“We’ll soon reach the battlefield! Give me a little more power!”

Count Welton, who was in the lead, lightly kicked his horse in the side and increased his speed.

Behind them, the elite troops of the Seldam Kingdom followed.

Isabelle, the Queen of Seldam, entrusted him with full authority and the position of commander, choosing the best people from all over the kingdom to support him.

Even though there were only about 1,000 of them, there is no doubt that they were capable of destroying a small nation.
And it wasn’t just them.

A huge clash of power can be felt in the distance.”

The magic troops were also with them.
Luke, the 5th elder, was serving as the commander of the magic troops, and he could feel that the battlefield wasn’t too far away.

Count Welton nodded his head.

Even his senses were being shaken as he could feel the mana tremble.

Has there ever been such a great war?

Even in the war between the nations of the north and east, which happened a few months ago, it wasn’t this fierce.

At that moment, the dispatch that had been sent earlier was waving a long flag.
Everyone was shocked by this.

Count Welton slowed down the advancing troops for a moment and told the captains and commander to move closer to him.

“How is the state of the battlefield?”

“H-How do I say it?”

“Tell me everything without leaving anything out.”

“Do not be too shocked, and listen closely.”

What was happening on the battlefield? What was up with their expressions?

Count Welton looked at him with a frown as the man said,

“… your son.”

At those words, Count Welton was shocked.

He thought he had heard something wrong.

“My son?”

Luke, who was next to him, was also shocked.

Why was he suddenly talking about Jamie Welton? He hadn’t heard anything about Jamie going to the battlefield.

The man continued.

“I didn’t get to hear much information beforehand.
But I saw it with my own two eyes.
Your son… is fighting.”

Since this was a battle, fighting was only natural.

However, the way this man was saying it was unusual.
And this man named Pabal saw him.

Pabal continued.

“God… fighting… I confirmed that he is fighting God Zenith.”

There was silence.

Jamie was fighting God Zenith?

Could anyone believe those words?

Count Welton just looked blankly.
He knew that Jamie was stronger than him, but now he is fighting against a God?

The 12 Gods were the rulers of this land.
They were omnipotent beings.

Was it possible for a human to confront them?

“Seriously shocking.”

It was then.

A wind seemed to blow over their heads, and a woman in white clothes appeared in the air.

No one had sensed her presence until now, and her pointy ears indicated she wasn’t human.

“For the God of War to appear.”

“Who are you?”

Count Welton drew his sword and aimed it at the woman, whom he thought was an elf.

The elf woman smiled as she looked at him.

No human could match her level of beauty, and the Count was more certain that she was not an ordinary elf.

“High elf.”

“As expected, I heard that you are a human who has reached the Grandmaster level.
Your insight isn’t narrow.”

The high elves were the ones who ruled the forest, and along with the dragons and the Rans, they were considered one of the three major races.

They were as good at magic as dragons and spirits.
All of them were at a level above humans.

It was most likely the power of the spirit that helped the elf stay hidden.

“Why is a high elf here…?”

“For the same reason as you.”

“The same reason as us?”

That is what we came for.”

With those words, numerous high elves appeared behind her.
There seemed to be around one hundred or so, but one person managed to notice so many elves above them.


The magicians were shocked, and Luke couldn’t even speak out of shock.

The three major races?”

“Why pretend as if you were cool? It is just shocking.”

In the meantime, Beiros, who was a bit far, said something, and Ann stabbed him in the side.

“Who is so shocked?”

“You, Mister.
You were shocked.
Are you not?”


Lennon was surprised that Ann could control this beasty monster.


The high elf woman introduced herself to the Count.

“My name is Hiyan.
I am the manager of the World Tree.”

It is said that the one who manages the World Tree is the Queen of the elves.

In other words, she was the strongest high elf.

“Please look after us, commander.”


The Count was at a loss for words but soon smiled.
Their goal was the same.

To win this war.

Strong allies appeared, so there was no reason not to welcome them.

“Well, it seems like there are many more besides us who want freedom.”

“There are more?”

“Shouldn’t we meet them soon?”

Those words confused Count Welton, but he didn’t have to think about it.

They had come this far.

It didn’t matter who came here as long as they weren’t enemies.


From the moment he heard his son was here, the Count’s mind had been a mess.


The Count sped up, and the troops followed him quickly.


Prometheus exhaled, looking at the three individuals he was fighting.

Certainly, all three were Apostles, and dealing with them wasn’t easy.
No matter how fatal the attack was, they would recover with holy power, and getting the upper hand felt difficult.

‘There are limits to the Airspace and Void.’

Both techniques had reached their limit, and it wasn’t easy to inflict a strong attack on their defenses.

Conversely, he had to be careful of their attacks because there were three of them and he was alone.
The only one who could break the balance of this fight was Ricky, who was waiting for the Goddess to descend.

“So annoying.”

Tantiras’s Apostle said with an annoyed face.
The others were probably feeling the same.

“I don’t know where they’ve been hiding someone like you, but if you want to leave, we won’t pursue you.
Do not die in vain here.”

