“… what?”

“What? Pretending you didn’t hear me? The power of birth.
Can I master it?”

Yeomjae wasn’t sure how to react to this.

Just what did he say? To teach away his own technique?

When he reacted as though it were ridiculous, Jamie insisted and became more forceful.

“Isn’t it better for me to be stronger? You know how strong he is.
And since I can handle the darkness of annihilation, if I can handle birth as well, I will be a lot stronger than now.”

“That is true, but…”

If Jamie got stronger, it was good, but he wanted to tell him he couldn’t teach it.

“The spark of birth is the same as me existing.
I mean, it is my innate ability.
This is why it is difficult to teach or pass this on.
Even if there is a way, I don’t know.”

“You don’t know if there is a way?”

It isn’t that there is none.
The problem is the method.”

“The method?”

“If you absorb me, you can use it.
The Flame of Birth, to be exact.”


Jamie couldn’t respond.

This meant that he could only pass the ability on death.

The Flame of Birth was obviously an ability he was greedy for, but that didn’t mean he would take it at the expense of another person’s life.

“I can give you my life if you want.”

Jamie shook his head and looked at Yeomjae with a serious expression.

I am strong even without that.”

“But you said something else before?”

“What use is growing powerful at the expense of another person’s life?”

“I thought you were a cruel and barbaric creature.
This is something unexpected.”

“Don’t get me wrong.
If I kill you here and take your ability, then you and I won’t be different.’

“…won’t be different.
The need for it is different.”

“I don’t need it.”

Jamie got up and refused.

And seeing that, Yeomjae smiled.

Because he knew Jamie would refuse.

‘Thank God.’

When he first set out to meet Jamie, he wondered what would happen if he was as vicious as in the past.

He felt like the devil after abandoning his emotions, and even the 12 Gods shuddered in fear.

If he was still the same person, then Yeomjae would have done anything to defeat him.
Running around with no feelings and no limits to his power was no different than being a monster, and it was insane to believe he could defeat the 12 Gods in that state.

He’d rather take the hard task upon himself than give it to Jamie.

But Jamie Welton was different now.

He wasn’t sure what had happened to him in this life, but he was human enough to be different from the past.

And this was good enough.

‘Those who defeat Ra need to be more human than anyone else.’

They needed to know about love, friendship, and faith and to cry when they were sad.
Only then could they firmly stand in front of Ra, who had reached the point of inhumanity.

Of course, Yeomjae wouldn’t say that it was the best answer.

The power Ra held saw everything around, and maybe this fight couldn’t be won.

Even so, he wasn’t going to give up.

‘Surely light will shine.’

“What are you nodding your head for?”

Jamie frowned as he noticed Yeomjae contemplating something.

It was then…


They both raised their heads at the same time.
There was a faint echo around the sky, and Jamie mumbled,

“It is done.”

The battle in the Dragon Mountains was over.

‘This cannot be.’

Brahmansia couldn’t even lift his finger.

The giant dragon was born from the primordial explosion.
Roaming the universe, devouring the planets, and being strong enough to be called the God of Destruction.

Then why was it like this?

This made no sense.
He, who was like a ruler of the universe, was cornered by these worms?

“How long did you think you could rule the world?”

The woman in black, with a huge scythe slung over her shoulder, looked down at him from the sky.

Brahmansia frowned at her gaze.

[How… dare you look down on me!!]

He forced his immovable body to stand up.
The exact time was unknown, but he had lived around the land for nearly 100,000 years.

He created the dragon race and entrusted them with the protection of this land, and on the surface, he was the most powerful being in Bless, not the Sun God.

It was because he had the power to turn the world into a mess with his decision.


[You things… measly things!!]

“Give up.
You lost.”

Behemoth said as he approached with his huge body.
Prometheus appeared next to him.

Brahmansia grunted through his teeth.


If he survived, he could exact revenge despite his humiliation.
If he managed to regain the power of his prime, he could kill all of them at once.

He had never turned around and fled before, but it was better to live and exact revenge later than to die here.

Thinking this, he quickly turned to the other side and moved.


Jormungand clicked her tongue at the pitiful sight of the enemy running away.



When she called, he stretched out his hand to the fleeing dragon.

“Look at that.”

As black mana raged, his eyes turned purple.
As the storm intensified around him, things started to float around his body and formed a magic circle.



