Chapter 367: Happiness (2)


Count Welton landed lightly and set Jamie down.

Jamie stumbled at first, but with the help of the Count, he didn’t fall to the ground.

“You seem very exhausted.”

“A little.”

Actually, he wanted to lie down right there and sleep, but the situation didn’t seem so good.
The army of angels was still pouring in, and the divine beasts were still there too.

Of course, it was all meaningless now.

The golden light flashed once again in the sky.
The Heaven’s Gate, which was sending out angels, began to close slowly, and the angels that got disconnected from heaven due to this, fell to the ground like puppets that had their threads cut off.

Angels were also beings of the heavenly world, and when their link with heaven was cut off, they failed to function normally.
This was because they weren’t forms of life but they were a technical-like existence made in another dimension.

The approaching hundreds of thousands of enemies fell down at once.


The divine beast of Zenith, Ismenios, sighed.

And with that, a black shadow came into view as the wind was cut down, and slowly, a scythe appeared.

“Go back to your father now.”

As Jormungand ended its life, she smiled.
The specters that had offered her the holy power until now, devoured the corpse of the divine beast.

The other two beasts also met the same end.
When the war came to an end, the soldiers who didn’t have their powers sucked by Zenith, quickly surrendered.

It was useless to lose more lives here, so Pyro’s people didn’t kill them but took them in as prisoners.

The long-running war against Zenith, which had resulted in unsightly events, had finally come to an end.

Jamie was able to breathe a sigh of relief as the fights ended.

“Ricky has grown up so much.”

He nodded at the words of the Count.

As his father said, Ricky had turned into a strong person who could accept the Goddess’s descent.

Seeing the black mana emanate from him, it seemed like he had mastered the use of the power of the undead too.

When he saw Ricky before, he couldn’t sense any black mana, but it had awakened in the war.

‘Well, Pyro didn’t descend.’

It seemed like she decided that Ricky could deal with the situation more efficiently than she could by coming down.

And it was the right decision for Jamie.

It was more likely to lead the war to victory this way than the Goddess’s descent.
And everything ended with Ricky personally defeating Zenith.

This would also increase the symbolism of the war.


What do we do now?’

Jamie saw Count Welton watching the battlefield.
Up until now, he was exhausted and didn’t have the time to think.


‘What do I say…’

The Count probably saw everything.

The image of him fighting Zenith, the undead troops, and the familiars.

Even a normal person would know something was strange, and out of everyone, the Count must have realized it a long time ago.

What would it mean if he didn’t ask him?

When Jamie looked up, Count Welton didn’t even turn as he spoke.

“You don’t have to look at me like that.
I will not ask anything.”


“Do not be afraid.
No matter what you are, Father, Mother, and Sarah are always on your side.
That is what it means to be a family.”

As he said this, he smiled as if it were nothing.

And this made Jamie feel even sadder.
It was funny that he couldn’t muster the courage to speak to such parents.

Not knowing what he was going through….


Bianca came up with the undead troops.

Jamie rubbed his forehead and looked at them.

Bianca stood there with her eyes shining purposefully and menacingly, and the undead troops behind her weren’t much different.
In particular, the skull of Lich Nebro, who was now an elder Lich, stood out.

“… such wonderful subordinates.”

When Count Welton saw the undead army, he was a little shocked, so he couldn’t control the look on his face.
However, from what he said, it seemed like he was trying to act calm in front of his son.


“It is fine.
Really fine.
It is fine.”

He continued to say, ‘It is fine,’ but then added, ‘Let’s not show this to your mom.’

Jamie nodded with an embarrassed face and spoke to his undead army.

“Everyone did good.
Just go back and rest.”

When Jamie reopened the Inverse Heaven Gates, the entire undead troops were sucked into it.



The Lich stood silently.

Fortunately, it wasn’t just the two of them.
No, was it even right to say this was a fortunate incident?





Jormungand, Behemoth, and Prometheus all came back together.

One dark-haired woman with a black dress wrapped tightly around her body, a three-eyed cow flying in the sky, and an emo boy.

Well, this was an unlikely combination, but since the undead army had already been seen, this wouldn’t be a problem.


But this was the problem.

Jormungand rushed at Jamie because she didn’t know who was next to him.
And Jamie, who was freaking out, pushed her away.

She fell back with a shocked face.

“W-Why, Lord?”

“… first stop with the Lord thing.”