“What nonsense! I want his head! I need to crush it myself.”

Khulun’s Apostle tried to mediate the fight by letting Ricky leave so that he would be killed, but the Apostle of Drian yelled in anger.

Either way, both of them were disgusting, and Prometheus didn’t even care.
He just looked at Ricky and asked,

“How long?”

“… 5 minutes.

10 minutes was good enough, but it was a long time when it came to handling three people at the same time.

[Shadow Sword.]

A sword rose from the shadow beneath him and moved to pierce Prometheus.

“It won’t work.”

Because the technique had already been used to damage the opponent, the same attack returned to the caster.
Also, the attacks were nullified due to the Invincibility Skill and only fell on the caster.

The Apostle of Tantiras grinned.

“Is that so?”

[Invisible Shield.]

The Apostle of Khulun moved.

“You will not even see what hits you.”

The shield was aimed at Prometheus.

The Invisible Shield was kind of a command.
An authority that showed the full effect of a skill.


He didn’t expect magic to be used, so Prometheus felt his chest burning.
Blood was already dripping from his mouth.

“What kind of brain does your head have?”

At some point, the Apostle of Drian had gotten close to him and clenched his fist.
He used the power of violence.

The Invisible Shield was still aiming at him, so he couldn’t use any tricks.

‘Damn it.’

If they were in his area of control, then the Apostle of Drian would also take the same damage.
But this ignorant Apostle didn’t seem to care about it.

“I will recover quickly!”

An Apostle is a being closest to a God and one that can use a lot of holy power.
As long as it wasn’t an instant kill, they were like cockroaches that didn’t die.

As Prometheus clicked his tongue, he joined his index and middle fingers at their tips and brought them to his chest.

“Expand the field!”

“Too late!”

As he said, it was faster to use his fist.


[Absolute Defense: Aegis.]

In front of Prometheus, a blue curtain that looked like a hive was piled in layers.
It compressed the space into a shield, filling the empty space like the last piece of a puzzle right before his eyes.


The highly compressed space exploded, destroying everything in its path.
But the Absolute Defense was solid.

“We will help you now!”

A man’s voice was heard from above, a voice he was hearing for the first time.

Prometheus looked up.

The baggy clothes were far from the clothes of this continent, but they were familiar to him.

“… Ryo’s clothes?”

Although they appeared to be a little better than in the past, these were clothes worn by a noble in Ryo.

When he thought about it, it felt like he had seen this man before, from the multiracial group he saw when killing the Dragon God.

The man was one of the leaders.


[Phenomenon Change: Top Play.]

He swung a clumsy-looking stick with a wooden top tied to a white thread, and it fell on the head of Drian’s Apostle.


There was a violent sound as the top fell, but it wasn’t an attack the Apostle would die from.

Drian’s Apostle had caught the falling top, held it in his hand, and crushed it.

“What kind of fucking child tricks….”


[Moonlight Resonance.]

The night was yet to come, but the moon rose even in the late afternoon, and something like a silver thread spread in the air.

Khulun’s Apostle shouted, annoyed,

“Avoid it!”


The curved blade wrapped in aura cut Drian’s Apostle through his shoulder.

The owner of the blade was Jin, who lightly landed on the ground with a silver thread extended from the blade.

But Tantiras’s Apostle moved from the shadows, blocked the blade, and kicked the man in the chest.

But before that, Aegis moved to Jin and prevented him from being kicked.

Tantiras’s Apostle grabbed Drian’s Apostle and moved to escape, but a shower of feathers as strong as steel rained from the sky.

“Look at this.”

He immediately unfolded Void.

“I am not done yet.”

At that moment, a man with gray hair and a gray jewel on his forehead appeared from the sky, and a red aura formed on both of his hands.


[Annihilation Game.]

The gray jewel shone brightly.

Ran’s warrior, Clark, drew all the strength he could from his unhealed body and stretched out his fist.

This wasn’t an attack the Apostles could avoid.

[Defense Technique.]

The moment when all three raised their holy powers to defend themselves….

“I don’t know what it is, but thanks for giving me a nice chance.”

[Demonic Spear.]

It was the strongest attack that was created by combining the power of demons, black mana, and the 13th holy power.

“For the annoying one.”

The spear was thrown at Khulun’s Apostle.

Aegis covered the area, so they couldn’t escape or find anyone to help them.

Prometheus wasn’t sure who these people were, but they helped and bought him time.

“One at a time”



Before the Invisible Shield could be activated, the Demonic Spear pierced the chest of Khulun’s Apostle.

The waves of evilness exploded, denying any holy power from helping the Apostle.



The expressions of Drian’s and Tantiras’s Apostles went stiff as they watched Khulun’s Apostle fall.

This changed the tide of the battle.

Prometheus smiled at this, despite being exhausted.

“Looks good?”

He turned his head at the voice next to him.
There stood a beautiful woman with sky-blue hair and a similar jewel on her forehead.

“I wasn’t able to say thanks to you before because I was unconscious back then.”


And these are my colleagues, the Frontier.”

Prometheus’s skin tingled at the prospect of this land finally uniting.

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