As the ground shook violently, several things that looked like thick ropes stretched out for the dragon.

[Such tricks won’t work!!]

Brahmansia tried to hit the ropes with his spheres, but they broke down helplessly at the touch.


At this point, Brahmansia stopped moving, and Prometheus took advantage of the situation.

He tore off his shirt, and his body revealed unknown characters engraved all over it.

Particularly, a rounded square was drawn over his heart, and he poked it with his right thumb.


[Great Flame!]


And his body vanished instantly, and Behemoth was shocked.


A being of that size would have missed its movement.
Jormungand pointed somewhere.

“Over there.”

She pointed to where Prometheus was.

His body was burning in black flames, with the role of destruction in his hands.

At the same time, the monster below him moved.

High up in the sky, the word ‘Heaven’ floated.

And he swung the rope around Barahmansia.


The rope with the power to destroy the God, made it writhe in pain.

Prometheus wrapped the rope around Brahmansia and threw him down.

He couldn’t even resist properly because he couldn’t control his body.

Prometheus gritted his teeth as he watched this.
The images of his colleagues dying and cursing him flickered.

So much time had passed, yet the memory was still vivid.

“You will not get a graceful death.”

The power was obtained at the expense of his comrades.

Prometheus relaxed his hand and held it ahead.
Transparent water drops began to form on the tip of his index finger.

“A virus which kills God.”

A weapon obtained at the cost of countless lives.
He snapped his fingers, and drops of water fell onto the dragon’s body.

And the virus that touched the dragon’s body began to spread inside.

[Kuak! What have you done to my body?!]

“To kill you all…I’ve devoted my life to creating this virus.”


“It will be quite painful.
Very… very.”

Prometheus looked at the struggling dragon with cold eyes.
The reward from the past.

A reward for the terrible years he went through, and his hands trembled with heat rising.

“I can kill.
God… can be killed.”

Brahmansia’s struggle began to weaken.

He could feel his life draining out as if his breathing would stop at any moment.

Soon, the Dragon God’s breathing vanished, and Prometheus had the brightest smile.

He killed the God.

Behemoth was back to his small form.

“Who is he?”

“You turned cute?”

Jormungand’s eyes widened as she looked at the small Behemoth.

She hugged him in her arms.

“Let go! Let go of me! What are you doing?!”

“Were you always this cute? I thought you were always a big bull.”


She had no choice but to let go.
Behemoth’s struggles made her sad.

“What is with him?”

“Later… and the Lord… right, I will meet the Lord after a long time, I need to be patient till then.”

Jormungand’s eyes were like those of a girl in love as she thought of her Lord.

Putting on such a girly expression with dark clothes and heavy makeup made Behemoth cringe.

Among the three siblings, she was the one who was obsessed the most with the Lord, so he could understand her.

“Let’s go there.
There aren’t many chances to see the corpse of a dead God.”


The two moved to the dragon’s corpse.

Prometheus, who was there before them, was handing the marbles around.

“Finally here?”

“You did well.”

Jormungand approached him and hugged him lightly.
And he accepted it as though he were familiar with it.

Behemoth didn’t know what kind of relationship was between the two, so he simply observed them.

After the hug was done, Prometheus said,

“It will vanish soon.
Let’s finish it before that.”

“Leave it to me.”

“What are you trying to do?”

“Just watching.”

As Jormungand approached the corpse, Prometheus placed the marbles into the subspace.

And Behemoth took a step back.

“You move away too.
If I made a mistake, things would get messy.”

Behemoth’s face frowned, but he did as he was told.

Jormungand had become a being who used two different powers, so he couldn’t predict what would happen from then on.

When she saw that they were far away enough, she drove the scythe to the ground.

A black holy power spread on the dragon’s corpse.

-Fulfill the contract…!

-Our hatred…!


-Give it out!

Jormungand smiled when she heard all of the voices in her head.

This was the first step toward what everyone longed for.

“Now, take as much of this as you like.”


With her holy power raging, a black pillar of light rose up.

It soon devoured the corpse of the God.

Jormungand felt the power in her body deepen.



-God! Eating a God!

-That hateful thing!!

-Finally! Finally the revenge is done!

-The 12 Gods who destroyed us!!

-I despise them!

Jormungand laughed as she heard the malice.


The laughter lasted for a while.

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