“So clumsy!”

However, the black holy power, which surged in all directions like a sharp blade, cut down the spear, and Jormungand cut off the angel’s head.

She mumbled while watching more angels descend.

“Aren’t there too many compared to before?”

Just how many angels were made? It was as if they predicted such a day would come.

Who made so many angels?

Jormungand was swinging her scythe at the angles flying her way.

Still, there had to be an end to this.

If she could end this, she would see the truth.

“But it will not be easy.”


There was a thunderous roar from the open gate.

The scary thing about a God’s army wasn’t the angels.
Even though the angels were pouring out as if they were mass-produced items, there were more terrifying things.

Something appeared from the Heaven’s Gate.

“Such a noisy battlefield.”

A huge dragon.

It was similar to a dragon but different.
But its size wasn’t lacking compared to an elder dragon.

Jormungand knew what it was because she had fought with it once before.


It was Zenith’s beast.

-It had been a long time since I had seen that annoying face.
My blood is boiling!

Behemoth attacked.


A dark blue light shot towards Ismenios, who was descending.

A huge explosion occurred, sweeping away the angels nearby.

[A beast just as huge.]

Ismenios emerged from the explosion with no wounds.

It exhaled the holy power of Zenith from its long mouth.

[Don’t look up at the sky above!]

“You don’t have to mention it.”

Right before it let out its Breath, Jormungand approached its neck and smiled.

“Let’s fight like snakes!”

Her black holy power changed into a huge scythe and fell on Ismenios, but the attack didn’t work.

“We really should play.”

[Invisible Shield Ver.

The black holy power scythe vanished, and Jormungand frowned, looking at the beast.

A beast in the form of a rat, Etica, the God of Khulun’s beast, appeared.

“For our God.”

[Void Island Ver.

From behind, she could feel Tantiras’s holy power.

When she turned around, she saw a frog sitting in the air.

It was Tantiras’s beast, Vrexia.

Jormungand clicked her tongue and distanced herself.

Void Island was an attack that could be blocked by her holy power.


Breath was exhaled from Ismenios’s mouth.

If the Breath hits the ground, the damage to human life would be huge.
And Behemoth hastily blocked the power, but he couldn’t fully stop it.

At that moment, a trail of red light flew through the air and swung like a hammer at the Breath.


A bright light shining over the battlefield crushed the Breath.

A red hair and dress fluttered in the strong wind.

The wings of a fairy were flapping around.
And the red-haired woman went up to Jormungand and swung her hammer at the rat.

“Who are you…?”

Before Etica could ask, the hammer landed on its head, and the beast-like rat quickly dodged it, but the red afterimage moved.


Etica, who used holy power as a shield, crossed its arms to block the hammer.

But it was having difficulty blocking it, considering the crumbled expression on its face.

Besides, the attack didn’t just end there.

The head of the hammer held by the red fairy cracked, and a blue jewel appeared, then powerful energy exploded.


Khulun’s divine beast screamed as it fell to the ground.

As soon as she defeated her target, she moved on to the frog.
The red trail was freely moving in the sky, and the hammer felt like it wanted to smash the head of the frog.

“I don’t know what you are doing, but it won’t work on me!”

Vrexia disappeared.


Jormungand emitted holy power.

[Soul Interference.]

It was the power she obtained while awakening her holy power.
Supported by the countless dead souls, she could interfere with the world of others.


Vrexia winced and stopped moving.
The soul is the essence of living beings.
By manipulating it, one can manipulate its effect on the body.


The hammer hit him hard on the head and caused another huge explosion.

Vrexia’s eyes rolled back, revealing the whites.
Ismenios was shocked at this red woman who suddenly appeared.

[Who are you?]

Jormungand helped, but this woman was able to take down two divine beasts at once.
Neither died, but it was surprising that they got hit.


The red fairy sighed and brushed her hair back.
Jormungand was so close to her that she could see her face.

Red hair, a dress, and fairy-like wings.

A face that she had seen somewhere.
It was a long time ago, but she knew who it was.


The Valkyrie Queen.

Although she didn’t agree with her Lord, Diablo Volfir, and took a different path, she also resisted the 12 Gods.

However, she heard that after being defeated by the 12 Gods, she and her race all fled to forests.


But then Behemoth shouted.


A name she had heard before.

A girl who accompanied her Lord.
A red fairy resembling Netis called Venna said,

“I am here to help, Behe!”

With those words, the Valkyrie troops appeared above.

To fight against the armies of angels.

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