‘So tough.’

The claw countered right away.

He jumped to the side with black mana wrapped around his right-hand palm.

With the left hand clenched into a fist, the index and middle fingers touched.


[Black Color Right Palm.]


Jet black energy erupted from the palm of his hand and smashed the scorpion monster.

The scorpion monster’s skin turned black right away.

And he put his left hand on his chest before stretching out.




The shell, which had cracked a little, widened up more and more.

Prometheus watched with his purple eyes, summoned Road Flower to make petals, and, at the same time, destroyed the monster.


The shell fragments scattered on the ground and disappeared as dust.
And Prometheus sighed as he looked at what the other two were doing.


Jormungand was slaughtering monsters left and right with black holy power, and Behemoth was trampling on them.

The problem was that the black monsters weren’t being pushed back so easily despite that.

Just like the scorpion monster he faced, monsters beyond their imaginations were being summoned,

Just what was this God Killer?

Prometheus moved for another monster, which was rushing for him with a wave of magic, and attacked it with another skill.


“You will stop it?”

Did this mean that they would only rush in?

Prometheus grabbed it by the head and threw it to the ground.


The magic condensed, and black mana exploded right at its head.

And he sighed.

Killing a few of them was difficult enough, and when he killed one, more were coming out.

The ability to devour the souls of those who were killed and use them like this—the first time he heard it, it sounded absurd.

When will this end?”

He felt something move beneath him and adjusted his body.

He wasn’t sure what it was, but it seemed like it would take more time to solve this.

“I will stand still.
If you are still angry, you can do a couple more.”

Jamie said while spreading his arms wide.
He was completely defenseless.

Seeing that he didn’t even feel mana around, it didn’t seem like he would even defend.

Two Breaths couldn’t deal with this man, so there was no guarantee of what would happen, but being defenseless meant anything could happen.

Still, it felt like he was seriously considering this jewel.

‘Will you forgive him now?’

The king asked the jewel, but it didn’t respond.

But he felt his body wriggle again, trying to change.

How much anger had it accumulated in order to refuse to forgive the partner it had been with?

‘Although I am not in a position to think this.’

He was still the man who killed his own brothers, both guilty and innocent, and built a throne on their blood.

There was even a brother who prayed for forgiveness.

But he just killed that brother because he thought that one day he would come to steal his throne.

Compared to that, at least the jewel had a reason.

It was reasonable to be angry with its owner, who had ignored it for thousands of years.

‘Do whatever you want.
I will…well…as long as I can see a tomorrow…I don’t care.’

…was what he said.

‘What are you changing to this time?’

His upper body rapidly turned huge, turning round.

His chest and stomach gradually expanded and began to change into some huge barrel.

A three-layered barrel with a clicking sound instead of a hole ahead and the front covered like a lens.

He couldn’t confirm it, as he couldn’t see much, but this felt like something that would cause an aftershock.

His arms and legs turned into a support stand for the body, and the yellow eyes on his forehead changed into monocles.


The cogs turned and began to analyze the body of the opponent.

And the length of the barrel adjusted to it.

It was to control the movement in order to immediately take down the enemy.

And the cylinder was moved to the left and right accordingly, and the mana was being contracted.

It was a method for measuring its destructiveness.

‘Quite unpleasant though.’

With the information he was getting about the changes in his body, he now felt that he was just a toy.

Apart from knowing the changes in his body, he realized that this attack was going to be different from before.

And the opponent would surely be hurt by this.

If he didn’t defend himself, he would die.

Still, his arms were wide open.

“I don’t know what this is.”

The king didn’t understand why he was saying this.

Normally, he wouldn’t have cared what happened to him.

‘Have I changed since I became one with this?’

For some reason, it felt like he wouldn’t have killed his brothers now.

But this attack will not stop now.

Everything was ready and sorted, and even the weakness of the opponent was visible through the lens now that the barrel was ready to fire.


The wind blew.

“And here it goes.”

The attack was coming.

He must have felt it too, but he felt like he should tell the human.

Though that wouldn’t change anything.


Through the lens, everything around them began to turn blue.

The mana was being materialized.

And the king saw it.












He could feel the difference in power in the dragon’s Breath.

The only information left was that the original owner of this power existed long ago.

The God Killer didn’t kill and take the power, but it absorbed what was around.

Maybe it was a sign of nature.

What was certain was that even the court mages of the Siltair Kingdom would not be able to understand this.

It was 99.99% now.



The light was so strong that the entire underground shone.

Jamie had to close his eyes as he felt how great it was.

The huge light that started from deep underground penetrated the ground and engulfed the entire capital up to the sky.

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