Chapter 21: Zenith Church (4)

Jamie didn’t know what to think of the blind girl in front of him.

‘Is she a saint?’

She was a being who could use the power of Gods more freely than anyone else.

In his time as Diablo, they were the ones who troubled him the most.

However, the girl’s power was nothing compared to Jamie’s, and she was still not great enough to be called a saint.

Saints were called agents of God.

Masters who worship the Gods.

A great army rose.

At the Saints’ command, people unhesitantly sacrificed their own lives.

Those people even pushed the mighty Dark Magician into a corner.

The Wave of Fanatics.

It still scared Jamie when he thought about it.

‘However, it is undeniable that this child is born with the qualities of a saint.’

A blind girl.

And her name was Anna.

Ricky’s younger sister hadn’t yet realized the powers she held.

It didn’t matter if she wasn’t aware of it at all, but Jamie had never come across a case where one didn’t know about their powers.

‘Besides, she is a Saint with special eyes.’

Normally, a strong energy would form in one specific part of the Saint’s body.

In Anna’s case, it was her eyes.

It was a case where she was born different because of the strong holy power.

She might not see a single ray of light right now, but Jamie had no idea how far her vision would be once her Saint power came out.

At least one thing was certain.

‘You will be able to see everything about this world.’

Holy power too.

Maybe even the natural changes.

She would possess the All-Seeing Eyes.

‘Should I kill her?’

It wasn’t known when, but Anna had the potential to become a very annoying enemy.

Right now, Zenith Church had her in their orphanage.
And Jamie was confident in killing her.

“Why are you looking like that? Did you fall in love with my sister?”

As Jamie kept staring at her, Ricky smiled and asked.

He looked at Ricky.
He wasn’t a bad kid.
When he saw the kid on the streets at night, he was angry because of how bleak his future looked, but Ricky was different now.

If Anna was killed, he would lose his only family.

It didn’t matter.
What could Ricky do even if he was upset?

‘The only problem which might arise when this child is killed.’

She hadn’t awakened her Saint powers, but the high-ranking people of the church must have noticed it.

And if something wrong happens, they’ll give up their roles and start digging for answers on her death.

Killing her seemed reckless.

But it couldn’t be left unattended either.

‘With whose power was she born?’

Even if it was the ‘Apostle of God’ or the ‘Saint.’ Until the child awakens her powers, one wouldn’t know which God had endowed her with the power.

Which was why Jamie decided to leave the child alone for now.

It would be nice if it was Zenith, but if not…

‘Doesn’t matter whose it is, I’ll rip it off.’

Or use her elsewhere.

He didn’t know why, but the existence of the orphanage was suspicious.

“Brother~ read me a book.”

Then Anna started looking for a book by touching her surroundings.

“Anna! That is dangerous.
I will go bring it.”

“But, I can find the book too!”

“I know that.
Still, when you have me by your side.
I will be the one doing things for you.”


Anna smiled faintly and nodded her head.

They were good siblings.

They probably grew up by relying on each other.
Their relationship was more than just the blood flowing in them.
It was like they were of the same body.

Jamie looked at that without a word.

Ricky read the book, not caring about Jamie.
He seemed to be the kind who didn’t care about others when it came to his sister.

Jamie remembered Sarah when she’d be playing with Sears.

Anna looked older than Sarah.

‘If I just reach out.’

It won’t take more than a second to kill.

No matter what God had endowed her, it was natural that she’d be Jamie’s enemy in the future.

Then, killing her now was the right choice, but it was a pity it couldn’t be done.

‘Maybe I should just be happy to find a child with Saint qualities?’

It was better to know than be ignorant and suffer.

Of course, ‘knowing and not being hurt’ is the best, but with his current skills, it was difficult.

Or, would it be better to bring her to his side?

Maybe making her take Jamie’s side.

‘As long as she is like this because of her God, it’ll be difficult.’

That cannot happen unless Jamie is fine keeping an agent of God next to him.

And that won’t happen unless the sun rises in the west.

Because Jamie’s hate for the 12 Gods wasn’t small.

‘I’ll have to watch for a while.’

Fortunately, her brother was kind to him.

A lifesaver he was to Jamie.

But being there was annoying.

Jamie stood up.

Ricky, who was reading the book, asked.


“I need to leave.”

“Hm? Ah, it is late.
That uncle isn’t back to pick you up yet.”

“It is fine.”

He would go and find him.

Or leave alone.
The man could come back as he already knew the path now.

For now, he wanted to go home and get some rest.

Jamie walked out of the room.
Ricky asked his sister to excuse him and followed after Jamie.

“I will guide you to the entrance.”

Jamie could find that without a guide.

But he didn’t refuse.
After all, he needed to be closer to Ricky.

Jamie asked.

“Is there something you want to be?”


At the unexpected question, Ricky mumbled.

“Is there anything you want to be?”


When asked about that, Ricky held the back of his head with his interlaced hands and pondered.

“I never thought about it.
My sister and I didn’t exactly have the time to think about our future.
To put it bluntly, I want to protect my sister until she dies?”

“What about you?”

“As I said, I never thought about it.”

Ricky’s life revolved around his younger sister.

There was no need to ask Anna.
She’ll probably say a similar answer.

“Then what if something happened to your sister?”

“… what is the purpose of your questions?”

I just want to get to know you better.”

“It’ll be like losing half of me.
Because she’s my only family.”

