egan to cast some spell with their hands clasped together.

And the plain mana of Prometheus got amplified by several times.

“I will show you the power that goes beyond the original source!!!”

[Black Heaven]

The black mana’s nature changed to black ink and moved around Prometheus.

[Dark Wings]

And from both sides, dark wings rose, with his skin turning black.

It was a power he had never used until now.

Even Jormungand, who gave him the black mana, never saw this.

“Take a good look, owner of the power.
This is the poison I created after countless sacrifices to kill the 12 Gods with my own hands.”

The black light that dyed the body quickly condensed into the middle finger of his right hand.

The dark wings spread wide, covering the night sky.

[Other World: Dark Heaven Emperor]

“I don’t know why you are staying still, but you will regret making me do this!”

He pressed his thumb and middle finger together and flicked them.

The condensed energy was as tiny as a drop of water as it rushed toward Jamie.

“No one can intervene as long as the Dark Heaven Emperor is in place.
Your defeat will come when you stand still like that, Diablo Volfir.”

A powerful poison to kill the Gods.

If he had used this during the fight against the Dragon God, he could have won the fight within 10 seconds.

That was how great the attack was.

“As I thought, you didn’t spend all your time fooling around, relying on my strength alone?”

It was then that Prometheus sensed something going wrong.

He didn’t notice it at first, but now it had a direct effect on the powers, so he noticed it.

“… what are you doing?”

“Dark Heaven Emperor, a wonderful Other World.
No matter how much it happened, it seemed like it would be dangerous so….”

Jamie smiled.

“I changed it to ‘My World.’”


When Prometheus looked like he couldn’t understand, Jamie explained in detail.

“I will put it simply.
I replaced yours, which was starting with ‘Other World’ to mine.
So the attack you prepared doesn’t exist in this space that I made.
It must be floating around in the dark sky.”

“W-What?! That is nonsense…! It is impossible!”

“There is nothing impossible in the world.
However, I do understand.
A human…”

Before he knew it, Jamie was standing in front of Prometheus.

And said with the coldest expression,

“You can never know until you try it.”

Prometheus felt as if a giant was right in front of him.

“… is this fine?”

Jormungand looked in the direction the two humans vanished with clasped hands and a worried expression.

It was hard to say for sure, but Behemoth trusted the Lord.

The power Prometheus almost showed was shocking even for him.

“Is this your first time seeing it?”

I didn’t think he would hide such a thing.
I guess I am not very smart.”

“What? That guy… Lord seemed to have noticed it.”

“It is complicated and difficult to tell everything from the start and to put it simply.
He is someone who doesn’t have the necessary means to achieve the goal.
I honestly don’t care.”

Jormungand had lived for a long time with that kind of mindset, but Prometheus seemed more like her.

They have been together for 3000 years, and yet it is impossible for normal humans to be at his current level.
Actually, Prometheus was never a normal human.
When she first saw him, she knew he was pretty strong.

Not at the level of the 12 Gods, but among the three major races.
And even though he lived for years, he was talented as a human.

“So he reached a level like that because he had no certain path.”


“How did you live? I should hear how life was for you.”

“That is a later issue.”

The space trembled, although weakly.

“Come out.”


A black hole appeared in the air, and Prometheus was tossed there like a puppet with its thread cut.

Jamie slipped out slowly and lightly covered it.

“Cough, cough.”

Prometheus coughed up blood and struggled to get up.

He looked like some newborn child wanting to stand up.
He just kept falling to the floor.

Jamie looked at him.



“Fighting isn’t done alone.
It isn’t about sacrificing someone.
If you win in that matter, there is nothing left for you.”

“I-I do not want to hear that from you.”

“I can guess that.
Because I was the same as you.
I know I am not in a position to say anything to anyone.”

Turning to the dark magicians and committing countless evils.

In order to get stronger, he, too, captured enemies alive and subjected them to experiments and committed all kinds of terrible deeds to weaken the Gods.

No matter how justified it was then, for him, it was still an act necessary to save the world, and yet that couldn’t be forgiven.

He knew how disgusting it was to sacrifice humans to save humans.

And he thought a lot after this birth.

Family, friends, coworkers, subordinates, and disciples.

There were a lot of things he learned from them, and he should never forget that.

So Jamie Welton was different from Diablo Volfir.

But he couldn’t talk about that.
He hadn’t lived long enough to give advice to someone.
Still, he wanted to do something he could.

“You should trust Jor more.
I don’t know what hatred has taken birth within you, but if you are with her, then learn to trust her more.”

“… what?”


The two of them looked shocked at Jamie’s words because they didn’t fit the situation.

Jamie didn’t care.

“It would be pointless to say anything more.
I will not kill you, kid.
If you are not happy, come and challenge me any time.
You will end up rolling on the ground each time just like this, and it would be nice if you could get stronger in that way.”

“What are you talking about? Why do you keep talking nonsense… you keep spouting it!”

“I don’t know either.
Simply because I think you are the reflection of the old men.

Prometheus’s eyes shone.

“Remember that when you want to eat or play, it’s better to be with a group than be alone.

Jamie shrugged.

“It is good to have someone with you when fighting enemies.
Right, it is quite good.
So try to trust the person next to you.”

It was something he was telling himself first.

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