lse to say.

“I was the son of a peasant family in a small town called Evancross.”

“Will the Lord forgive him?”

“We don’t know.”

Behemoth didn’t understand what his Lord was thinking.

The reason Jamie didn’t kill Prometheus was that he wanted to project himself as merciful, but Prometheus was also Jormungand’s subordinate.

Prometheus would have died if he had felt the same sense of doom and devastation he had in the past.

But he wasn’t dead, and now Jormungand had to decide how to dispose of him.

In such a situation, he went to seek forgiveness, so from here on, Behemoth couldn’t think of anything.

“There is a good chance he will be spared.”


“How the hell did you meet him? You knew that that guy would be dangerous.”


Jormungand admitted it right away.

“I thought I could control him.
Actually, it was mostly against my will.”

Prometheus was a close person to her, and she believed that she could fully control him even if he didn’t reveal his true feelings.

Also, in their conversations, they just spoke without emotion.

But he, who had kept his cool until now, attacked Jamie.

No matter how many emotions were swirling inside of him, Prometheus was excellent when it came to being calm.

‘Has the existence of the Lord brought that?’

Prometheus was a degraded version of Diablo Volfir.
So she knew he could never be the original.

Was that why?

Despite not showing anything, there seemed to be some jealousy within.

“Maybe he had some sort of feelings for you.”

At Behemoth’s words, Jormungand began thinking.

The two of them had been together for a long time.
Despite his appearance as a child, Prometheus was a human who lived for a long time.

And it wouldn’t make sense if he hadn’t developed feelings after being together for 4000 years or so.

However, those feelings couldn’t be love.

‘Is it… family?’

She always talked about her Lord and how wonderful he was.
And it wasn’t just once or twice that she would give speeches about wanting him to come back.

She said those words, hoping that he would sympathize with her.
His actions, however, didn’t fit Prometheus’s personality.

Or she didn’t notice it because she wasn’t interested at all.


She never cared.
And despite being together, she never considered his feelings.

“Maybe I am the one who created the feelings of jealousy or inferiority.”

“You have always been like this, but you have changed a lot.”


I’ve always known that you wouldn’t pay attention to anyone other than the Lord.
A relentless witch and snake who devours the world—that is you.”

“There was such a time.”

“Still, I think you are better at empathizing with others now than compared to the past.”

Jormungand was a terrifying snake who ravaged the army of the 12 Gods.

Based on her personality and calculations, she could destroy thousands.
As for emotions, except with the Lord, she was cold to everyone.

It was a strange thing for Behemoth to see her worried about someone.

“You, me, and the Lord too.
Everything is different from before.”

Maybe everyone changed because they thought this was the only way to win against the 12 Gods.

Behemoth chewed on the apple and stood up.

“I should go to sleep.”

“It is good that I am not like you, horse.”

I am no horse.
I am a cow!”

“No fun.”

The world Prometheus lived in was a time before two world resets.
And it was an era that the Gods called the most boring one.

So with the world reset, mankind perished.

However, Prometheus survived.
To be precise, he accidentally survived during the world reset with a dragon’s help.

Should it be called luck?

At that time, he thought he was out of luck.

‘I should have died back then.’

Not only his family but everyone he knew had died, and he had seen it at a young age.

He wanted death.

He thought so too, but it wasn’t easy for a human to commit suicide.

Prometheus left the village, but every place he went to was in the same situation.

There were no survivors, and the world was hell for him, the sole survivor.

‘I am alone in the lonely world.’

What does he have to do to survive?

Knowing that killing himself was best, he gobbled up everything he could.
There were also times when he ate poisonous plants.

Yet he struggled to die.

He had no idea why and decided to live it out in this lonely world.

After many years, he managed to find a survivor.
An adult.

‘There were a few survivors.’

The grown man took Prometheus to a group of survivors.
And there were more survivors than he expected.

There were about 50 of them, but in a devastated world, there wasn’t a single person who cared for them.

But it was fortunate because Prometheus didn’t want to die.

Both have the same word in Korean. ↩️

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