But they did make a few friends in the orphanage.

Ricky laughed.

Jamie knew it.
The most sticky and stuffy feeling in the world.

Family love.

The biggest emotion in Ricky.

“I see.”


At that moment, Ricky stopped.

Jamie looked at him.

“I had a dream recently.”

“… what?”

“I didn’t know that it was a dream, but now that I think about it, it seems like a dream which I want to turn true.”

“What was it?”

“A friend in this orphanage was chosen by God and went to the main church yesterday.
A deal to receive the official name and take up a priest position.
My dream is to be chosen by God and become a great priest.”

“… is that true?”

“Huh! He went yesterday.
I was really envious! I want that!!”

Ricky clasped his hands and said that.

But Jamie didn’t listen.

‘Young kids.
Main church.’

Several words ran through his mind.

It was like a messy puzzle.

‘No way!’

And then, piece by piece, the misaligned ones began to fit.

‘I am not sure.’

Jamie asked Ricky one more question.

Where were you before you came to the orphanage?”

“On the streets.”

“Before that?”

“Hm… it is a bit embarrassing to say.”

“It is fine.”

“In Lival.”

At the word ‘Lival,’ Jamie almost screamed.

‘Then I am right!’

Doubt turned into certainty.

Zenith, that bastard would never help anyone.

Everything he did had a purpose.

‘I don’t know what, but I’ll find out later.’

The corner of Jamie’s lips rose.

Ricky looked at him and tilted his head.

“We had a good conversation.”

“Me too.”

The priest, the acting bishop, shook Lars’s hand.

Other than being on edge, nothing happened.

They just talked about ordinary people’s lives.

In other words, they were clearly drawing the line.
They had no intention of having a deep conversation with the Pyro priest.

As Lars didn’t bother talking about the Chimera maker.
There was a possibility that they were one with them.

‘it could be a leap, but it is still a possibility,’

The Pyro people were the ones hurt because of the Chimera creator, and the relationship between Zenith and Pyro isn’t that good.

There is no way that one who worships a God would do such a thing, but Lars, who was in charge of the case, had to consider it.

“I should leave.”

“I will guide you to the entrance.”

“I have to get Jamie, the young master.
He went with a kid named Ricky.”

“I will guide you to the orphanage.”

Thank you.”

The two of them were still having a casual conversation and moved.

When they found Ricky and Jamie walking across the street.

Priest Teria!”

“Ricky! And young master?”

When the priest asked for confirmation, Lars nodded.


We are glad to have you here.”

“Nice to meet you.”

At the greeting from Priest Teria, Jamie lightly greeted him.

“We were just coming to pick you up.
We ended up meeting.”

“I know.”

Jamie said goodbye to Priest Teria and Ricky.

“I enjoyed this.
But I need to go.”

“Come back next time!”

“Next time, I’ll show you the whole place!”

Ricky said with a bright smile.

Jamie nodded and looked at Lars.


It was just then when the two of them turned their backs.

“Ah, the Bishop is here.”

“Ah! bishop!”

Just then, Bishop Lincoln had come back.

The bishop looked at Jamie and Lars.

Just when they were heading back, the bishop appeared.

We must have had guests.”

“He is a priest of Pyro Church, and this is the young lord.”

At the words of Priest Teria, Lincoln looked at them with a startled look.

He approached the two of them.

“Such valuable guests.
I had work today, so I was out for a while.”

I had a very pleasant conversation with Priest Teria.”

“I would be glad if you enjoyed it.
I wasn’t told that our little lord would stop by here.”

Lincoln looked at Jamie with a friendly face.

He was the kind of person who would give a good impression thanks to his fatness.

“Nice to meet you.
I am Jamie Welton.”

“I know.
We are being taken care of by the land.
How can we not know the Lord’s son?”

“I feel embarrassed.”

Come back here to play anytime.
We serve delicious refreshments.”

“Thank you.”

Jamie smiled and saw the full plate knight standing behind the bishop with a helmet on.

Lars’ gaze went to the knight as well.

In a peaceful land, there was no need to be armed with a helmet except for training.

So why was the knight wearing full armor?

Above all, he hadn’t heard from Azad and Raiza about the knights.

‘Guest from outside?’

An unusual knight.

Given the holy power, it was a paladin.

‘Even then, it seems strange.’

A strange energy was mixed with the holy power.
Jamie didn’t exactly know what it was, but the one didn’t seem like an ordinary paladin.

He glanced at Lars.

‘His expression…’

Lars’s complexion wasn’t good.

As a paladin, he was more sensitive to holy power than Jamie.

There was no way he didn’t feel the alien energy that Jamie felt.
Maybe Lars knew more than him.

Lars adjusted his expression and then said.

“It is getting late.
I think we should stop meeting here.
The Count is waiting for us.”

“Ahh-it is almost dinner time.
See you again.”

Jamie and Lars went out of the church.

When they were gone, the smile on Lincoln’s face vanished.

Then looked at Ricky.


‘Was it a Pyro man?’

‘He seemed to have smelled it.’

‘Our moves need to be more careful from now on.’

If not,

Lincoln saw the fully armed paladin behind him.

‘This will be enough.’

Even if it wasn’t perfect, it was enough to slaughter the Pyro dog.

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“We should also head to dinner.”

He smiled and told Ricky.

Ricky, who felt the touch on his shoulder, answered.


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