elt like his guilt would only continue to grow, so he headed east.

‘They claimed that there is land at the end of the east sea.
I heard it too, but I guess people might be there.’

It was some story a girl called Cindy had told him.
She, too, was now part of his soul.

Prometheus found a boat and headed east.
He could see sunken ships here and there, and luckily he was able to reach this mysterious continent in the east.

The one called Ryo.

A completely different world with unique cultures than the one he was born in and a language he didn’t understand.

Strangely, this was a world where the 12 Gods’ influence didn’t reach.

‘Is this the place…’

Prometheus lived in Ryo for a long time.

And he studied their unique art called sorcery, which was similar to magic but inferior when it came to results.

That was what he thought at first.

But after studying it for many years, he realized that it was different from magic itself.

‘Its technique is to assimilate with nature and maximize the abilities.’

If magic was artificial power through mana, then this sorcery had the power to utilize nature.

And as time passed, he rose to become one of Ryo’s leading sorcerers.

At the same time, he was able to make a much stronger poison than before.


He left several of his disciples.
He was the one who taught them, but he never felt affectionate toward them because he knew that it would be a lie.

How could a guy who killed his own comrades for the sake of extending his life think about loving someone?

‘I have to do what I need to do.
All I need to do is kill the 12 Gods and pass on the flames to the next generation.’

After that, he would kill himself.

So he had to be alone.

Prometheus altered his life and lived as an untouchable human for a time.

In the process, he saw talented people, and there were times when he wanted to get close to women too.

But he didn’t.

His karma had to be cleared on his own.

Only then would he be able to be forgiven by the comrades he killed.

‘Let’s head back.’

How long was it?

He didn’t know for sure because he didn’t count, but he knew that he had lived past dragons.

But the progress in his growth wasn’t much.

In Ryo, there were people called ‘great warriors,’ but Prometheus wasn’t one with such talent.

It was difficult to constantly polish the one thing he was good at.
However, there was nothing more to do now that it had been completed.

He hit a breaking point.

And the time had come to leave.

‘Still, this poison can kill the 12 Gods.’

He was able to assimilate the completed poison through numerous sacrifices.

He worked completely alone and was confident of killing even the best in Ryo.

That was how strong his poison was.

Prometheus threw away everything and returned back to the land.

‘A world where a lot had changed.’

The world had changed since before.

The newly made humans by the 12 Gods had achieved amazing civilization which was different from the one he was born in.

Even though they infinitely developed their own skills, they were still living as slaves of the Gods.

It was clear that they would be killed by the Gods whenever they wanted to.

‘Such a brilliant civilization took root, and I want to give them freedom.’

If that had happened, the world would have been more colorful than it is now.

Humans would be able to live without looking at the other races advancing ahead of them.

They wouldn’t be crushed by the tricks of the 12 Gods like his comrades.

But all the efforts he made to kill the 12 Gods were in vain.

‘You want to kill the Gods with that poison? I’m going to die of laughter!’

It wasn’t even a God, just a saint.

Prometheus despaired that everything he had developed until now could barely harm a saint.

He absorbed his comrades’ souls to increase his life and everything he did in Ryo.

‘My God is saying this: He said that it would be fine for me to leave you as a remnant of the past, a spectacle to look at.’


He wanted to scream and kill him, but he was already defeated, so he couldn’t even speak.

It seemed like the mocking would only increase if he spoke, and now he could even hear his comrades.

I was wrong.
Kill me.’

Prometheus turned into a dead man.

His hope to kill the Gods had vanished, and his body, which couldn’t easily die, only gave him more pain.

It was time for him to feel regret and despair.

Just as he was lying on the desolate land with no hope, Jormungand appeared.

“After that, this is what you can infer.
I received your power from her and became her test subject to achieve the 13th holy power.”

Living 4,000 years with her was more valuable than living 16,000 years alone.

Jamie, who heard everything, stayed silent.

Prometheus knew what the reaction would be.

‘He must think I am trash.’

His journey itself started from the most heinous sin.

He knew that he wasn’t much different from the 12 Gods.

Perhaps he hated the 12 Gods not because his family was murdered but because he hated himself.

Even if Jamie were to kill him, he would accept it now.

But Jamie’s words shocked him.

“The task you need to do is quite clear.”

“… task I need to do?”

“Die fighting the 12 Gods.
That is your task.”

“You won’t call me trash? Why aren’t you saying that I deserve to die for all I did?”

“What nonsense is that?”

Jamie frowned.

“Aren’t I saying the obvious things? Moron, shut up, fight dying.
Even if you do that, you will not be forgiven!”

-Die! Just die! Die right now!

-This trash! How dare you poison us!!

-I want you to be torn to pieces.
Prometheus! I want you to be shredded!

Too many people hated him.

‘So fight and die.’

Then you might be forgiven for what happened that day.

Jamie smiled.

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