“Huh! Then you will finally accept me…!”


Jamie shook his head and face palmed himself.

And looking at Count Welton, he decided to explain, unable to bear any misunderstanding.

“They are my subordinates.
It isn’t because of some strange thing, so don’t misunderstand.”

“… it is fine.
So you don’t have to make excuses.”

“No, for real…”

“It is fine, son.”

Count Welton nodded to Jamie with a look of acceptance(?)

This made him more frustrated, as he couldn’t explain it anymore.
And his familiars were shocked, as if they had only read the situation.

But then, his trouble never ended.


A soft voice.

Jamie was happy with the way he was called for the first time, but on the other hand, his eyes darkened.

A woman with red hair, fluttering and flying with large wings, landed directly in front of him.
The girl, with her arms stretched out, balanced herself.

Venna, who was now a mature woman, stood in front of Jamie.


And she had a bright, cheerful voice.

Why did her personality seem a lot brighter than in Avalon?

Fortunately, she didn’t throw herself at him.
But that wasn’t all.

Jamie looked at Count Welton with an awkward smile.

And he nodded as he said,


“It is fine.
Being called Master is a good thing.
Ah, right.”

“… right?”

Was it an illusion or what? Count Welton’s expression was becoming increasingly stern.

Jamie looked at his father and said to Venna,

“Yes, Venna.
First, greet my father.”

“Ah! I greet the Father! I am Venna, the Queen of the Valkyries!”

Now, Count Welton was taken aback.

Jamie was taken aback too.
He didn’t think she would have already taken up the title of Queen.
And the problem was that the Queen of the Valkyries was now greeting the Count too politely.

“And you called my son Master, so I ended up mistaking you for an ordinary fairy.
It is my honor to meet the Queen of the Valkyries.”


“Y-You don’t have to!”

When Count Welton bowed his head, both Venna and Jamie were embarrassed.

They didn’t think the situation would be this awkward.
And the two familiars and Prometheus were only watching as if a rare sight were unfolding.

Fortunately, it ended well.

“This isn’t an official place, so let’s be more comfortable with each other.”


Count Welton accepted Venna’s request with a bit of a confused face.

Unlike Jamie, who wasn’t very noble, Count Welton had the nature of a nobleman ingrained in his body.
Furthermore, because he was representing the Seldom Kingdom, he couldn’t be acting arrogantly or incorrectly.

Even to his son’s subordinate.

‘The Queen of Valkyries is my son’s subordinate…’

He wondered what happened but decided not to ask, as he told the son he wouldn’t.

He couldn’t take back his words, so he didn’t speak.

Instead, he said,

“I worked hard when Father and I were far…”



“… Lord.”

But he couldn’t end his words as the attacks on Jamie didn’t seem to stop.

Ann and Lennon landed in front of Jamie on Beiros’s shoulders.

The two disciples bowed their heads.

“We greet the Count.”

The Count nodded at their greetings.

“You have been through so much.
Take it easy.”

With his permission, they rushed to Jamie, and Beiros looked at them.

Jamie sighed as he looked at the three and said,

“Why are you here? Why did you come to such a dangerous place? You are still lacking.”

“If Teacher suffers, then his disciples should too!”

“And we aren’t weak as before.”

The disciples replied, making Jamie smile.

“How did you get here? I didn’t realize you were here.”

“About that….”

Beiros had a puzzled expression, but Jamie knew why.

Beiros had been neglected ever since they came from the Devildom.
And without Ann, Beiros might have gotten lost.

Of course, there was no way that Jamie was considerate either.

“You have Gremia?”


Jamie made Gremia look like a necklace and ordered Beiros to hide his magi in there.

He was worried that he might have lost it, but Beiros still had it on him.

If Gremia were lost, then everyone would turn to Beiros.

He was happy, and he looked at Count Welton, who seemed a bit startled.
Right, his father was right here.

He introduced Beiros.

“Ah, this friend… We somehow had to fight together…”

“Father has eyes and ears too.
This person is a subordinate?”


“Jamie has a lot of subordinates.
Even though I might not know everything, I surely know some things.

What did the last laugh mean?

Jamie smiled awkwardly.

It was then…

“Jamie Welton.”

A woman called for him.

And he turned to see a light-blue-haired woman approach him.

The woman brushing her hair behind her ears moved and greeted everyone with a calming smile.


And I am glad to meet everyone here.”

It was Frontier, led by Isis.

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