“Try it.”



Jamie intervened before the fight escalated any further.

“Fight later.
Now isn’t the time for it.
Anyway, Jor, explain it to him.
I don’t think he is lacking, so he will get it right away.”


Hearing that, Jamie looked at Prometheus.

“You won’t answer?”

“…I understand.”

It felt like a forced answer, and Jamie snorted.

When a question is asked, and an answer is given, one should respond.

And he turned to the palace.

The black mana continued to flow from inside, but it wasn’t coming out.
If that was the case, it made sense to go inside.

“Hold up well.”

“Yes~ trust us.”

Jamie’s face vanished.

Jormungand erased the girlish expression as if it was a lie and, with sharp eyes, said to Prometheus,


“… what?”

“I hope you don’t forget the significance of your existence.”

Prometheus didn’t answer, and Jormungand stared at him.



He watched them quietly and…



The ground trembled once more, and numerous figures emerged from the black mana.

They were the souls of the monsters that God Killer had eaten.

“Both of you.”

Behemoth’s body began to grow.
It was far too large, but just effective enough.

It was a bit inferior to the perfect body, but it would be disadvantageous if he fought with that huge body in here.

[Be cautious and serious because they are strong.]

Behemoth spoke, and Jormungand summoned her scythe.

“Who are you saying that to?”

She smiled,

“I am the snake that eats the world.”

And slashed with her scythe.

Jamie quickly moved to the location where he felt the presence of God Killer.

As he got closer, even Perfect Cell and All Might were vibrating.

This was deep underground in the kingdom, and the secret space’s entrance couldn’t be found.

But it was no problem.

It wasn’t difficult to move if the location was known.

Like now.

“So you were here.”

Jamie went down, eager to find the location, and found something dark and clumped.

It looked so horrible that one would puke at the sight of it—that sticky, thin thing.

It was dark mana, whose nature had been altered by God Killer’s will.

‘Did you already swallow the palace?’

Jamie saw a black mass, and thin tentacles stretched out.

The God Killer he had made was a kind of abomination.
This was because its existence itself was created to annihilate life.

So, God Killer, which was out of control, would kill and absorb all the living beings that existed around it as long as they could help wake it up.

It made the palace its own because the city was easily accessible.

It turned the soul of life it ate into limbs, and utilized them as summons.

Despite being just half, it was difficult to block it unless it was Jamie, and he had to be careful as it was the toughest of his weapons.

“Calm down for now.”

Jamie calmed the raging two items on him.


The mass continued to wriggle.

The sight was repulsive even for Jamie, but he looked sad.

“You have been so lonely.”

The man continued to wriggle more violently.

Then, something in the form of limbs moved out, and soon a head and body began to form.


The sound of wind being exhaled could be heard, and near its chest was the purple gem.

God Killer.


The mouth began to stretch out, but the skin was torn, and black liquid flowed out.

The shame became more and more concrete over time.

Little by little, human-like features began to form on it, and the limbs looked more distinct.

A few strands of blue hair came out, too.

It was as if black mud had covered a body, and perhaps it was awkward to move.
It felt like a baby taking its first steps.

Jamie just watched it.

He was waiting to see how far it would go.


A more clear sound of breathing.

The traces of black mana surrounding the body seeped inside the body.

The color of the skin began to change, and the movements turned more natural.

At first, he looked hunched, but now he was standing straight.

When all the black, mud-like things were absorbed into the body, the figure of a young man with a cold face appeared.

He was naked, and he quietly checked his condition.


He continued to clench and unclench his fists, lifted his legs, and jumped a few times.

After confirming that the body was moving at will, he greeted Jamie with a grin.

“Nice to meet you.
I am King Setiros VI of the Siltair Kingdom.
You are…I think I can understand without an explanation.”

Jamie’s eyes twitched.

“The host took the lead?”

“It was the only way.
The chance to get a tomorrow.”


No matter how sincere it sounded, he wasn’t sure how a human could take control of God Killer.

Of course, he thought the human had been fed one.

“All the memories of the jewel are in my head.
Quite interesting.
Was the world like this?”

The man, who had always been indifferent, showed emotions for the first time.

It was impossible to confirm whether the fusion with God Killer was the reason or because he realized that the boring world was a playground for higher beings.

But what he knew was…

“The one inside me speaks.”

And he said while pointing to the purple jewel in his chest,

“It hates you.”

The unknown feeling of anger filled his head.

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