fallen followers.

The holy power was being taken away.


And his limbs began to regenerate in an instant.

All the minor wounds healed, and he returned to his original appearance.
To protect himself, he sacrificed the lives of tens of thousands of his fallen and living followers.

Jamie gritted his teeth.

“You fucking devil…!”

“I am glad.”

“Glad of what? You trash! What the fuck did you just do?!”

“I am glad I didn’t lose power.
I would have been in trouble if I stayed in the Land of Victory any longer.”

No matter what Jamie said, Zenith was mumbling about his own importance.

“I had to do this.
I couldn’t be stuck in there.
Is this called luck?”

“What are you going on about?!”

Jamie jumped through space and appeared right before Zenith, aiming for his throat.

“You see Diablo.
Everything has already ended.”

With just an index finger, he stopped the sword.

Actually, he didn’t have to do that.
He wasn’t in a condition where he didn’t have to touch something to stop it.

On the other hand, Jamie was already drained of his power.
Even if the sword wasn’t blocked, he couldn’t have cut down Zenith all at once.

Still, the reason Zenith did this was to show Jamie their gap in skills right now.

“Now come and be a part of me.
Then I will spare your family and friends.
I promise.”

Zenith put on a kind smile and said as if he was a holy being presenting a good option to Jamie.

“… fucking insane bastard.”

To which Jamie answered.

“You will do that either way.”


A spear was summoned right above Jamie’s head.
With his current power, there was no way Jamie could avoid it.

This was the end.

[You did well.
I will take it from here.]

A two-toned voice came up in Jamie’s head.



The huge spear broke into shards of gold light and fell straight toward Zenith’s shoulder.

Zenith’s eyes widened.


His face was clearly shocked.
It was too sudden.

And Jamie didn’t miss his chance.

‘This is my last chance.’

[Inverse Heaven.]

One chain stuck out of the space where the Inverse Heaven Gates was.

Zenith tried to stop it, but it was too late.


The chains immediately dug into Zenith’s chest.

“Stop… and come out of my friend’s body!!”

With all his might, he used all his strength to get Zenith out.


And his soul was pulled out.


Lightning shone everywhere.
Zenith was already coming out of Diomedes’s body.

He tried to hold onto the body, but once the chains caught something, they would never leave it.

“My… win!”


The soul and body were completely pulled apart.

And Diomedes’s body, which was only a shell, began to fall down.
And things changed.

Jamie smiled as if he was done doing what he wanted.

As he fell to the ground, someone passed by and quickly flew to where Zenith was.

A boy with dazzling blonde hair and a holy sword in his hand.

No, he was a bit too grown to be called a boy, and he was someone Jamie knew quite well.

“Why are you so late?”

As he received the Goddess’s full power, Ricky swung his sword.

[Sword of Judgement.]

The sword that punished the guilty shone like gold in the sky.


The golden light filled the sky.

Just what the hell was he up to until now?

‘Since he appeared at the moment of crisis, I should look at this.’

It was a pity that he couldn’t end Zenith with his own hands, but his back was wet in sweat as this was the desperate moment of the fight, and he hoped Zenith was scared to death.

No, literally dead would be better.

He absorbed more Gods to grow to a higher level.

If Jamie ended up being a part of Zenith, the God would continue with his murders.


“Damn it… I am so out of strength.”

He turned his head and looked at Diomedes, who was falling a little faster than him.

If he left him alone, he would fall down and turn into a lump of flesh.
But Jamie himself couldn’t even move.

It was then….

“I don’t know who that is, but I will take care of him.”

Jamie’s eyes widened at the voice he heard.

“… Hawks?”

Hawks, a member of Frontier and the Bird Tribe, spread his wings wide and headed to where Diomedes was falling.

Did he come here all the way from Frontier?

No, not just him.

The situation below became clear to Jamie for the first time.


There were female warriors with wings fighting the angels, warriors with jewels on their heads helping the humans fight, and men and women with long ears helping everyone with their powers.

And soldiers wearing the armor of the Seldam Kingdom were everywhere.

‘Everyone came.’

For the survival of this land.

Everyone longing for freedom had reached one place with one hope.

And now, numerous races have joined forces to fight against Zenith.

Just like in the past.

As he thought about it, it looked like the Resistance was fighting down there, and this brought him an indescribable sense of satisfaction.

“People… are never alone.”

People aren’t alone.”

And someone gently hugged his body.

Confirming his identity, Jamie smiled for the first time since he joined this war.


“You suffered so much, my son.”

Count Welton looked lovingly at his tired-looking son and nodded.

Only then did the realization hit him.

The long, long war with Zenith was coming to an end.



Not yet.

In the end, it turned out like this.

‘But it isn’t over yet, Diablo.’

At least not for you.

No matter how much hope you have in your heart now….

All of that will be trampled on.

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