy power isn’t working.”

Jamie thought he heard it wrong.

“What are you talking about? Enough with the nonsense and….”

“The holy power being infused is vanishing as if something is blocking its flow.”


The soldier who was pinned down burst into laughter as he staggered up and shouted,

“Poison that kills the Gods! If something like that is used on a human body, do you think he can survive?”

“Shut up!”

Jormungand, losing her temper, immediately cut down the soldier’s body with her scythe.
And the soldier’s body tore apart like paper, but he didn’t feel any pain.


Poison to kill the Gods.

It was something that could not be healed even with holy power, and now it was in the body of Jamie’s father.

Jamie’s mind went blank.
He couldn’t say anything.

He just continued to send mana to stop the poison from spreading, and if needed, he would even turn him into an undead….


The Count called for him.

His eyes were losing focus, and he waved his hand in the empty air.

Jamie took his hand and brought it to his cheek, and his father smiled.

“So you were there.”


I am your dad.”

“It will be fine.
I will fix you somehow, so do not worry.”

My sweet, sweet son.”

I am here.
Your son is right here.”

“So warm.”

“Do not lose focus, Dad.
Hold on tight! It will be fine, okay? I will make everything fine.
Your son….
your son will make it all right.”

“I cannot hear you.
I cannot hear my son’s voice.
Are you still here?”

“Here! I am here!!”

“My son’s cheeks, I can’t feel them.
Where are you, Jamie? Come here.”

“You are touching my face! Here!!”

“Is that so? Right…”


“I wanted to spend more time with you.”

“We will head back home… me….
Mom and Sarah… huh? We will stay happy together.
Happy! You should see your son getting married!”


“I am here.
I am… here.”

“Look after your mother and sister.
My son, my one and only precious one, Jamie.
Jamie Welton.”


“Be happy.
Even without Dad, make sure to find happiness.”

The hand holding his cheek was losing strength, and Jamie gripped his hand tighter, pressing it against his face.

He couldn’t believe it, even though his hand was drooping.
He didn’t want to believe it.


Despite Ricky’s call, Jamie looked at his dead father.
His hands were trembling, and he slowly lowered his father’s hand, gently closing his eyes.


The voice came again.

“Diablo, what did you dream about? This ridiculous family!”

The soldier, despite being split in half, was crawling on the ground and shouting at Jamie.

“Fucking bastard.
You fucking asshole! You have been hiding your power until now, all because of your damned father!!”

The soldier, Zenith, coughed in anger.

The God of War and Peace.

Actually, he was never like that.
On the planet Alektros, Cadelan was the Lord of War and Peace.

And Zenith was of Deception and Gluttony.

He was an evil God.
A being who tried to trick everyone around him every chance he got.

And that power could only be outwitted by Ra.

And now Jamie has taken him.
No, if only he could have killed Jamie, he wouldn’t have been this angry.

“Damn itttt!!!”

“What did you say?”

It was then.

Jamie spoke in a low voice, despite the fact that everyone could hear.
Those who heard it felt terrified, and even Zenith felt suffocated.

‘Be happy.
Even without Dad, make sure to find happiness.’

Jamie looked at his father and closed his eyes.

His last will.


Jamie got up slowly.

He had no idea what state he was in.
Sadness, anger, and annoyance were all mixed inside of him.

But one thing was certain.

[The time has come.]

The voice in his head said, and Jamie closed his eyes.

I do not think I can find happiness.”


Black aura rose around him, and it wasn’t black mana.

Only Beiros felt it.


It was a massive amount that surrounded Jamie’s body like a pillar.

It was at that moment that everyone was shocked.


The ray of darkness suddenly moved.
It landed where Zenith was, and it lifted him by the head.


And the magi found its way into his head.

Zenith screamed in pain, but this was a joyous occasion for him.

“Hahahaha! Look at you! This is what I wanted to see!!!”


“You were hiding all this power? Kukuku.
Man, this suits you well, Demon King Diablo Volfir!”

The emerald light shone with the wind blowing his hair, which had become as dark as black.
The jet-black magi covered his pale skin.

And his terrifying purple eyes got everyone’s attention.

“Those damned eyes.”

“One more defeat, and you will die.”

You will never get to be happy until the day you die.

“Is that so? Then…”

Jamie grabbed his head and body and pulled him out.

“Now get out of this place, loser!”

He pulled on his neck, and the magi destroyed the body that was separated.

He would not return this time.
He was forever banished from this world.

And Jamie looked up at the sky, watching the traces of Zenith scatter.

Tears fell from his eye, and it started to rain.

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